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April 30, 2008

I just wanted to thank everyone for checking out my blog over 3000 times during the month of April.

I write this so people can read it and it seems people are reading it.

What to expect in May:

  • More Hulk Off Matches
  • My first tourney report
  • Preview Reviews of every MUN card spoiled
  • A contest that might have the top prize of a sketch from a VS system artist. (figuring details now)
  • Suikoden 1 The Post to be finished and Suikoden 2 the post to be started.

What I’d like to see in May:

  • More comments. Sure people come to check out the cool stuff but I’d love to get some small discussions started here.
  • My own exclusive MUN preview. No promises but maybe they can grant me one. Who knows?
  • My point store orders to arrive.

Anyway Thanks again.


Thunderbolts Preview Reviews

April 29, 2008

Thunderbolts Mountain


  • This card seems very easy to abuse.
  • Already seems to make the Tbolt team better.
  • The article really summed up the pros so I’ll just link to it. Here.


  • Have a blast?
  • It’s a rare and you’ll want 4 of it. So unless ya got the money to either raid the signles online or buy a case you’re probably gonna have to trade for em. Which might be hard considering how cool this card is.

Bullseye, Closer to God.


  • Hes nicely statted.
  • His ability is quite amazing. It amounts to a free stun on every off init turn.
  • Hidden which is nice.
  • It combos well with the can’t die 4 drops. Talia and Dead Girl. Also its a cool thing to sub in after a 4 drop loses their cosmic counter. Could also work well in a spidey deck. Use 4 drop spidey to exhaust someone sub in bullseye play 7 drop spidey.
  • Tbolts mountain means he can stun on turn.


  • Pathethic Attempt, Wonder Woman, Omnipotentce
  • You are losing board presence. Yes the effect is amazing but it still counts.
  • A teamup is needed to make the ability splashable. I do like that its hard teamupstaped too so reg act doesn’t help.
  • Offcurve decks laugh at this card.


April 28, 2008

Just realised.That picture I posted for the main post seems to be part of the “borrowed” art for the MUN cards.

So expect to see most(probably all) the roster used from this art in card form.


Thunderbolts Preview Review 1

April 28, 2008

And another week goes by and they haven’t given me a preview. Ah well. Anyway  regardless of that the cards spoiled today are pretty cool. Check em out.

Radioactive Man Containment Suit


  • He gets bigger and bigger as the game goes on
  • His ability is pretty insane.
  • Combos well with strategic thinking (MEX)
  • Savage beatdown unplayable while he’s unstunned.


  • For the inevitable rush thunderbolts deck Venom seems like a much better choice.

Still hes a card that seems really good now as long as he gets some supports.

Speedball Penance Painmonger


  • he has a pretty amazing voltage like ability.
  • multiples can be brought in if comboed with ivy/dr light
  • will work really well with cards like tattooed man. (play tat bring in squirrel bring in a 1 drop sub out tat play another tat play more dudes)
  • His ability is non teamstamped and he is SHIELD DA which means he doesn’t even need to be teamed up with shield in a SHIELD/IG teamup deck
  • He can sub in for a 0 attack SHIELD army after they do the initial burn then burn for more. 1 resource pt for 5 burn on turn 1 is sweet.


  • He runs the chance of hurting you as well.
  • Modern voltage is starting to become scary. Sure theres no enemy but IG/Shield seems as viable as any.

Anyway great cards today and stick with me for the rest of the week while I preview review anything else that pops up.

So Bad It’s Good Thunderbolts week!

April 26, 2008

The current TB lineup is actually pretty kickass and for them to be featured in Marvel Universe makes me quite giddy.

Expect maybe a stray article or two from me this week. And Preview Reviews Daily of all TB cards previewed.

Also the Suikoden post will be resumed/updated tonight sometime.

So keep with me at Scythe Castle!

Iron Man Or Nick Fury? YOU DECIDE!

April 26, 2008

Whos your favored SHIELD magnet.

Iron Man Tony Stark

  • Likes to drink
  • has alot of money
  • “won” the civil war
  • Has been portayed by Robert Downey Jr.

Nick Fury

  • Will save us from the skrulls
  • Has an eye patch
  • Has army training and experience
  • Has been portayed by the Hoff


Preview Review EXTREME!

April 25, 2008


Extreme Upgrade ( Found HERE)


  • Iron Man becomes pretty invincible with this.
  • Society teamup, Manta to keep tefetching this, Stark Armory to keep making iron man bigger iron man to keep making the people around him bigger.
  • its a equip nimrod. You guy can be exhausted and still get the effect therefore its attack or defense.
  • Its worded so Wonder Woman can’t mess with it.
  • Its Uncommon.
  • Pier 4 + FF Teamup = double nimrod.
  • Iron man is a legend so 4 won’t be his highest drop.


  • Equipment Ko.
  • Potential Hand Clogs/deck space issues

This is a perfect card that would be in a deck revolving around Iron Man.

Clones FTW! Preview Review

April 24, 2008

Thor Cyborg Clone


  • Great end condition for a S.H.I.E.L.D. offcurve deck
  • Great 7 drop for a on curve deck
  • Drawing cardcs for dead cards seems quite amazing


  • Wonder Woman is annoying. She luckily can’t move the draw but still.
  • Theres no major signs that the game will be going past turn 6 in modern. Which means hes mostly a pack one of if the game goes slow.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. offcurve should be able to win by 7 or you might as well be playing X babies or outsiders.
  • Flavourwise I don’t see how cloned thor meshes with draw discard burn.

This is a really good card though.

Go buy this its for your own good. *PS2 owners only*

April 23, 2008

Amazon Linkage Here

Seriously. Extended edition of the best game of last year and its only 30$

Welcome back Terraform Preview Review

April 23, 2008


  • Terraform!
  • The payoff is pretty great
  • gets 0 attack dudes out of danger and brings em back in with 2 attack.
  • combos well with squirrel girl
  • could combo well with squirrel girl tattooed man Play tattoed force squirrel girl bring out a shield agent. bounce em all replay them. Only spending 2 points on 4 burn, 3 characters that have 8 attack. (if IG is teamed up)
  • Also combos well with Royal Flush Gang. Heck with nearly anything Injustice Gang offcurve.
  • Zazzala is still legal in silver age for one more set.


  • It’s a shame that the glue to the S.H.I.E.L.D.Army strategy are mostly rare. Random punks is really becoming a crippled format.
  • The usual blowup stuff
  • bouncing 3 nonstunned guys can be costly you’re going to have to have pretty dedicated offcurve to do this.