Suikoden The Post 11th Anniversary Tribute

This will be alllll in 1 Post.

Also to Sony:

PLEASE RELEASE SUIKODEN 1 AND 2 FOR THE PSN. It would me a MAJOR selling point for me buying a PS3. THE biggest sell point would be if Suikoden 6 got announced and confirmed for US release. I would for sure buy a PS3 immediately.

It will be me liveblogging through probably my favourite game period. Suikoden, a game that just turned 10 (in US years) during March 2007.

Note:As much as I would like to say I did this all off memory. I didn’t. Characters I was foggy on stats and such I looked up here.Item drops(from enemies) I got from here.
Everything other than that is memory though.

Okay to make this vaguely Hulk related my character will be named. HULK. Which will make his name. HULKhl hmm. Gah I’ll just go generic. SCYTHE.

Man I wrote a song about this game as a kid. It was reallly lame.

Theres Pahn, Gremio and Cleo

And your Father Teo

Those are your friends in this game

And then they go see the emperor

whos like the prime minister

of gregminister and all its plaaaaaainss

Because I don’t wanna is totally a valid option. Okay not really.


If you check the armor you get 100 Potch. Free Money in statues OF COURSE!

You go home to a man clearly in love with you. I’m not kidding.

Anyway after buying myself some brand new clothes at the equipment shop I head to the world map. Because exploring is fun.

My first fight awwwwwww. I kicked the furballs ass. LV 3. I then beat up a Ant, some bees and some more furries. Furries suck. LV 7.

Such a big world Such a little man.

Anyway I head to Mt Seifu which is strangely inhabited by EVIL BANDITS!

I beat up the bandits.

Army ants

Even some boar. I steal a bunch of stuff from treasure chests and get a cool pointed hat from the Army Ants and I go to Rockland.

This portrait of androgeny is called Marco and he will make you RICH! He has a easy to guess cup game where you can guess multiple times to make lots and lots of cash. I made 100000 Potch. Now I can sharpen all my weapons to max (LV 5) and buy me all that armor I wanted. Cool stuff.

I now head to Mt Tigerwolf where there are neither tigers nor wolves.

I guess Mount Giant Slug was taken.

I steal all the awesome treasure from this place so whoever visits here next will come here and find some asshole stole all his treasure. I’m such a nice guy.


If you visit the town Sarady alone some dude will just give you a free rune. No questions asked.

Heading back I notice an inn on Mt Tigerwolf. You can’t enter it cause its locked but why would there be an inn in the middle of a dungeon? Who does that?

So after that long excursion I head home.

I look through people’s stuff.

Meet the people who live in my house.

And of course harass Gremio.

I then head upstairs.

Have you met Ted?


Why do 4 random people live in your house. Ok Ted I understand orphaned boy brought in. Gremio I can only guess is a housekeeper. Pahn and Cleo however, huh? Its never explained and probably doesn’t matter but I figure I’d address it anyway. I somewhat get that they are live in protectors/body guards/baby sitters. But even so.

Good ole homecooked meal with the family. Teo is leaving to go North, something you only get to hear about.

You wake up and Gremio forces his way into your entourage. So do Pahn and Cleo. Therefore its time for.




  • Like it or not hes stuck to you like glue so you might as well get used to him.
  • He wields an axe. That’s pretty cool.
  • He and Pahn have a combo together. Which is cool.


  • Hes a severly stupid character
  • His stats are severly mediocre, he sucks at casting spells and is only a okay attacker.

8/10 You have to use him. If you didn’t he’d be MUCH lower. Also storywise bumps him up alot too.



  • He uses his FISTS to fight. How cool is that?
  • He and Gremio have a cool combo together.
  • He has a passion for food.


  • Hes forced to hold a rune for the entire game.
  • He is not a forced party member but you should bring him along for spoiler reasons.
  • The rune he is forced to hold kinda sucks. It ups his power for one turn but makes him incapacitated the next.

5/10 Theres alot of people better than him. And given hes shortrange he can only be in the front part of your party. Theres better people than him.



  • She has nice magical abilities for a character you start with. throw a decent rune on her and you’re set for a while for magic.
  • Shes Long-Ranged so shes protected in the back row while she does whatever she pleases.


  • Shes kinda plain. Her attacks aren’t anything amazing and there are better mages than her.

7/10 Shes a great unit to use and if you stick with her to the end she won’t hurt your party. There are better characters for you but none available this early.



  • Well can’t say what the pros are without spoiling stuff.
  • If you take him alone to Sarady with you you get a different rune which gives double money.


  • He can’t be equipped with a rune. The ?????? rune sucks.
  • His long range attacks even upgraded sucks.

2/10 He is not worth any effort. Don’t upgrade his weapon, Hell don’t even equip him with armor. It’s not worth it. Storywise Ted is just freaking awesome. Gamewise well hes just filler.

Anyway continuing on you go to Commander Kraze to get a task forced upon you by the Emperor.But lets detour again.

Meet your Great Imperial General ! Volume 1 Milich Oppenheimer.

A small intro to such a interesting fellow.

Milich loves life. He buys the best of thinsg expensive clothes, wine and men. Ok I made the wine part up.

So lets snoop note that I don’t have enough time or space to highlight the mans full warddrobe so instead I’ll just put some highlights.

And you say you want costume changes in every game ever.

Dudes got a big house though.

Ok back on track? Well for me I took a detour to levelup my newbies and sharpen/grab some cool armor. Speaking of which buy 2 wing boots for Cleo if you’ve made some money with the cup game. They are awesome.

This is Futch and his creatively named dragon Black.

As Ted and Futch go into a pissing contest we leave on Black to head to Magician’s Island. A place where we will meet up with two completly igsignificant characters to the Suikoden franchise. Luc and Leknaat.

Off we go!

The forest is a fairly straightforward first dungeon. Its short the enemies are ludicriously easy and the treasure is easy to spot. But theres a boss. A Wind Golem (wait wtf wind golem WTF IS A WIND GOLEM) summoned by a punk named Luc.

Apparently you can run/bribe it too. Because I somehow beat it without ever attacking it. Strange fact. I did want to kill it for the experience but w/e. Live and learn.

so after about 7 or so staircases. You get to meet Leknaat. A person even after 11 years I can’t remember to the life of me how to spell her name.

Being called cute by a blind lady. Sure shes a seer but still.

Foreshadowing much?

Anyway luckily you get teleported back to the shore by Luc of all people.

Ted well gets the special trip. For no real reason either.

Anyway back home we go. Bye bye Magicians Island a place we shall not revisit fot a LONG time. (3 games almost)

You say goodbye to Futch as he goes to the theatre. (not a joke actually) The projections are brought to Kraze who of course beriddles you and says you are useless. You get a new job. One given to you by Kraze and what seems to be a lacky russian dude named Kanaan. Kanaan just repeats whatever Kraze says until Kraze gets pissed.

Back to Rockland I go. I say hi to Marco whos now bankrupt due to me winning all his money in his lame cup game. (Ok not really)

We go meet Grady Mayor of Rockland who coerces you to go grab the bandits at Mt Seifu.

You can’t say no so off you go.

Mt Seifu hasn’t changed since last time except. Queen Beryl has taken over the mountain in ant form and Sailor Moon is nowhere to be found.

She kicks your ass but wait. Ted transforms into SAILOR MOON.

Moon Powers activate!


After that and a collective what the hell from everyone you get to the top of the mountain.

Since we want them to turn themselves in for being DIRTY TAX THIEVES and they want us to die a slow and painful death. We fight.

I wanting to see if the fortune rune would help Gremio gain alot of levels am fighting Varkas and Sydonia like a man with only me and my manservant by my side.

Anyway. They still went down insanely easily. Bout 3 whacks from SCYTHE a piece. We bring them back to Rockland where we are promised a hero’s welcome.

We get our reward. Which if it wasn’t for Marco would be a substantial fee.

Of course Kanaan must protect it. When protect it means spend on Booze and Strippers.

Asshat. Time to go home.

