New Preview Review Today.

but FIRST!

Anyway I will preview review both of the remaining Avengers cards in a future post. They are very interesting and require more space.

So 3 cards today. 2 from Vs System 1 from Facebook. For Hulk week I will be posting the card images for reference. Unless I am told to remove them then I will. Also you all should join the VS system Facebook. Lots of cool stuff there.

Lets begin with NOT HULK….I mean. Hulk LOVE.

Wow shes just plain good. No wonder the Hulk married her. She sets you up for a turn 6 win in theory. If you can pump your 5 drop enough so that his 2 hits are big enough for game.


  • Above Average 6 drop stats can dish out damage if needed.
  • Her ability is optional. Always a plus.
  • She allows ALL HULKS to attack twice. AMAZING. Hulk can smash multiple times and things with this shiny ability.


  • Turn 6 is late in a fast enviroment. Hulk should have a star of the show esque card but she could be tapped down by alot of effects thus ruining the plan. Might be too little too late. Lets hope not cause shes AWESOME.


GAMMA COUNTERS! I totally was guessing they would do that with Hulk sooner or later. Expected it to be a way to transform him but this works just as well. HULK FLAME TRAP!

  • Well statted
  • First Hulk to be under 5 cost


  • I will be sold on the solo character strategy for sure when I see all the Hulk stuff. I know for me Hulk will be the first deck I build for sure. The three drop warbound intrigues me so much. His ability does not do much against a straight curve deck. But it is still very very cool. This is really just a nitpick, This card is super cool.



  • Hulk is big.
  • Out of Combat Stunning is AMAZING. Hes common and just so nice.
  • The art on this well all 3 are AMAZING. Hats off to Marvel/UDE/The Artists for picking out these images.


  • Wonder Woman might be a problem. However it is worded quite nicely that it gets around her. Your 4 drop hulk would be gone and noone else if you’re playing solo would be X or less. But she could still bounce it off to a lower drop of theirs. Which wouldn’t be as good.
  • Pathethic Attempt. Wasting a drop to do absolutely nothing would hurt alot.
  • You may wanna keep the 4 and 5 around for turn 6 for wifeys turn. You may not want to dich Hulk so fast.

These cards are enough to amke me know that I will be building a HULK LEGEND DECK.(ok I always was going to but still Oh and it will be LEGEN-DARY mark my words.)

Thanks for reading and come back tomorrow for more green content.


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