Preview Review no 2

More Preview Reviews Yay!

Firstly I am looking to go for New York for Mega Weekend and am selling off some extra stuff. Head to my sales thread ane see if theres anything you want. Hot stuff like Crime Syndicate of Amerika and Mobilize. I will give a small discount if you say you came from here.

As Always a link to where the cards images are posted so you can see what they look like and what they do.


I’d be lying if I said I’ve heard of this team so I’m not actually going to do a full review because it may be April Fools still. I’m in the camp that the cards are real but that for Elsa no insults. And for Tabby the you own the counter will be removed.


  • The cards have comedy.
  • Elsa’s burn seems decent if there are other burning effects for the team


  • Judge’s Nightmare
  • Tabbys a bad version of scarecrow
  • Insulting opponents seem like a bad idea. Especially with certain people.

Avengers Reassembled:


  • Boost on plot twists seem like a cool idea. However we’ve had pts with boost before in a way with cards like poker night.
  • Works Nicely with reservists but can also be used to fetch any Avenger reservist or no.
  • Combos well with Reg Act
  • You don’t have to pitch for it. You can just play it before you draw unless you’re playing reservists.


  • Rare Tutor in a team that seems to have atleast 3 different strategies makes this one to be a quite hard card to get. Especially given the limited print run. It seems like it will be a card that would be preferred over mobilize for Avengers but may not be accessible enough to the regular player.

Captain America, The Patriot/Secret Avenger:


  • Hes Hidden. His shield is concealed optional. He becomes a affiliated puppet master.
  • He works pretty decent in offcurve and well with Avengers Reassembled
  • Hes a nicely sized 2 drop that works well in curve and offcurve plsu rally is a cool ability.
  • Hes common
  • RESERVIST!!!!!


  • Hes Hidden if the format is fast and hes without shield. You’re gonna feel some hurt on 2.
  • Hard to criticize this card is really good.
  • Eas are gone

OUR CARD Captain America Champion License


  • His ability is a pain in the ass no matter how you go with it.


  • He isn’t reservist so he probably won’t be played in that deck.
  • The 2 and 6 drop are really good too

Human Torch Secret Avenger

He is truly amazing.


  • Given that theres Surfer 8 drop reprinted in MVL. He will be burning for 8 a turn in a deck dedicated for him.
  • Turn 5. Burn (find a way to draw a card not too hard) Play another torch Burn. Thats 24 damage by turn 5. Thats Half a life total.
  • Commony goodness
  • Dual affiliation means he doesn’t even have to be in a Avengers deck to pull this off.


  • Wonder Woman, Omnipotence, Pathethic Attempt
  • May end up becoming negative play experience.

One more for today

Charging Star:


  • I love cards that match the names of video game moves. And this is one of them. (see video above)
  • It seems nice. A negator and defense.
  • Also side note. FINAL JUSTICE! his other :”finisher” is also a card.


  • Cap Only. Unless its clash of infinite caps I doubt you’ll be seeing this played heavily
  • Offense>Defense in most cases.
  • Not Stackable since it negates all good effects too

Thats all for today. Come back soon for me to do the rest.


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