You reenter Gregminster and Kanaan takes Ted from you to go see Kraze. You head home to have a nice hearty peaceful dinner.

Make sure your main dude is not wearing a rune for this next section or you lose whatever is equipped forever.

This is the first point of which I have to throw up the


This next part is chock with spoilers if you haven’t played this game yet, you may wanna go pop in this game see it for yourself and then continue.

Nice peaceful dinner. No annoying little boy at your side saying how cool you are and that every woman likes you. Wait where did Ted go anyway?

Didn’t he have someone he wanted to tell me?

Ted collapses in the middle of your floor.

i find it still vaguely amusing you can choose not to help him. In Suikoden nearly most forced choices don’t matter. The few that do are the most important ones. Ted is taken to Cleo’s room. Which is father away than Pahn’s room so I’m not sure why he was sent there. Smell reasons I’m guessing?

Close screenshot on Teds eyes as you see the imperial palace.

NOTE: When you’re on the run for what seems like 300 years. More or less successfully too. You’d think you’d figure out the name of whom is chasing you and you know maybe AVOID her. Maybe her name hasn’t always been Windy. I mean we don’t get to see a flashback of 300 years ago when Ted gets the rune. Right?

Windy’s pretty ineffective when it comes to this. She’s shown as all powerful but in all reality (at this point) her greatest weapon is pretty please.

Ted uses the Soul Eater. The newly renamed ????????? rune to well. Actually to this day I don’t know what he used it for. Windy sure could take the blast of it. Ted could too. But Kanaan and Kraze who are clearly in the room would be killed pretty instantly. I can only guess that he attempted to use one of the abilities of the rune on himself knowing that it wouldn’t kill him and ran while the rune was attacking him. Which doesn’t make much sense either. Regardless he gets away enough to collapse on SCYTHE’s doorstep. So not a complete lost cause I guess.

Pahn apparently doesn’t listen to stories because he is convinced that Ted should be turned in to the Imperial Guard.

Guess he changed his mind and wants to help ted now? Good for him. Also from my memory it doesn’t rain much in Gregminster or anywhere for that matter. Except of course for today.

Ted decides to toss all his responsibility onto SCYTHE. Hoping that by losing the rune he can finally die. He knows the rune is cursed yet he tosses the burden onto SCYTHE anyway. Nice friend.

As always you can’t say no unless you wanna turn off the game and be done there. So you take the rune. Ted transfers you the rune for free. Note if he had the power to transfer runes why did we have to go to the shop to pay for rune attachment?

You get the rune, all seems okay. SLAM! What was that?

Oh its just Pahn with a completly unharmed Kraze and Kanaan.

Ted to the rescue with his magical art of being able to whisper quietly enough that the bottom half of the room cannot hear you Gremio who is right next to Pahn can. Gremio starts yelling, the empire guards and Pahn still completly oblivious to this. Oh Cleo apparenly heard all this too. Regardless it works because Gremio Cleo and SCYTHE run out the secret back door in the kitchen thats otherwise known as the bill collector door for Gremio.

Poor Aldo.

The rain/night-time locks all doors in Gregminster except the inn. So off we go there.

She hides you in the inn’s attic for the time being. You being the cautious fellow you are decide to go explore the inn. You run into a brutish man named Viktor.

You attempt to leave to see if you can find a way out of town but GAH guards enter the inn.

Good ole choices come in once again. Neither choice matters I prefer the funnier shut up one. Cleo and Gremio go to try and hold off the guards while you run away and you end up alone as they are……. wait. Viktor to the rescue!

Game changing Spoilers end here.

He saves random people while avoiding his tab. Gremio scolds him. He offers to help you escape the town as long as you go with him to Lenankamp and meet someone. You accept.




  • One of the best physical attackers in the game.
  • Has a rune slot to equip some sort of rune to make him even more offensive.
  • His weapon just keeps getting better.
  • There is not a reason to not use him. Hes just good.
  • His HP has nice increases as well. Making him pretty durable.


  • Short range only. Which limits your party space.
  • No magical skill at all

10/10 Hes a powerhouse. Has high availability in the game and theres no reason why you shouldn’t use him.You should however throw a rune on him if you have one extra.

The plan works too. The guard is bribed and you are able to flee the town.

Apparentlly he used Gremio’s nonexistant bill collector money. Ah well it worked. Off we go to Lenankamp. A town with a Blacksmith, Armory and intricate underground waterway systems.

You arrive Viktor runs off and you head to the inn for the night. Imperial guards come in during the night hutning rebels. You’re more or less screwed until

You run behind the clock into the sewers to meet……..THE LIBERATION ARMY!

Liberation Army:


  • Odessa Silverburg -A Strategist who leads to free her friends from the tyrannical hand of the empire.
  • Humphrey Mintz- A silent swordsman who was at one time a quite loyal general.
  • Flik- A Bluecaped ladies man whos in love with Odessa
  • Viktor- A Strong man who does not like to see people in distress
  • Sanchez- Some old dude loyal to the cause.

Vik wants you to join you don’t exactly say no but go to go back to sleep regardless. But wait blocking your way back to the inn is a bandit. A big scary….

Unconscious bandit. We help him get to Odessa and we get some good ole expositionary speech. The two bandits you beat up and handed over to Grady aren’t exactly in a great situation. Apparently they took it upon themselves to be Robin Hoods and when you captured them. Grady wasn’t exactly just gonna let them off the hook with a firm handslap.

Off we go to undo what we did yesterday. Viktor rejoins you but the bandit stays behind to heal I’m guessing. To Rockland. Land of wells, gravestones, coin games which make ridiculous amounts of money and strung up bandits!

Back in Rockland, Grady has decided to nicely lock off his mansion to all visitors. Viktor takes offense to that so he creates well a diversion to get you in.


It somehow works. You go in beat up some guards that are pretty easy at this point.

See those dents in the wall they are actually side rooms I figure I’d point this out because its could be missed by the less observant type. Cleo finally puts her brand new fire crystal to use on a set of 6 soldiers.


So we end up finding and saving Varkas The very same bandit we captured earlier. As for Sydonia.

Sydonia apparently even with the power of teleportation sucks at untying knots so he planned to stay there and die with Varkas. Anyway out we go. No I don’t know why we didn’t just burn down the fence infront of them. You leave running into Grady on the way out.

Vark and Syd go somewhere promising to help out the Liberation army at some time in the future. We head back to the hidden HQ of the liberation army. Odessa meets us with another task.

Odessa decides not only to entrust you with the plans to deliver to Sarady. (wait we have to go there?)

But she also decides to join you.

The Entourage becomes a party.



Odessa Silverburg


  • She comes equipped with a wind rune. Which is well unremovable.
  • She also comes with a head band. Which is also forced to stay on her. She;s a cheap date who doesn’t require any upgrading.Her weapons lv 5 shes back row and shes of a decent level.
  • She’s a Silverburg. That alone makes her 10x more awesome


  • With her helmet and rune locked on theres not much room of variety with Odessa. She is backrow so doesn’t require any additional armor so shes basically just there.

Remember to stay at a inn because its the only way (until Suikoden 4) to restore magic.

Back to Mt. SlugSlime we go. For no real reason other than plot advancement it is night. We reach the strangely placed inn. The definition of creepy stops us and asks us to stay at the inn.

Storywise you can say you don’t wanna stay but they all ditch you and go in anyway. Ledon the ugly creepy man then offers you tea. Again you can decline but once again its forced upon you.

Luckily his boss who came to congratulate him recognizes Odessa.

Instead of turning you guys in for the bounty. (Which I would guess be quite large at this point) You sleep the night.

You arrive at Sarady in the morning and promptly go back to sleep. Except for you and Odessa who can’t sleep at all.

Before she hands over the army to you for no reason than the compassionate look in your eyes. Ninjas ATTACK! or well to take the blueprints. After a pretty obvious test question from Odessa.

So you leave Sarady Population:6 hopefully never to return again. To be honest I’m not sure why the Ninja didn’t just meet you in Lenankamp. Regardless you headback over the mountains(not resting for once) and back to the base.


