Hobby League Stuff (March)

I am bored so I figure I’d do a little review of the HL cards for this month. (City Champ cards will be in a seperate post maybe)

Also start giving me questions so I can make by big question post SUNDAY. Lockescythe@gmail.com or just leave it in the comments.


The card that I will end up with 2 playsets of so I hope is good.

At first glance I was unimpressed. But it really involves someone to think around the card.

It very well could be a 4 of. You get Ivy to recur a loser every turn then you use Agility to keep your Ivy/Higher Drops alive. At the very least you could ko the person you are losing anyway to having more than 1 stunned character.


  • Recurs
  • Anytime pump
  • The koing of a character doesn’t target (stupid Wonder Woman)
  • It’s Relevant due to Society being a Modern Silver Team


  • Will most likely not surprise a opponent since if you recur it they know its coming
  • +2 Defense only
  • Offensive Pump may fill the deck slot better

Still a strong card nevertheless and for sure something I will try out in a future build of my society.

Second Place:

Something that I will probably have to trade for since I usually either win a tourney or lose horrendously given the type of decks I play.

Unlike Agility I at first glance thought this card to be amazing. It saves you alot of early game endurance. I kinda think that less now but its still a pretty hot card. Firstly it allows you to flametrap on turn 3. Spectral+Conjured Moon means a completly cleared board. Maybe even use Anarchy to make it be gone for good.

However it detriments from the Xanadu play on 2 which means you get less opportunity to fetch your magicks which you’ll be needing throughout the game.


  • Stops Cloak, Amulet, Helm, Gems for free
  • Spectral Slaughter on turn 3
  • Is a Shadowpact character which for some people is a big plus
  • Not rare being a 4 of in the deck that would play him
  • Its Relevant until Fate Cycles out due to its mixed splashability


  • Hard to get since second place is a annoying ranking to strive for.
  • Hard to trade for since some believe this is end all be all to fate
  • Only really stops fate until you have to get rid of him once that happens you’re in trouble again
  • Doesn’t stop BPRD
  • The cost 1 less for magic thing is fairly useless at this point in the game
  • Why is it not pay endurance wouldn’t that make more sense thematically
  • Stops Madame Xanadu from having a second (maybe third if you draw another) search

This card will have to be played with for me to judge its complete usefulness but I do like it alot. Its the very first Pact legacy that has come even close to playable.


A card that I’ll most likely end up with 3 or so of. So it better be good. (kicks thanks granny goodness)

Wow. This guy is on the border to brokentown. Short answer would be teamup+rock=badtimes for your opponent. I will not elaborate much further on ideas that could be spawned by him but he seems almost a bit too good. Well statted, Not Loyal, Not Attack Step stamped.


  • Character Based Pancakes
  • Not loyal so can be turned on with only him and a teamup
  • Unlimited uses per turn as long as you can ready him
  • Has a potential to combo


  • Its Rare therefore it will be quite hard to get
  • JSA (the majority of it) will be gone when DCU comes out unless they are refeatured
  • There is work involved to get this awesome character to be useful

Anyway thats all for now. Feel free to leave comments and vote. Voting for me is always well appreciated. Also if you run into any Jareds/Alans I currently need 4 of both so feel free to check my want list at VSrealms.


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  1. The art on Agility rocks my world. Nice post.

  2. 2
    Dave Says:

    If you are looking to trade away that second playset of agilities, I would be interested.

    Have you sent out my cards yet?

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