Welcome and stuff

Hi there.

This will be my blog to share with you the random ramblings of a long time VS player.

I guess I should Introduce myself.

Who Am I?

I am Brash. I’m from Toronto Canada. This will be the only time I will actually put that name in this journal. I am to be known as Locke. I’ve been playing vs since the start. I am a aspiring TV writer/actor.(though I haven’t actually written anything at all really) I sell cards to buy cards and I try and keep my card hobby contained. Works decently. I will not blog about much personal life stuff in here mainly because this blog is about well cards. But for this post I’ll let you know who I am.

You Play Cards?

I started playing cards with Pokemon (I was young it was fun whatever) Shortly afterwards I moved onto Yu-Gi-Oh! and Lord of The Rings. Decipher screwed the playerbase over. So I stopped playing LOTR and moved onto vs. I think of myself as a competitve player but I haven’t really won anything to prove it to anyone else.

Why VS?

I will admit I am not a heavy comic reader. My love for this sort of stuff came actually from watching early morning Fox cartoons. (Iron Man, Spiderman, FF, X-Men) The classic stuff. I also was a fan of the extremely cheesy and campy Lois and Clark. The game has probably gotten me to read more comics than I had before I played. I picked up VS because it seemed as if it could become quite big. It was made by a company that wasn’t Decipher or Score (Weeps for Buffy card game) and promised lots and lots of money to people who went to events. Plus I knew all the characters of the first set.

First Pack?

Foil Mr. Sinister and Savage Beatdown

One is gone one remains in my binder forever.

First Deck?

Well I can’t say I outright created TNB. But I did have TNB before it was big big. I didn’t own any Sabretooths yet so I just threw all my low curve Brotherhood guys into a deck with 4 TNB alot of pumps. I ran advance hardware and Random Punks in there for the longest time. I also added a card that many people at my local tournies did not approve of:,

This little card won me so many games and I was so proud when the decklists of TNB started coming out and this was in nearly every one of them.

So if you consider yourself competitive what have you won if anything?

Well for one I won the first ever Elite Series of my city. I also won a PCQ and top 8/4 ed more than I can remember.

I’ve played in 4 10ks. Top 24ed in 2 broke even in the others.

2 PCs Day 2ed in one 5-5 in the other. I’m not really on a team though if a event is coming I tend to work together with the Toronto players and I tend to try and build fun decks and go from there.

If you’re competitive why are you still playing?

Because to me money isn’t everything and as long as I can keep on playing this game dropping a minimal amount of money I am happy. I got to travel to California for a PC and it was amazing. I hope to be attending Mega Weekend New York. But what I do now is well I help organise my local hobby league. I am the Toronto events coordinator. I bug people to come out to events and run a mailing list and whatnot. I have a loyal playerbase and as long as theres people to play with I’ll most likely stick around.

What will be in this blog?

Rants. Some decks. Some tourney reports. Maybe even some pictures of stuff from Hobby League. Links to stuff Im selling. Bad typing skills. Biweekly I will be having a questions post where I encourage people to give me questions (can be about vs can be about anything really) and I will attempt to answer them.

What won’t be in this blog?

Unicorns, The Land without shrimp, Ways to abuse Ahmed Samsarra, UDE rampant love, Reavers.

Allrighty until next time.



  1. 1
    soshikenpachi Says:

    That’s an outright lie. You can see a reaver in the upper leftmost corner.

  2. 2
    kaleeshwarrior Says:

    Awesome introduction! Welcome to blogging :).

    I find it really neat that someone else basically got into Vs. and card games in slightly the same way. Pokemon when they were young, got into it despite most of their comic book knowledge coming from the cartoon series… Yeah. Interesting.

    Hope you stick around. You look like you’ll have some unique thoughts on this game.

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