Deconstruction 1 *CONTEST*

I have alot of random eas and such. Most of them nonrare and so forth so I figure I will do a weekly contest.

This first week will have a mystery prize!

Anyway what you need to do to win this prize is to guess the card. Sometimes it’ll be easy sometimes not so much. Every 24 hours without a correct guess I will post a hint.

So game on!

Thats all you get today!

HINT 1: It’s Marvel
HINT 2: It’s Common (and I am a idiot)
HINT 3: The Set that it is in has been rotated out (Golden only)

You may resubmit a guess for today if you have already guessed due to my blunder.

1 guess per new hint posted.

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  1. 1

    is this the whole pic distorted? or a piece fo the pic?

  2. This is fun stuff. When I started my blog six months ago I did a Mystery Pic thing along the same lines. You might want to tag “mystery pic” or “mystery photo” in the tag line. You will get random hits from curious people who have no clue what the game is!

  3. 3
    Flashback81 Says:

    Hawkeye, Loud Mouth

  4. 4
    soshikenpachi Says:

    Finishing Move

  5. 5
    d1sh0ng Says:

    I’m gonna go with Post, Kevin Tremain MSM-120

  6. 6
    Fiend28 Says:

    My guess is Erik Josten Atlas, Ionic Powerhouse

  7. 7
    scythecastle Says:

    so far nobody has been right.

  8. 8
    DJ_Midsouth Says:

    Air Walker

  9. 9
    daemyann Says:

    PyroFlame Thrower

    1. Is the card we’re guessing also the EA that’s up for grabs?
    2. Is the card from a set i can’t easily compare a picture from? (ie. Galactus, MEX)
    3. Has the image been rotated?

  10. 10
    daemyann Says:

    I have two other guesses, how long do I have to wait to post them?

  11. 11
    Flashback81 Says:

    Kang Krossroads

  12. 12
    scythecastle Says:

    To Steve:
    1. No minihint this card has never been printed in EA
    2. Can’t answer since set is a different hint day.
    3. No

  13. 13
    Flashback81 Says:

    Spheres of Solitude?

  14. 14
    gdaybloke Says:

    Thunder Jet

  15. 15
    daemyann Says:

    Lyja, The Lazerfist

  16. 16
    RanmaSolo Says:

    Faces of Evil?


  17. 17
    scythecastle Says:

    G’day got it will do a finishing post later.

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