Preview Review Hulk Style?

I believe thats it for preview reviews for this week but I’ll have a few more Hulk week posts regardless.

I am sad I didn’t get a preview but thats okay,

The Great Arena


  • Wow this is pretty amazing. Combos with 4 drop Hulk along with bunches of other stuff.
  • Its ongoing. Which means you could keep their board tapped for a while.
  • With Clash of Worlds this card becomes near broken due to you could technically tap their 4 5 and 6. On turns 4 5 and 6 . Burning both for 30 but if you can pull some damage inbetween thats enough to win.
  • It shuts down turns.


  • Do I need to say it? Yes? Pathethic Attempt, Wonder Woman, Have a Blast, Batman etc… If this is cancelled its gonna hurt.
  • It hurts you too.

Strongest One There Is


  • IT SAYS KO aka you remove the attacker for good.
  • It veyr muchly seems like Hulk decks will have to run omnipotentce for Pathethic Attempt so maybe I should stop listing that as a con
  • Worded so Wonder Woman can’t really do anything against it unless Hulk gets team attacked.
  • Mystique 4 drop works nicely with this as well. If you don’t have enough money to afford 4 (4) cost Hulks you can use mystique as a backup Hulk since she’d be gone by 5 anyway with the 5s effect.
  • Causes your opponents to think and attack differently


  • Pathethic Attempt
  • The card is not very versatile. Which is fine since the card os strong but still.
  • Offcurve decks don’t exactly care about this card

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