Planet Hulk The Story Of The Warbound

Planet Hulk

I love Marvel but I must admit that I am not a religious comic reader myself. So rather than just go to wikipedia. I am outsourcing. This is the first of many guest writers and this article is pretty awesome so I just wanted to give a additional thank you to Pi_3.14159… from VSrealms for supplying and allowing me to use this article of his. SPOILER WARNING. If you do not want to know the events surrounding Planet Hulk do NOT read this article.


Okay, for those of you who don’t know me, you can call me Pi. I am a humongous comic book fan, much more than I am a VS fan, although I do love VS a lot as well. Now, while I did vote for Cap to be super-legend, I still like the Hulk a lot. Although to be perfectly honest, most of that does come from recently… Well, let me start at the beginning.
When I was looking at the road to Civil War, because I was really excited about the storyline, I wanted to read everything that led to it. One of the issues I had (I believe it was the New Avengers: Illuminati special that introduced the idea of the Illuminati) on the back, a list of all the events leading to Civil War. It had Avengers Disassembled, which I had read, House of M, which I had read, the pre-Civil War FF and ASM issues that I had gotten and it had Planet Hulk. Planet Hulk? What the heck is that? So, the next time I went to a comic shop, I got the first couple issues of the Planet Hulk storyline (only those had come out so far) and I was hooked.
Hulk had gone on a rampage. He destroyed some buildings and the Fantastic Four (I think) stopped him. Iron Man, aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier was distressed by the Hulk’s rampaging and Maria Hill, still S.H.I.E.L.D. commander at the time, wondered aloud to him whether or not this was his fault. How could it be his fault? Well, every time the Green Goblin goes crazy, Spider-Man stops him, throws him in jail, then he gets free and kills some more people before he is stopped again, etc. When does Spider-Man deserve the blame for not stopping him permanently?

Well, Iron Man took this to heart, and met with the Illuminati about how to stop the Hulk. Namor was the only one opposed to shooting him off into space to some planet with non-sentient life, as everybody else agreed he was too dangerous to keep on Earth. With 3 out of the remaining 5 supporting him, Iron Man got Bruce Banner to go into space to fight some sentient satellite thing using a Nice Fury LMD (as the real Nick Fury had disappeared thanks to the Secret War). When he defeated the satellite or whatever, the Illuminati (minus Namor and Professor X who was somewhere else in space or something) appeared on a screen to tell Hulk their plan. Hulk wasn’t happy. He smashed out at the controls and the steering mechanism got wonky and he ended up passing through this portal instead that led him to the planet Sakaar. After having an obedience disk placed on him, he was led to the Great Arena, where he fought people until he was one of the few remaining.

The Red King congratulated him, and Hulk leaped at him, knowing he was the reason for Hulk’s obedience disk. After a short battle, in which both Hulk and the Red King scarred the other’s face, Hulk was ultimately defeated and sent to gladiator training at the Maw.

A whole bunch of different beings fought each other and when only 7 remained (Hulk, Korg, Hiroim, Miek, No-Name, Elloe Kaifi and Lavin Skee), they became a team. Through their matches, they won mostly through Hulk smashing everything and everybody else helping and Hulk (known to everybody else as Green Scar thanks to the duel in the Great Arena) became a crowd favorite. He wouldn’t go down and their team was undefeated. While all of them hated the Red King, Elloe was most furious and left the group to be with rebellious freedom fighters. During a battle with Death’s Head robots, Lavin was critically injured and the group made a Warbound pact, in which they spoke their true names and were bonded.

Afterwards, they fought and fought and eventually they went up against another undefeated champion by himself, the Silver Surfer, known to the crowd as the Silver Savage. Passing through the Great Portal made his skin weak enough for them to put an obedience disk on him. Somehow. Anyway, after a fierce fight, Hulk went crazy and was able to pound Surfer hard enough to break his obedience disk, although he kept pounding the Surfer, making him too dazed to do anything. When the Red King forced the Warbound to kill Elloe, the traitor to the Red King, they refused and were tortured until Surfer regained his senses and used his cosmic ability to break the Warbound’s and everybody in the arena’s obedience disks. They broke free and decided to free the people of Sakaar from the crazy Red King.

They started a rebellion, and under the Hulk, who was rumored by the people of the planet to be the Sakaar’son, the Jesus of Sakaar, the Warbound were able to defeat many Death’s Head robots and soldiers loyal to the Red King. Hulk, meanwhile, gathered different groups together. He was able to unite the pink-skinned humanoids with the bugs, and was also able to convince Caiera to join him, Caiera previously having been the Red King’s bodyguard. When the Red King sent the Spikes, beings that had destroyed much of Sakaar, and the Red King was the only one to stand up to them with the Death’s Head robots. Hulk was able to convince the Spikes to join him however, and with almost the entire planet on his side, he defeats the Red King, and they want him to become the king of Sakaar. Eventually he accepts, and he rules over the planet well, ruling fairly and justly. When some of the pink-skins and the bugs (Elloe leading and Miek leading) have an argument and want to kill each other, Hulk sets them against each other in the Arena, and after a second, he jumps down and has everybody attack him, joining them all together, making them allies now. Unfortunately, the rest is short-lived and Hulk is met with disaster. A bunch of kids made a model of Hulk smashing out of the ship the Illuminati had sent him to the planet in, and it was in the middle of the main city.

Unfortunately, the warp core was compromised and the ship exploded, destroying the city and everyone in it (aside from Hulk), and the planet is compromised and is unfixable. While mourning Caiera’s, who had become his wife, death, he wanted to stay there as the planet fell apart, but the Warbound convinced him that the thing to do is to take the fight to Earth.

Honestly, it was one of the most amazing stories I had ever read. Planet Hulk was a storyline that was able to let Hulk free. On Earth, lots of people are weak, and lots of things can be destroyed and people can get pissed, but on an alien planet? Who cares about one that is introduced especially for this one arc? When Hulk lets loose, it is impressive and amazing and awesome. Lots of things gets broken, lots of people get broken. You can’t keep Hulk constrained and expect things to be good. Planet Hulk lets him free and without people knowing him, he is also able to be a hero, especially in a place where destruction is actually loved more than Earth (we like fake destruction in movies, but not real destruction as much). Hulk was able to be a hero and let loose, and every issue was done well. The Planet Hulk/Warbound/World War Hulk was the ultimate combination of Hulks, somewhat like the Professor Hulk, in that he is intelligent, crafty, and incredibly strong and was able to be much more powerful than usual, which just made things better.


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