This next part is chock with spoilers if you haven’t played this game yet, you may wanna go pop in this game see it for yourself and then continue.

Ruh Roh!

Odessa is mortally wounded trying to save a child in the Army HQ.

Note:Since this part of the game is quite amazing plotwise I’m avoiding throwing up jokes here. However. Wheres Flik Humphrey and Sanchez?, Why is there a kid here instead? Why have we not seen this kid before?

It is at this point you gain the first spell for the Soul Eater. Deadly Fingertips a OHKO move that will work on any nonboss. Pretty powerful.

Spoilers end here

So off you head to Seika which is placed past the dreaded FORTRESS OF KWABA. If theres anything you want to do in Gregminster/surroundings nows the time to do it. Mosquitos drop Holy Crystal if you want one of those. It gives you the dash ability. Make some cash for the road with Marco in Rockland.

To Kwaba we go!

Viktor forces us to make with fake names. Gremio chooses Roi, Cleo Maria and Viktor well, Schtolteheim Reinbach III, a name that noone in any time period could’ve ever use for the sheer pretentiousness alone.
In a rare turn of events you get to make a choice that matters. Except that it doesn’t.

Ain whos rocking some cool facial hair lets you pass without much trouble. Gremio goes back into sniveling toad mode.

Seriously, he needs help.

Good for you homeless man.

Anyway Seikas right in plain view now but I like to make detours so off I go again. If you go south past Seika you reach Kaku. They sell Holy Runes if you haven’t got one yet. Good to put on Gremio. They also have some armour upgrades but you should hold off on that. Even further south of Seika is Kouan. Kouan has better armour upgrades than Kaku thus nullifying any purchases you may have made there. Southeast of Kouan is the Great Forest. A actually important place of sorts. Save your game head into the woods find a group of 3 kobolds have your front row defend and Cleo cast her lv 2 fire spell.

Your party jumps about 4-5 levels each. If someone has the fortune rune they can jump almost 10 levels. Even better find a pack of 6 kobolds. Anyway after a couple more battles you all should be at around lv 20. Which is a pretty wicked head start. It is at this point Viktor shows how freaking awesome he is.

Only 3 level higher than everyone but has 200 more HP than anyone. That’s crazy.Anyway I since I wanted to check something leveled to 25. (It doesn’t work in case you know what I wanted to check) I then headed back to Seika with my new monster party.

I always found this funny. Anyway apparently this Mathiu fellow runs a school of sorts.

You go back outside to tell Mathiu the good news and the bad news.
The good news is that child inside said YES SHE WILL MARRY YOU! The bad news well your sister is kinda out for a long swim.

Child Services finally arrive. Hi I’m Cjhris Hansen and welcome to Dateline NBC.

Apparently a draft is in order. Because when your greatest enemy is a Liberation Army of about 7 people and a Ninja village your greatest general is sent to obliverate. A draft is really in order.

Well the translators aren’t perfect.

Anyway long story short Mathiu deems you to be the leader of the Freedom Fighters and strives to fight for your cause for that point on.

And just like that you’re off to Kaku. You try to find Tai Ho apparently the only person brave enough to go to the castle. Camille “The Red Headed She Devil” recognizes Gremio.

Anyway after she damns Gremio for being a penniless bum she decides to join your party until she gets her cash back. Or well for the rest of the game.

Camille The She-Devil


  • She joins you at lv 9. Which means if you throw her in a 6 kobold battle (running away from everything but that) She’ll jump to a pretty ridiculous level for early game. (She went from 10-29 for me with a fortune rune)


  • Even with that boost shes kinda useless. She never really gets better than anyone in your group (cept Gremio but hes ass)and given the choices you can make later with parties unless you favour her she’s just gonna sit in HQ.I heard she gets better in the highest of levels. So if you like her she won’t be a complete waste.

6/10 Shes mediocre but fills the slow for the time being.

Anyway you head downstairs (after going to forest village) and meet with Tai Ho.

He challenges me to bet ALL MY MONEY on a game of dice. I hand my main money reserves to Viktor silently and say I only have 1000 potch. He accepts. Anyway you win eventually.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo do doo doo.


Tai Ho


  • Like Camille hes midrange so can be placed in either row.
  • Has a unite attack with his brother Yam Koo


  • Like Camille he’s quite mediocre and not worth raising.

6/10 if you can guess why he gets the extra point good for you.

Anyway you can fortune rune on him level him at forest village sharpen his weapon buy him armor at Kouan. It doesn’t completly matter at this point.I did so hes lv 26 now.

Lake Toran castle is a pretty easy dungeon though these are some pretty hard to find items in the nooks and crannies. None of the enemies drop anything significant and given you’re overleveled you can actually avoid all battles unless you’re wanting to farm some cash.

go south here and feel around until you hit the chest.

This wall is hollow just walk straight through.

Few staircases later and whammy you hit.

Just hit it with your strongest magics. Heal if needed. It’s pretty durable. Took me 4 turns to knock it down for good and that was with two flame attacks from cleo that did 900 damage each. I would guess it has 4000 HP. You get to name the castle afterwards.

Hulk castle it is!

Leeknaat appears to give some housewarming presents. Firstly a stone tablet which lists people who join you. Secondly she gives you Luc.




  • One of the strongest mages in the game.


  • Pithy defensive capabilities
  • Cannot attack without magic unless you waste a frontrow slot on him
  • Is a asshole
  • His armor and one other slot are locked in with a speed ring and guard robe. Both aren’t terrible items but limit his defense.

10/10 His power outweighs all his cons if you use him you will not be dissapointed.

Yam Koo


  • You might as well level him a bit since he’s gonna be stuck with you for atleast 1 recruitment.
  • LV 9 means hes perfect for Forest Village trickery.


  • Might as well just use Camille. She trumps him in every category.

4/10 Bonus points if you can figure out why,


Mathiu- Strategist Talking to him lets you change your party.

Speaking of Mathiu he sends you to go make your first run of recruitments mainly.

So off we go.

recruitment run no 1

Forced: Gremio Cleo Viktor
Players “choice”: 2 characters out of Yamkoo, Tai Ho, Luc, Camille

If you ever want to change characters just talk to Mathiu in his room.

Sergei: (The Bar in Kaku just talk to him) Hes a fighter but hes not even worth talking about. He build you a elevator for your castle. That makes him actually cool. Still. Joins at lv 4. So I raised him to lv 28 via forest village and verdict is. HE SUCKS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE IN THE GAME. HES WORSE THAN SANSUKE. LV 28 59 attack plus his weapon is lv 4. Not even lv 5 so you have to drop money on this piece of garbage. 0/10.

Marie- Seika just talk to her. She doesn’t fight but she will run your castle inn.

Onil- NPC House in Seika Just talk to her. Shes the castles gossip, sometimes she will remind you where to go next.

Chandler-NPC Outside Kwaba Again just talk to him. He runs the castle’s item shop.

Maas- Forest Village Blacksmith Talk to him. Another PC thats more or less useless. 3/10. However his NPC job is castle blacksmith. of course he can only sharpen as well as the shop blacksmiths so therefore hes even useless at that. Joins at Lv 18 which isn’t bad but means you can’t Forest Village Him.

Sansuke- House In Forest Village Another PC that has a NPC role. He builds your castle bath. He sucks ALOT in battle. Joins at LV 1. Forest Village trick: 1 kobold fight with fortune rune and he hits lv 25. I probably should’ve leveled him a couple of times before that, his ATK strength is 77 16 points lower than Gremio’s 93. Leave him with his bathhouse. Hell Viktor whos 1 level higher than him outright DOUBLES his atk strength. His magic ability is even worse. Viktor who is no means a mage almost triples his magic attack. BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD 0/10

Lorelai- Kouan inn joins only if you are LV 25 or higher. I never used her much in this game so I can;t exactly say how good she is. However she is a cool character and worth checking out so I’ll add in a review on her later. She joins at lv 18. Which means the Forest Village trick is useless with her. (She gains only like 2 levels even with a fortune rune 6/10 for now.

