Defenders SMASH!, Underworld doesn’t show up to the party

What good is a bouncer when the Party has nobody attending.

The Deranged Bear=Defenders
I take evens

1-I mull I Drop Mausoleum, He drops wong we go to 2

Defenders-50 Fixit-50

2-I drop In Limbo, He drops US Agent Ego Gem on Wong attacks for 3 and draws a card.

Defenders-50 Fixit-47

3- Wong fetches Hellcat. I drop in limbo play nothing.

Defenders-50 Fixit-39

4- I drop poker night and play blackheart finally someone! (revealing noble kale)
He plays Samantha Parrington. Uses both backups on Agent then passes to me. I not having flight nor being able to pass through Parrington not having 3 guys in KO pile exhaust Blackheart for Dark Designs tossing a too late Albert Malik into the KO pile. He attacks my face twice.

Defenders-50 Fixit-29

5- I play thanos after he subs in tania and backuping all on Hulk who hits the table.
Hulks a 16 12 by the end of the first attack, I poker night for a card and take the 5. Hulk attacks to the face for 25 ( 2 big leagues).I swing into Tania with a powered up Blackheart. I pitch the Dwarf to fetch and row ritual sacrifice. I gain 2 from limbo.
Defenders-43 Me-2
6- I play Roxy Simpson fetching Dwarf and play Dwarf too. He plays Submariner. He Against All Odds to stop my Thanos into parrington. I pass to his swings. Sub swings into a poker nighted thanos.
he then double attacks with hulk for the win.
me -33 him 43

Hulk thrash miss drops.

Defenders Win!

Defenders 1
Crimeunderworld -1


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