New card was posted up in the all previews thread so I will be doing a preview review on it and Vision and Reg Act today.

I love comments and rep on realms mostly comments


  • Art + Name is so cool
  • The ability to get another attack out of the Hulk is pretty freaking insane.
  • He becomes relatively safe from opponents annoyances.
  • Push comes to shove it cancels a attack sure the opponent readies but its a more costly flying high.
  • If a Warbounder gives him invunerability this might be completly sick.


  • In a crisis/clash of worlds deck wonder woman moving the target Hulk to another Hulk would suck pretty hard.
  • You can’t target the Hulk yourself after using it. Which should be fine but still.
  • It’s rare and given the limited print run of the set rarity is a strike against a card if it seems its a staple for the deck.

Its still however most likely a 4 of in any Hulk Solo deck. Which means I need 4 of it pronto. Awesome stuff.

Superhuman Registration Act

This card scares me. It seems too good. It goes against ALOT of what the game is about


  • It allows you to play anyone of any affiliation. It seems to me to be worse than enemy for that. This card seems like it will be something to be complained about for quite some time.
  • It extends the hand for offcurve decks.  The ability to play small dudes off the top seems pretty sick. Oh not a dude on top well birthing chamber or forge it into hand or even mind gem. Get creative.
  • Combos nicely with Toyman and Poseidonis not to mention things like Domino. Shape Change becomes a certainty as well.
  • Screw Loyalty If I wanna play supernova on 5 I CAN! Manta. no worries!
  • Mobilize and Call in a favor work amazingly with this.
  • Anything that gives 2 drop golden puppet master a team bugs me and excites me at the same time.


  • Whining. Its gonna cause a fuss.
  • The sheer fact that its rare and seems like the best rare playability wise in MUN is going to be a problem. I predict 30$+ for it at launch. If it makes a top 8 deck which it probably will more. Then it may get banned for its chimpesque effects. So dropping the money might be pointless.
  • It seems it will create alot of negative play situations
  • Riddler, Have a Blast, Batman (3) become REALLY good now. Wait they were already good. NVM.

Though it is not a April Fools I kinda wish it was. Still its just amazing. I fear how good Anti Reg card will be.

Vision Young Avenger


  • 8/6 and a good ability a astonishing ability.
  • Direct damage is always nice. Can you reinforce the team attack?
  • Makes certain use only during a team attack cards become really good.
  • Non TTG readying effects make this dude a powerhouse
  • Hes on a team that actually has alot of options. He will not be bogged down. I kinda wish he was the Legionaires legacy instead. Remove a cosmic counter you can cause breakthrough during this team attack if you only have 2 chars in.


  • There may not be a slot for him in a traditional Avengers build however with silly stuff like superhuman reg act that won’t matter.

All of these cards are good and strong and mean one thing. BUY LOTS AND LOTS OF MARVEL UNIVERSE OR YOU’LL NEVER HAVE ENOUGH OF THESE TO BUILD THESE DECKS.

I will have a bonus Hulk related post later. Thanks for reading.


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