Kai- West of Kouan is a bridge its called the Fortress of Garan. Talk to Kai there and he joins without you even asking. Hes actually pretty decent for a PC.He has a unite attack with the hero which is rare, it hits all enemies,hes midrange and he makes Tai Ho and Yam Koo seem even more useless.Still there comes a time when you need pure power and he doesn’t stand great without the unite. He also joins at LV 21 so no forest village abuse with him either. His weapon is LV 8 so he saves some cash too. He’s not that amazing but his unite attack with the hero saves insane amount of time in all dungeons in the game and if you use him you won’t regret it. I probably wouldn’t bring him to the final dungeon but other than that. Hes Great. 10/10

Thats pretty much it for recruitment for now. So lets go try and get Lepant. back to Kouan. Note if you want to sidetrack and do Forest Leveling. You should only bring 1 guy at a time. The party members gain more EXP if they are a)lower leveled and b) less people in party. So bringing someone alone while runnign from all battles until the 6 kobolds is your best bet.

For who to bring to Kouan. I recommend Kai. His unite attack with the hero saves time. The other one might as well be anyone you want. Whoever you wanna try out of Camille, Yam Koo, Tai Ho, and Luc.

1 More Recruit before ya go. Everytime you visit home go to the Inn and talk to Marie. Eventually she mentions wanting a chef. This is your cue to get another useless fighter.

Antonio-Seika Inn anytime after Marie mentions needing a chef. Hes not worth using. Hes a midrange which makes him a LITTLE better than Sergei/Sansuke. He is okay though just theres absolutely no reason to use him. Camille once again outclasses him in every way. 1/10

Anyway to Lepants place in Kouan.

Well that’s not gonna work for us. You head to the Inn to regroup. You meet the ugliest character I’ve seen in video games for a while.

Anyway this asshat joins you.

Steal the sword see the man. Sounds simple enough. Krin stays outside. Stupid Coward. So you enter Lepant’s attic and hidden up there is Rock.

Rock-Hes a NPC. So he doesn’t fight. He makes a warehouse in your castle. Thats actually a amazing thing to have since your bags are getting full at this point. YAY ROCK!

Ok I went back to drop off some stuff. Back in we go.

If a robot looks you in the face you’re kicked out of the room. Its a pretty easy room to traverse but might as well give the warning anyway. Anyway its pretty straightforward this place. Just grab the items as you see them. The Kai/Hero unite attack is helpful but not completly needed due to the fact that you could just run from everything. Moneys not going to be an issue soon. No interesting item drops from the enemies. So just do whatever you want. Make sure you keep the White Paint safe. Its a quest item of sorts.

This dude is Juppo.

He joins you for no real reason.

Juppo- Hes a godawful fighter. I’m guessing hes better than Sergei/Sansuke maybe even Antonio and Krin. But thats pushing it. You will need to bring him in your party atleast once. 2/10

Eventually you reach a wheel.

Make sure you hit the ? to get this item.

The other wheel items increase/decrease hp, give medicine and forces you to fight robot soldiers. You need to get the arrow to the other side of the room so you can exit. Get the ? item since its a one of a kind item thats actually half decent for a while. This is annoying because its random. You can exit reenter the room and the wheel won’t change what it lands on. (Tested with save states to see if it was fixed or not)


So Krin takes you back to the inn to well. Show how great of a human he is.

You tie up that idiot. Still you await Lepant’s wrath for stealing his sword.

The angry orange man wants his sword back. He also won’t join you since he can’t leave his wife. WHY IS HE ORANGE?

Anyway he gets back his sword and you head back to Mathiu all sullen like. BUT WAIT!

ORANGE SMASH. LEPANT goes to the mansion in a angry rage. You follow. You get attacked by the guards. Lepant joins you….IN THE BACK ROW. Hes a short range fighter IN THE BACK ROW. All he can do is defend. Once you’re done the battle toss him front row. He is actually a decent fighter.

If you want a detailed rant on this. Just go here. Great site.

One time dungeon with a choice of the “boss” or a chest. Go left first here. Grab the item.

He sends more pathethic guards at you. You dispatch them with ease. He calls in his ULTIMATE FIGHTER.

Pahn to the rescue!

This is really your decision. Either way Kraze loses and you win. I let him go. I hate the bloodshed.

You let him join.

Theres a cutesy scene between Lepant and Eileen where he tries to break up with her but she says shes his wife if hes fighting or not. Lepant Eileen Giovanni and even Krin join you at this point.

Giovanni- NPC His army ability is vaguely useful. Otherwise hes useless.

Eileen-Shes a pretty decent mage. No Luc, but she can attack in the backrow. Shes okay. 7/10

Lepant- Hes a tank plain and simply. I like Humphrey and Viktor more. But if there was room for 4 or 5 front rows I’d totally play with him more. 8/10

Krin- Ugh hes horrendous. Hes also forced into your party for atleast 1 full dungeon. 2/10

Pahn- Well I already did a full breakdown of him. You should keep him in your party for the next bit. He can’t be fortune runed but hes still quite strong anyway.

Once ya hit home 2 more join you.

Varkas-One of the most powerful M fighters in the game. Still with guys like him its down to preference. He’s not gonna do much in the final battles but he’s solid for alot of battles. 7/10

Sydonia-Syd’s okay. Unique style of attack. But not very versatile. 5/10

A Banquet is to be had by all.

You head outside to get some fresh ass. Assassin that is.

He is immune to the Soul Eater. But not to your mighty whacking power. Hit him once and he dissapears in a bed of roses. (Was he sent by Milich or something?)

It gives Gremio all the reasons to need to WATCH YOU WHILE YOU SLEEP.

You can fix up a party but not worth it. Just head outside to have the plot continue.

A collapsed elf is at your door. Maybe you should help him out?

Kirkis joins you.

Kirkis-He’s okay but underwhelming. 5/10

Gremio also forces his way. The rest is up to you. The next place to go to is ……DRUMROLL


The gravy train ends here. Anyway it’s time for


Grab Juppo and Tai Ho and Lepant make sail to Kaku. Go to where you found Tai Ho.

Hello Gaspar goodbye money problems. Forever.

Gaspar- NPC who runs the ridiculously easy dice game that you can easily make 999999 money off of.

With Juppo in tow. Meg joins you

Meg-Stats round up decently. Should be leveled for a special reason but isn’t that good in this game. 4/10

Head to Seika’s Inn to find

Lepant’s manly named son Sheena.

Sheena-He rounds out well. He’s basically Flik with a bit worse stats. He’s once again an S though. 7/10

Before you continue I reccomend Forest Village tricking Kirkus. Easiest way is to give Gremio the fire rune and blast away at the first party of 6 kobolds you see. You should have Kirkus provided hes at lv 15 shoot up to around LV 30(with fortune rune probably mid twenties without. Which is well a really nice boost With Kirkus you can finally get past that first screen (elves kill the loop) for a bit of a shock.Keep going and a woman appears out of nowhere.


When you return home at this point you find out your castle has grown in size.

Nothing important to do there at the time but cool to note nevertheless.

Gaspar has now set up shop inside.

Go save your game then play with him. He sucks at dice and its double or nothing until you hit 999999 if you can’t do it save reset try again. It doesn’t take long to master this game and become rich.

If your money dries up. Just do it again. Its that easy.

That was a extremely quick run but was needed anyway.Round out your party of three with 3 more. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU BRING PAHN ALONG. Maas though weak should probably tag along for a reason. The last member is up to you Cleo/Luc would be a decent addition due to magic ability and Kai’s unite still works really well so its up to you. You could Great Forest Pahn if you wanted but I think he’ll end up about the same level if you don’t since he can’t be fortune runed.

Runes Ideally would be-

Anything Maas
Luc Wind/Kai Hazy/Cleo Fire
Gremio Holy
Pahn Boar
Hero Soul Eater
Kirkis Cleos Fire rune or a Wind rune whichever you aren’t bringing along.

Use Viki when you are prepared to teleport you back to the Great Forest.It is quite uneventful couple of chests in plain view. We enter Kobold Village a more or less ghost town.

