I put the REVIEW in Preview!

Today is Wednesday and since noones guessed the last Deconstruction. The prize will be upped.

The mystery prize is now 2 random Modern Age EAs I have. So keep the guesses going.

Its time for some short reviews for the brand spanking new Marvel Universe cards we have seen.

No Hulk cards yet. But don’t worry. I’m sure next week HULK WILL SMASH the preview world. (Actually I have no clue on these things but I figure I’ll throw out a prediction)

I will not use the images because I am not sure if I am allowed to. However, I will throw a link to the mass preview thread so you can see the cards I am speaking of.


Captain America Living Legend

So is Invaders a team? Or is that what the anti reg side is being called.


  • The art is freaking amazing
  • Bigger than the average char
  • The ability is really nice.  Even gives some ideas. Like hiding him on turn 7 and throwing out someone Huge.  Yeah try going through him TWICE.


  • Hes not reservist or leader or rallying. Sure its a small complaint however if you are making a avengers reservist deck he’ll be passed on. Leader/Rally deck you’d probably want one of the other freaking shiny caps. Unless you’re clashing worlds.
  • Turn 6 might be too late. Hidden Injustice gang really set a standard turnwise. With teamup leaving modern out with it goes Spider-Man who was great at slowing down the game.

Captain America’s Shield

Small note. This took WAYYYY too long to come out. I love thor as much as the next guy but the avengers set having his hammer and not Caps shield seemed silly to me.


  • It’s Captains America’s shield in vs FINALLY
  • It’s not unique. Therefore you could use multiples with clash of worlds and maybe avoid combat a good portion of the game.
  • It’s Concealed-Optional. If 2 drop captain gets it he will become a hidden puppetmaster the entire game.


  • Pathethic Attempt= oww. Wonder Woman more or less makes it so you cannot use it at all if facing the mighty JLA.
  • The Inevitable new modern meltdown that will be in MVU.  With Justice and Proud Zinco out. Somethings gotta come in. What will really be a factor on how amazing this card is.

Still this card is just amazing. The cons current go nowhere near the pros. They made a awesome card out of a awesome shield. My only problem is I can’t equip it to Stephen Colbert.

I will Preview Review as many MVU as I can. So keep coming back to see what I think about these cards. With added insight on how these cards can be used.


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