Gah Was swamped back now Match report!!!!

Sorry for the vacation. I was swamped the past few weeks with random things happening to me left and right. Won’t go into details.

Anyway I am back now and will be updating more often. I apolgise for anyone who missed me. (If there was anyone who missed me lol)

My very first update back will be a match report of a random game I am playing on my DS.

Marvel VS. Keep in mind the cards are only from MOR, MSM, MMK, FF starter and MAV.

I lead Moon Knight into a poweful battle with mercenaries from the crime lords (which look strangely like they’re actually from the Hellfire Club from their avatar but who am I to judge)

My deck has really nothing to do with the marvel knights and making a story deck is really for another day my deck is basically a pretty simple deck. Dudes who can jump the curve and equipment to help them do so.

Opening Hand: I draw Base of Operations, Jetpack,Sauron and Medusa (New ff starter), I mulligan it away.

It gives me Dane Whitman, Melter, Flying Kick and Windstorm. Better. I then draw getting a Acrobatic dodge and Jetpack for turn 1. The evil mercs have the initiative so they drop Carbone’s Assassins and then a resource and pass. I throw the dodge into the row and play nothing. He attacks we go to turn 2.

Moonknight (me!): 49 Mercenaries (Boo!): 50

Turn 2: I draw into Venom (6) and Borrowed Blade, Not bad. Windstorm hits the row and I play Dane Whitman I toss the Borrowed Blade onto him making him a beefy 4/4 and pass. Mercenaries drop a resource and play The Hand in the hidden area. We go to combat. Dane beats into the assassins but The Hand help in the sidelines and get Dane stunned back. Nobody dies we end the turn once again with a 1 life difference.

Moonknight (me!): 47 Mercenaries (Boo!): 46

Turn 3: I draw Sauron (guess I need a 4 drop eventually) and Savage Beatdown. Mercenaries drop another The Hand and another Carbone’s Assassins. That’s alot of dudes. I throw Savage Beatdown into the row and then procede to underdrop (Can’t hit perfect curve everytime) Melter with a Jetpack making him a nifty 6-1. I hide him behind Dane and see what crafty tricks these Lord of Crime are planning. Both the hands swing into Dane but he dodges out of the way. Being a 1-7 has it advantages because he lances down one of the hands before getting out of the way. Mercenaries cry and pass while Melter flies into a assassin and annihilates it and Dane charges into the other assassin. Both attacks succeed and as the turn ends Moon Knight is at a steady advantage while the crime lords remain with both The Hands intact.

Moon Knight (me!): 45 Mercenaries (Boo!): 34

Turn 4: I draw double She Hulks (5 drop FF) I drop kick into my row and recruit Sauron but he doesn’t spot any burdens or threats or wounds so hes actually full cost(cookie to anyone who understands that one). The Mercenaries think for a moment (not really) and flip up Genosha to remind Sauron of all the awful things that has happened to mutants. Sauron frowns. Two more The Hands come into play proving that the Crime Lords wish they could be Goro apparently. Sadly the hand realise the fatal flaw they have made working in the shadows means theres noone to cushion the attack of the masses. In goes all 3 attacks crippling the mercenaries plans but they are not dead yet. Far from. The mercenaries strike 3 of their hands go into Sauron proving strength in numbers. Sauron drops beinging a hand down with him. Thats all they do though so the board stays unchanged. The life however doesn’t seem good for the Lords of Crime but they are on the attack next turn.

Moon Knight (me!): 41 Mercenaries (Boo!): 15

Turn 5: I draw myself an Atlas (2) and a Windstorm. The Mercs bring out a fifth The Hand. For me Wind Storm hits the row followed by She Hulk coming to play.All The Hands in the front make her a BEEFY 13/9. The army of hands go to grope She Hulk and they succeed knocking her down a peg. She does however take a hand down with her. They for some reason Press The Attack a hand that is in the attack only to have The Miss pick that one to be the one she destroys. Sauron now a 9 atk swings in to hurt the Mercs even more. Dane swings in to make them exactly 0 but thats not good enough for me. I want to see them suffer. Melter goes in getting +8 from 2 windstorms, +5 from a beatdown, +3 from a kick and +2 from his Jetpack. The Hand retreat to plot another evil ploy while Moon Knight does a dance of happiness.

Final Life

Moon Knight (me!): 36 Mercenaries (Boo!): -22

Total Massacre.


I am back and hope you enjoyed this small tidmit. I will be putting up a new Deconstruction tomorrow (or later tonight) and will be helping out with Crime Lords Month! For details on Crime Lords Month go to The Lost Hemisphere. I will NOT be doing coverage on The Hand or Carbone’s Assassins though. Especially after that embarrassment.


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  1. Big fan of the crime. Keep it up.

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