Cept one.


I decide to skip the immediate town of the elves and do some exploring/leveling. So I head to the hills. Theres mountains to the east of the village of the elves. I knowing whats coming up decide to do a certain recruitment now rather than later. After the mountains you find the Dwarven Villa.

With Maas in row Meese Joins you at the dwarven blacksmiths.

Meese-Dwarven Blacksmith need Maas to recruit His NPC ability is very useful allowing weapons to be sharpened much higher than Maas could ever do. His PC ability is well lame. He sucks alone. Bit better than Maas but not enough to give him another point. 3/10

Unequip Maas He’s done his job he can go back to the castle very soon. Back you go to the Elven Village which you might even visit this time. While you’re here sharpen weapons if you like. I would say in priority Hero-Pahn-Kai-Gremio-Kirkis don’t even bother with Maas.

The tree with the three lights on it west of the mountains is the Village Of The Elves.

As soon as you enter plot is thrusted upon you.

She gets locked up. Apparently the leader of the elves believe that Humans are too dumb to be even listened to.

You head to the Elder’s house so Kirkis can talk some sense into the elder. The elder agrees to listen and says you must band together to defeat the imperials. Sylvina hugs Kirkis. The elder, Kirkis and Sylvina join the liberation army…….


Well of course he calls humans stupid locks your party and Kirkis up and leaves you to rot.

Slyvina comes to help or show some beautiful forms of racism. Maybe some of both.


Anyway apparently what he says has a effect cause Sylvina just opens the door and lets you and whatever criminals are staying with you out.

Whats his crime you ask? Calling his rune a true rune when in reality its just unique.

Never heard of it. Anyway we’re off there to see if theres a way to destroy the Burning Mirror.

Time for:

Meet your Imperial General Volume 2 Kwanda Rossman

Not to be confused with Dennis Rodman. Kwanda is a misunderstood man. He rules the castle of Pannu Yakuta with a iron fist.

Anyway our mission. Go to the smelly Dwarven Village and ask for them to help us destroy the Burning Mirror. As you leave.

Valeria-Well she’s sure as hell better than Maas. She’s fairly balanced statswise and her unique rune doesn’t offbalance her after using it. Which makes her almost automatically better than Pahn. Still shes short ranged and cannot equip any other runes. 5/10

Maas has to make the long walk home alone.

HIT THE ROAD MAAS. Head back in to grab some equipment for Valeria. For a toen that jailed you its security is extremely lax. Off we go to the mountains. For those keeping track of droppable items. There are no decent drop items for Pannu Yakuta Area or the Dwarven Trail.

The enemies start to get a bit harder here. Due to they are finally at your level. Kai/Hero’s unite attack works really well to weaken groups while Pahn Valeria Gremio and Kirkis finish them off. The items on Dwarven Trail are barely worth mentioning.

Exceptions being.

This item rocks. If uin a characters inventory and they are knocked out the Buddha dissaoears and you are revived with full health. You won’t be needing this for a while (I hope) but nice insurance anyway.

Heres another cool somewhat hidden item. A Killer Rune. The Killer Rune ups the chance of critical hits. Great to equip on someone such as Viktor.

You run into Kuromimi again on the way to the village.


Anyway you reach the Dwarven Village. The Dwarven Blacksmith can still sharpen weapons to lv 9. So you might as well sharpen Valeria’s weapon while you’re there. The armory sells a new helmet which finally replaces the Pointed Hat. Everything else kinda sucks compared to the village of the elves stuff. Anyway thats all of importantce so head to the Elder’s house.

Racist? A little Arrogant? Of coutse FREAKING KICKASS HELMET? Indeed

So rather than well believe you or lock you up he decides to test you by sending you into the Vault to get the antimirror.

If we bring this out alive we will get the full cooperation of the Dwarves. If we fail we can always put Krin infront of the mirror. He’s sure to break it.

The Vault is directly north of the village. Apparently Juppo helped design the security for this place too because it has crappy robot guards. Bo giant annoying wheels atleast.

Theres some mazes/puzzles for once.Hit all 3 switches to grab a Sunbeam Rune.Fiddle with the switches until they are like this to exit.

One of the death machine(the blue ones) drop a trick rune if you reallllly want one for Meg go ahead and grind for it. Anyway theres a maze and a tile puzzle which if you’ve played Breath Of Fire should bring back memories.Another mini maze lots and lots of stairs and finally a puzzle.

Left right right left left left right right the door opens. More stairs some random chests. And finally a BOSS!

Gigantes is well a boss. Hes stronger than a normal enemy. But your party should be able to handle him. hes immune to all magic so just have Kirkis, Hero and Kai attack while Valeria uses her rune and Pahn and Gremio use their awesome unite attack. It took me 4 turns to kill him.

Once you obtain this you can either walk out. (Experience, Unneeded money, chance at trick rune) Or Escape Talisman out. Doesn’t matter either way. Once you get back to the Village the Elder believes you now and decides to build the FIREWIND CANNON for you. It should outright destroy the Burning Mirror. So no harm done really. Time to head back to the Village Of The Elves where they won’t believe theres a threat and maybe even lock you up again.

Across the mountain we go again but wait! *SPOILER WARNING!*

We rush to the Village of the Elves anyway.

Where are they going to jail us now?

Wow. Gremio to the rescue again. For being such a wuss Gremio sure does have some awesome moments. By far he is my favourite of the lapdogs Suikoden gives you. Though I also am a fan of Miakis.

Anyway with resolve to defeat Kwanda you head back to the castle. However it’s not that easy. First.

Re-enter to recruit Templeton the map maker. You get a world map. (which is actually kinda useful)

Templeton- Village of the Elves post Kirkis’ ring scene. Talk to him to join. NPC. Gives suiko map.


Ok now its time for the long trek home through the Great Forest and so forth. You run into some trouble in Kobold Village and end up just a LITTLE outnumbered.

Valeria offers to turn herself in provided theres no bloodshed.


Kuromimi joins you with Lepant Syndrome. (Stupis short range fighters being put in back row. One fire Blast from Kirkis and Unite from Kai/Hero should be enough to kill all your enemies anyway. You still end up outnumbered.

A troop of liberation army soldiers arrive led by None other than Mathiu and Humphrey. But how did they get through those cursed woods?

Due to Stallions speed he was about to get a quick grab at Sylvina saw the Fire coming grabbed Sylvina and ran like hell.

So what are we waiting for?

You’re outnumbered but not by alot.

Army battles 101:

  • If anyone is considered dead in a battle reset your game
  • Magic->Charge->Bows->Magic Rock Papers Scissors
  • There are certain units that can’t die if you are unsure on your enemys next move use one of the units attack.
  • Current unkillables: Kirkis’ Unit, Kuromimi’s Unit, Main Hero,Humphreys Team, Viktors team, Former Imperials Team This changes for later battles. I will try to make a list for the next battle.
  • Use thieves. This is the one situation where Krin doesn’t suck using thieves can sometimes tell you what the enemy is doing next.
  • Use your merchants. They attempt to sway opponents troops to your side. Usually fails but doesn’t waste a turn.
  • If you are going to charge make sure you use strategists first for your first charge.

Anyway. That was pretty easy. No casualties. Kwanda readies the burning mirror.

It’s time to settle this once and for all. WITH A FORCED PARTY! WOOO!

Gremio, Hero, Kirkis, Kuromimi, Valeria and Viktor. If you have random equips in your inventory give them to the dog and Viktor if any matter. If you are carryign Dragon Incense give that to Kuromimi as well.

In you go.

Those are doors.

When you’re ready to fight the boss go up here.

Needs a big beefy arm. Anyway this boss fight might be the first to cause troubles since your party is blandsauce. Viktor-Attack Valerina-Rune Kuromimi-Dragon Incense or Medicine Watch Hero-Attack Gremio-Attack Kirkis-Strongest fire magic then attack. The incense is actually more than enough to make this boss be quite neutered. I won in 8 turns and I was hardly prepared for this. Anyway after that its just you and Kwanda. Mano a Mano. In your very first DUEL.

