HULK SMASH HULK? The Great Hulk off, The decks, The rules

There are 4 modern legal hulks. So I am about to do a HULK OFF.


  • Each Hulk must have a deck built with only cards from the set they are from. So if you want ideas for BYOS modern this may help.
  • Match Reports will be up in my blog as part of my Hulk week posts.
  • It will be a round robin tournament.
  • A deck cannot win if the Hulk is not in play. If you can play the Hulk you must play the Hulk if he is not in play.
  • Mono Team as much as possible. Exception for Joe Fixit. His deck has 2 teams.

Joe Fixit and the lords of the underworld
Characters: 29
4x The Dwarf ~ Soul Broker
4x Black Rose ~ Roxanne Simpson
4x Albert Malik <> Red Skull ~ Axis of Evil
2x Queen Lilith ~ Den Mother
4x Blackheart ~ Black King
Morlun ~ Totem Hunter
2x Thanos ~ Courting Death
2x Madelyne Pryor ~ Goblyn Queen
Mephisto ~ Mephistopheles
4x Hulk ~ Joe Fixit
Noble Kale ~ Lord of Hell

4x Poker Night
4x Death’s Embrace
4x In Limbo
4x Dark Designs
2x The Contract
4x Strange Love
4x Ritual Sacrifice ~ Team-Up

Locations: 5
4x The Dark Dimension ~ Non-Unique
1x Mausoleum

Basically the point of the deck is to get Malik online so you can start Strange love to keep the board intact.


4 MTU-070 Wong ~ Mystical Manservant
4 MTU-068 Tania Belinskya <> Red Guardian ~ Cold Warrior
2 MTU-058 John Walker <> U.S. Agent ~ Loose Cannon
2 MTU-051 Hawkeye ~ Loud Mouth
4 MTU-052 Hellcat ~ Patsy Walker
4 MTU-063 Samantha Parrington <> Valkyrie ~ Chooser…
1 MTU-062 Richard Rider <> Nova ~ Xandarian Nova Corps
1 MTU-046 Brunnhilde <> Valkyrie ~ Barbara Norriss
4 MTU-054 Hulk ~ Grumpy Green Goliath
2 MTU-066 Sub-Mariner ~ Neptune’s Fist
1 MTU-061 Professor X ~ Illuminati
1 MTU-055 Hulk ~ Strongest One There Is
Plot Twists:
3 MTU- The Order
4 MTU- 072 Banished To The Abyss
4 MTU-198 Big Leagues
2 MTU-080 One-Man Rampage
4 MTU-197 Against All Odds
4 MTU-077 Defenders Defend!
4 MTU-073 The “B” Team
2 MTU-082 Sanctum Sanctorum
3 MTU-211 Ego Gem ~ Unique ? Infinity Gem

Deck seems pretty straightforward. Exhaust dudes smash.

Hulk is Fantastic!

4 MVL-173 Namorita, Atlantean Warrior Princess
4 MVL-166 Luke Cage, Steel-Hard Skin
2 MVL-169 Medusa, Red
4 MVL-163 Invisible Woman, First Lady of the Fantastic Four
4 MVL-171 Mr. Fantastic, Critical Thinker
2 MVL-160 Human Torch, Nova Blast
2 MVL-155 Franklin Richards, Child of the Cosmos
4 MVL-180 Thing, Heavy Hitter
2 MVL-161 Human Torch, Flame On!
4 MVL-158 Hulk, The Fantastic Hulk

Plot Twists:
4 MVL-249 Devastating Blow
4 MVL-258 Mobilize
4 MVL-196 It’s Clobberin’ Time!
4 MVL-193 Force Field Projection
4 MVL-198 Signal Flare
4 MVL-267 Savage Beatdown
4 MVL-191 Family of Four

FF with big hulky to helpy.

Savage Hulk SMASH
4 MVL-101 Black Cat, Thrillseeker
2 MVL-127 Shang Chi, Martial Master
4 MVL-124 Punisher, Suicide Run
2 MVL-120 Marvel Boy, Noh-Varr
4 MVL-112 Echo, Masterless Samurai
1 MVL-113 Elektra, Masterless Assassin
4 MVL-109 Daredevil, Hornhead
1 MVL-133 Wolverine, Covert Predator
4 MVL-105 Captain America, Loyal Patriot
4 MVL-117 Hulk, Savage Hulk
1 MVL-126 Punisher, Angel of Death
Plot Twists:
1 MVL-245 Burn Rubber
4 MVL-150 Wild Ride
4 MVL-143 Defensive Formation
4 MVL-251 For Great Justice!
4 MVL-247 Crushing Blow
4 MVL-258 Mobilize
4 MVL-267 Savage Beatdown
4 MVL-237 Med Kit

Gain Life win with 6 drop Hulk.


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