Duel Basics:

  • If you attack and they desperate attack you take mass damage.
  • If you defend and they desperate attack they take mass damage
  • if you both desperate you borh take damage
  • if you both attack you both take damage
  • if you both defend nobody gets hurt
  • if you attack and they defend they take a small amount of damage
  • you must guess what they plan to do just by what they say to you
  • If you are scared just defend alot. Chances are they will get tired and finally desperate you thus you’ll hurt them alot.

Down goes the insurmountable.

And join us he will.

The Kobolds are cured so Kuromimi joins you as well. So do the Elven Trio.

Kwanda-If you need a solid fighter he will fit the role well. Hes M which makes him even better. 7/10

Sylvina- Decent Magician use only if you are a fan of her. 7/10

Stallion-His ability is so useful due to it makes you move faster on the map and even faster in towns. However as a character he mostly sucks and is only good for his rune. 5/10(the 5 is only cause of the rune)

Kuromimi-He can equip some great armors but compared to other great front row fighters he pales in comparison. 7/10

Humphrey- Man’s a tank INSANE hp growths good attack and can equip great armor. He is a character that is hard to mess with. 9/10

You get a choice to get a auto trip home or to go explote. Choose to walk home yourself. Theres more recruitment to do.


Fu Su Lu- Forest Village Inn Pay 10000 potch. Well hes okay. He gets alot of attack and such. He gets alot of HP. He might be just as good as a tank as Humphrey but is alot slower.8/10

Gon- Eww.Hes strictly worse than kuromimi and is worse than alot of others too. 4/10
To recruit him go to the southernmosthouse of Kobold Village and talk to him with Kuromimi in the party.

Apple- Hanging out in Mathiu’s house after the battle of Pannu Yakuta. Talk to her and she’ll join. Other than help out in the strategist unit shes quite useless this game.

Time passes. Windy does nothing.

head to the story room which is on the floor under your sleeping quarters.

Uh oh. Fliks here and hes PISSED. Mathiu coldly breaks the news to him.

Humphrey SPEAKS!

Sanchez also makes home at your castle. His function is the same as Mathiu’s he can arrange your party for you. You and Viktor head to Kaku to try and calm Flik down from his rightful hissy fit.

Flik being a selfish ass rather than join you says he’s working together with you or something. Whatever floats his boat.

Flik- 10/10 Hes a good fighter and a amazing spellcaster. Theres really no reason not to use him.


Head to the Main room.

You are to attack the Fortress of Garan. To free liberation army soldiers from the flower general.

Battle of the fortress of Garan

  • You outnumber then 4:3 it shouldn’t be hard at all.
  • Unkillable units:Commanders Team, Humphreys Team, Viktors Team, Warrior’s Village Kids.
  • This battle is painfully easy use your thieves and it shoudl be done in 2-3 turns. Even if your thieves fail you have 4 unkillable teams.

Well its time to KEEP ON MARCHING.

  • Same unkillables as last time. Best time to use them. Just run them into the enemy until you run away.
  • You can’t win this battle Milich hands you your ass.

You are sent into the lands that Milich rules over. Your party is finally your choice to make. If you consider 2 people a choice. Viktor and Flik join you. Gremio forces himself in too. I brought Stallion and Pahn.

After 1 battle with Holly Fairys and A mad ivy. I get THE NAMELESS URN! (this item si ridiculously hard to get and I was actually quite lucky to get it on the first try.

Makw suee you eventually get one of these. The Holly Fairy drops it and its a fairly common drop but I’ve had extreme runs of bad luck with it in the past sometimes taking over a hour to find it.

Anyway time for

Recruitment run no 4/Lets bookmark the french towns.

Closest to Garan is Teien AKA Lac Virginite

Hellion-Teien Inn , Just talk to her. Well not only does she give you the best item in the game the Blinking Mirror but shes actually a pretty amazing mage. 8/10

Anyway buy Yellow Seeds and Yellow Paint and then blink on home. Throw the items into Rock’s Vault and continue back to Teien.

The Castle grows even more. Anyway when you return to Teien go directly south.

You’ll hit Rikon. AKA Premier L’amour

Jabba- Rikon Appriaser shop show him a nameless urn only dropped by Holly Fairys in the surrounding area. Hes your castle’s appraiser. Boring but does the job.

Lotte-Rikon Inn, Upstairs. She won’t join without her cat. Talk to her go to Kaku grab her kitty and bring it back to her. Shes a decent mage. There are better choices than her though. 7/10

Rikons item shop has Blue Paint and Blue Flower Seeds so buy one of each and Vault em when you got the chance. Anyway after that head west to

Antei AKA Bier Blanche

Chapman-Antei armor shop. Talk to him and he’ll join. He will have the entire inventory of any armor shop you’ve visited in the game and sell it to you in your castle. NPC

Jeane-Antei Rune shop. Sets up the rune attachment shop in your HQ. NPC, castle harlot.

Before you go upgrading your armor make sure your hero is equipped with toe shoes. Then make your way to the inn.

Mina-Castle Dancer. Antei inn wear toe shoes dance with her. Shes a okay mage. 6/10.

Anyway head back home grab Tai Ho and Yam Koo and quit them up at Chapman’s, Sharpen their weapons at Teien’s Smithy to lv 12. If you run low on cash hit up Gaspar. He’ll hook you up with someone’s life savings.

Go here.

With Tai Ho/Yam Koo they challenge you to a fight.

If you can’t handle them at this point come back later. They do pack a decent punch. They are however quite beatable. Viktor and Flik can dish some serious damage. There is some sort of time limit/damage alottment on your party. I’m not completly sure but I had them down to just one and they ended the fight telling me to beat it. I don’t know what the conditions of this are. Just focus on one at a time and they will either go down or not. I didn’t have to heal at all really.I had Tai Ho Yamkoos unite doinmg almost 800 damage. So second try around I kicked the crap out of them. Anyway the boatless pirates join you when you beat them.

Anji-Strong, High HP and a M. Can’t go wrong with him. 7/10

Kanak-Strong not as high HP still a M. 6/10

Leonardo-Again. Strong. High Hp. Good Times 7/10

Normally I’d reccomend you to change your party bla bla bla. It doesn;t matter. Just warp to anti and walk further west to Scarlettica Castle.

And you that Milich’s house(Which I would guess is mostly just a homebased closet) was tacky?

You retreat from the castle. Now the game does not tell you what to do next. Though its fairly obvious from all the hints from the townspeoples. However if you’re completly confused old Onil will help you.

So lets warp to Rikon. Easy boatride to this Luikan fellows house right?

Luckily you have the blinking mirror so just go home. You get told you need a better boat. Again not much direction and this time that bitch Onil just repeats what she said before. Thanks alot! Ya old bag. Regardless theres only 3 towns in Milich’s regions. The three townspeople of Rikon aren’t help. Anteis in the middle of nowhere so lets go to Teien.

Gen agrees and joins your party. Reduce membership by 1. I sent Yamkoo home.

Gen-He’s weak crappy and all in all lame. He’s great at cursing and making fun of old people. But if that was a prerequisite for a party member I’m sure someone could beat him at that. 3/10

Anyway we go next door. To Kamandol’s house.

I think hes sleeping on the couch tonight.

Anyway Kamandol (who reminds me of Ben Stein for some reason. That would make Gen Jimmy Kimmel? That sounds about right actually.

Kamandol-He’s a mage. If you want to call him that. His stats suck. Sergei might even be better than him. 0/10

Anyway Kamandol forces his way in Reduce membership by 1and you’re off to carry a heavy oil engine to Rikon. You could cheat and just blink home blink Rikon. But I just did the 30 second walk. Oh and to add insult to suckiness. Kamandol and Gen are both S range fighters meaning with Flik and Viktor you end up with 4 forced upon you. The walk is so short it does not matter but still.

Viktor runs off to the bathroom.

You head to the inn because Gremio asks for a early night and Gen and Kamandol needs to work on making your vessel shiny. Gremio can’t sleep. At this point I go back upstairs to check if someone’s there and realise I forgot to actually recruit Lotte myself. I do so. Stupid cat lady.

Into the boat you go which is still slow as all hell. Anyway you arrive at Luikan’s Hermitage. You could just talk to him but let’s rob his home first.

He has a bed. (Luikan>Kamandol apparently) And Black Paint. So we steal the paint. Why a old retired mans most treasured possession is black paint is beyond me.

So lets get this straight. You go to harass a old man who doesn’t want to do any work ever again. Milich swoops in (how he found out of your plan I can only guess is the fault of the spy that got Lenankamp raided. It must’ve came along with Flik and co when they joined. ) he takes Luikan which just antagonizes him to work with you, something he wasn’t willing to do before. Milich claims manliness which I’m guessing is just to make you the player laugh and runs off on his dragon. A dragon that is never seen or heard from again.

Also to be noted is how in the hell did both Kwanda and Milich get dragons. Kwanda may have just brought a wild one into his castle to try and stop you from reaching the burning mirror. Unlikely but possible. But Milich? Firstly the dragon knights stay secluded in dragon land. They wouldn’t just lend out their personal stock, wild dragons are a extreme rarity to find and even rarer to tame them. They had the dragon solely for dramatic effect and that bugs me.

And why would he even leave Luikan in the prison? If the liberation army cannot pass into the castle without getting past the rose. Why not PUT LUIKAN IN HIS CASTLE.

Anyway he flies off to his “Inpenetrable Prison” instead of well killing Luikan. You head home to recoup and kick Kamandol and Gen out of your party. For the first time in a while the game directly tells you to go home and talk to Mathiu. So lets do that.

Insert image of Mathiu Expedition to Bier Blanche to get Kimberly and Tesla.

Note I am well read but this is the only game that I have ever heard the term scrivener in.


A professional copyist; a scribe:

So off we go to Bier Blanche(Antei).

We grab Kimberly who apparently can’t read but is Great at forging stuff, hitting on blue caped men and getting drunk with Tai Ho and Yam Koo.

Kimberly-PC who is completly useless. She doesn’t even come in handy in army battles really. Thought she was a NPC by memory. But since in 7 playthroughs I’ve never used her. Shes probably better than Sergei. Theres much better people than this trollop. 1/10

She tells you to go visit a man named Albert Onyx. Otherwise known as Tesla the scrivener. Once you coerce him to give up his real name he joins you as well and you are told to go back to the castle. I love the added touch of only adding a portrait once he reveals himself. Something they did not do with Mathiu.

Tesla-NPC who is completly useless. He doesn’t even come in handy in army battles really.

I’m still not sure why these two characters aren’t combined into one other than the fact that they were scrambling for stars. Still couldn’t they have a dwarf join you? Or well anyone? So with the forged papers in hand you are to head to the prison which is south of Antei to rescue Luikan.

Clean up your partys inventory, Throw any important items (paints, runes that you’ve found, nameless uen etc.) into the warehouse. MAKE SURE YOUR HERO HOLDS THE BLINKING MIRROR. Grab 2 real party members for the dungeon ahead. I suggest and heavily reccomend bringing Pahn again you should raise his weapon to LV 12 and upgrade his armor to max even if you don’t bring him. The other person well is up to you. I brought Kai due to his unite with the Hero for a easy attack all. LV 12 sharpenings can only occur at the Teien blacksmith so remember to warp there if needed to sharpen.

Off we go to Soniere.

The only important item to get as a drop in Soniere is the Opal a item those things that look like playing cards drop. Make sure you get one and that you give it to your hero to hold onto.

Also in Soniere theres a old book. Give that also to your hero for safekeeping. Also interesting to note the only other prisoners in here are items. And they are guarded by imperial soldiers. In one of the cells is a sound setting 0 give that also to your hero for safekeeping. MAKE SURE NOONE OTHER THAN YOUR HERO HOLDS ANY RARE/UNIQUE ITEMS.Out we go of Soniere with Luikan in tow. Ho Hum.



So yeah. You lose Gremio. You head back home to get comdolences and prepare for the attack on Milich. Lots of Images to be added later.The only thing I find that weakens this section is the whole Black Rune thing. It’s used to very minimal effect throughout the game other than the fact to make the generals seem more evil than they are rather than give them motivations. After Milich and Kwanda all other villains to your cause have their own reasons to be villanous to you party. I understand the two villanous deeds done by these two are unforgivable thus probably why they tacked on the black rune but still.

You get the second level Soul Eater attack. Which is actually quite useful.


For a rare time in the game you are completly alone.

Blink to Antei.

Esmerelda-Antei Inn Upstairs. Upon giving her the Opal Ring she joins you. NPC. Her army unit is atleast decent. Well becomes decent. Sucks for the upcoming battle.

Mathiu asks you to attack Scarletica which isn’t a bad idea, Luikan confirms his joining of the liberation army at this point.

Luikan-2/10 He is full of suck and is forced to come along with you in a later dungeon.

Battle Of Scarletica

  • Unkillable Units:Commander’s Team, Warrior’s Village Kids, Humphreys Team, Viktor’s Team.
  • Use your Thieves, Merchants, Strategists
  • This battle is a little harder than earlier ones but completly and easily winnable.

You win and its time to storm the castle. Of course like always you get a party forced on you. This time it’s not that bad though. Just Viktor and Flik. I brought along Pahn, Kai and Tai Ho(His weapon was sharp and I was lazy).

To open a trap door to some cool items. Show some remorse for Milich while looking at his portait. Scarletica is pretty small so eventually you’ll reach Milich.

They explain Milich’s evilness away with the Black rune but you still get a chance to kill him. DO NOT KILL MILICH. You know you want to. But hes actually one of the best characters in the game fightingwise.

Milich-Hes a great mix of Mage and Swordsman. 9/10

Stallion comes to tell you the castle is under attack. Fine and dandy but we have some sidetracking to do.


Qlon-Antei Gates once Antei is offically Antei again. NPC. Is useless and has a strange name.

Go to your castle’s Inn save your game. Make sure Pahn is fully healed. Go to 4th floor grab Milich and warp to Scarletica.

Ivanov-After defeating Milich go to him and he’ll join. NPC. He makes a mural and gives you a item with a interesting ability if you complete his mural. Cool guy.

Kasios-In Milich’s Bedroom joins auromatically if Milich is in parry. NPC who can recall any music played throughout the game.

Now at this point you could grab all the paint in your bin and give it to Ivanov but it is unimportant since you are missing alot of it still. Anyway once you’re done with that you can return to your castle. When you do MAKE SURE PAHN IS FULLY HEALED EQUIPPED AND SHARPENED.



Kasumi-Shes got a forced rune that looks cool but isn’t extremely useful. Shes a decent rounded backrange fighter but she falls flat compared to the much better mages/physical fighters that you could choose. However she is AMAZING for army battles. The Ninja innate army ability makes nearly all future army battles nearly a autowin. 4/10

Anyway she’s here to report Teo’s come to get his son back. Or well show no mercy and kill you all.

Battle with Teo:

  • First time I saw this I thought it said battle with tea.
  • You can’t win this battle.
  • Send Viktor, Flik Humphrey or Heros team in get destroyed and wait for the ongoing chase scene.

We attempt to retreat but Teo chases after us. With his two pretty boys at his side he is unstoppable.

Pahn duels Teo to stall so you can escape. IF PAHN LOSES THIS DUEL HE WILL DIE. Thus why the forced leveling/sharpening and such.

If your Pahn is strong enough this battle will still be tough as heck. Teo is a powerhouse. Still its doable. Teos pretty predictable and remember if you don’t know what his plan is defending never hurts much.

My Killer Blade….. means he will desperate attack so make sure you defend on those or he will snipe nearly half your HP.

You can win. Anyway when you do.Teo leaves out of respect.

Pahn returns to the castle. Gets hungry and is never fed.He still can join your party but without his cool unite with Gremio and his inability to put on a rune that does not suck.He stays at home asking for his food.

You head to bed.

Leeknaat gives you a bit of backstory surrounding her and Windy’s motivations. She asks you to press on with your destiny.

They never actually say what she wants vengeance for. Which I think is a bit of wasted character development but w/e. The common room is of course where you need to go next.

Apparently dating a trollop who can’t read gave Flik a brain. No more sending soldiers into abttles they can’t win and heck he even calls you leader. Good for him. Course to get those spears you need to take your boar across another dangerous rapid. Oooooohhhhoooo. Except your boat sucks. Well

TAI HO TO THE RESCUE AGAIN! Well kinda. Gen and Kamandol since they are useless in battle decide to help make your boat not suck. They succeed but they force you to take Tai Ho with you for the next dungeon. Tai Ho isn’t terrible and since you don’t have to bring Gremio along you can even toss a holy rune on him for added decency. Other than him you have FREE CONTROL OVER YOUR PARTY!

So bring whoever you want. I went with brute force and brought along Kai, Humphrey, Viktor and Lepant. But it’s really optional as long as you raise weapons to lv 12 and equip them up. I bought tanks since the next areas have some heavy hitters. And Kai cause attacking all is fun.

Anyway after you’re all prepared. (You can go to Teien to sharpen if needed) Head north by boat of the castle to a town called Kirov.

Kirov(and its continent) is my most hated recruitment run of all of Suikoden because it includes the WORST recruitment ever.

Firstly theres Sarah. Who “wants” soap.

So to get her soap you must find someone who has soap. Thats fine but they need soy sauce. Guy outside the item shop has soy but needs salt.The woman near your boat has salt but needs a yardstick. The guy at the inn has the yardstick he needs sugar something you can buy at the item shop.

So after you talk to all these asshats twice you get soap.

Sarah-After having one of the most retarded recruitment fetches period a quest that is usually reserved for the beginning of a game to get you acquainted with a town you need to learn to get around. She can fight but she sucks at magic and sucks at physical. Shes better than say the worst but still. 3/10

Next is the ONLY character I could not find without a FAQ. **** YOU OLD BOOKS! To get this asshat you have to taste 3 stews in town then go to the main house and talk to him. He does not appear unless you taste the two soups. In a game where you NEVER have to check the scenery you would never even think of checking the stews. Even worse is the Old Book that mentions him says HES IN MORAVIA CASTLE. A location he is never at but I spent HOURS looking for him at.

Lester- What do you expect on fighting ability ? Hes a chef. 3/10 **** you and your stupid stews

But it doesn’t end there. This town is full of the lamest recruitments ever.

Georges-Beat him at his own crappy game.He runs it at the castle.It gives no decent prizes, the money isn;t even 1/1000 as good as Gaspar or even Marco and his name is GEORGES. Ugh.

Theres more but you have to wait till you return from Kalekka. Grab some new armor. Dragon armor is pretty amazing, so are Chaos shields. Outside of this town the world map enemies can drop Prosperity Rune which if you didnt get it at the beginning might be of interest to you if you’re a collector. The store in Kirov sell fortune runes. So that item stops being exclusive at this point.

Off you go to find a secret factory but first you must pass through a deserted ghost town. The enemys are fairly hard here. The Kai Hero combo does short work of most with your fighters mopping up the rest.Make sure you grab all the items. The Sound Crystal is needed for a recruitment.Then another mundane useless recruitment.

Blackman- He will join you if you can go through the town without stepping on his rice crispies/sprouts. If you step on them he won’t join you. Leave the town and reenter and he will join you. Hes a PC and actually a fairly decent one. He tanks out and has a quite high attack. Hes also a M character. 7/10

You reach the factory and you run into well. old friends.

Kessler- Just talk to him and he joins. Hes a generic M fighter who doesn’t come close to outclassing those in his class. 5/10

Ledon-Sneaky murderous rat.NPC.

Anyway after these two idiots force their way into your army you head inside.

Enter. Grab the window setting in the room then talk to the Ninja in the top corner.

Kage-Pay him 20000 potch. Would be a ripoff if it wasn’t for Gaspar. Other than having the AWESOME ninja war ability. Him as a PC kinda sucks. 5/10

Anyway talk to Mose. He gives you the blueprint to the fire spears and tells you to meet him in Kirov. You can either blink home or walk through Kalekka to get back there. Its your call. Anyway with the sound crystal you can recruit someone new now.

Melodye-She takes all those sound settings you’ve been picking up in dungeons if you bring them to her. She doesn’t fight but can change the sounds of opening windows and stuff. Thus making her a completly useless character with a lame ability. Which makes sense since shes on this continent.

Head to the house where you got Lester (**** YOU LESTER!) You get 3 automatic recruits and the fire spear.

Kun To-NPC whos only purpose is to give you boats. He joins the merchant corp in your army but doesn’t really raise their odds/usefulness.

Mose- Even the blacksmiths of this continent are useless. 4/10 fighting ability. His sharpening is kind of redundant since theres a blacksmith in Teien who’s been doing his job for like 3 dungeons now and you get the next blacksmith VERY shortly after.

Ronnie-Shes another Pahn like character. Shes strong and okay but can’t equip other runes. However her rune is like Valeria’s which means you can use it every turn. 6/10

Thats it for now for the recruitments of the Kirov continent. Will you hate them as much as I do? Probably. The one you get later is badass for plot reasons but not for this game and never for your party.Ronnies okay and Blackman is generic but fine. The rest suck. And one last time. **** YOU LESTER.

There is actually one more recruit you can get. Throw a fortune rune on Kirkis and bring him to Kalekka. Make him fight till hes LV 35 then warp to Kobold’s Village. Or well Burnt Village of the Elves and then walk there since its not a warpable location. Go to the inn. I realised my Kirkis was 33 so I could’ve got this character to 35 by working in Scarletica. But whatever.

Rubi- Kobold Villagve inn Kirkis must be with you and lv 35. This one character is better than ALL the characters you’ve recruited since Milich. Great magical ability. Back row fighter. Decent stats all around.Even joins 5 levels higher than Kirkis. 9/10


Try to reenter your castle via boat. Tai Ho sends you to bed.Head to the meeting room. Mathiu says its time to fight your father.

Meet Your Imperial General Number 3 TEO MCDOHL!

  • Overconfident Duelist.
  • SHOWS NO MERCY (yeah thats right Ike he shows no mercy!)
  • Is badass
  • (Will add pictures later)
  • His son is a awesome fighter.
  • Has 3 Manservants who live at his house to cook clean and take care of his kid.
  • Has 2 generals who most women drool over even though they are featured in about 2 minutes of the game.

And you must meet him in war and win.


  • Unkillables: Humphreys Team, Viktors Team, Fliks Team
  • The RPS rules change for this battle only. Charge-> Armored Cavalry/Teos Charge
  • Your first 2 turns are freebies. Ninjas will tell you what the enemys plan is. Attack accoridngly.
  • After which if your Thieves fail. Just charge with a unkillable unit. You’ll be fine.
  • This battle is really easy. Just keep charging.

You then must duel your father. Unlike last time his health is halved and you stand a much better chance.


Your soul eater grows to lv 3. You get a ability that Nukes all enemies on the map.(Random battles only) Very useful for random encounters with enemies with high hp but unusable in boss fight situations.


Alec-Hes physically strong comes equipped with a amazing rune and is a decent mage to boot. 9/10

Grenseal-Hes physically strong comes equipped with a amazing rune and is a decent mage to boot. 9/10

The only problem with these 2 is that they’re both S and they work best with each other. The party is mostly limited on S slots . Still you can’t go wrong with using them.

Head to the war room where you are told to STRIKE!

Battle of the fortress of Lorimar

Huh? Noones there. Theres just a bunch of empty graves creepy.Kasumi shows some awesome ninja skillz to scale the wall and check the area.

A scouting party is formed and surprise surprise it doesn’t suck. Cleo and Viktor join you. However YOU MUST MAKE IT SUCK! Bring the suck in with Mose Maas And Meese and head directly to Warrior’s Village. If you get hit by a battle use the lv 3 soul eater ability. You should be fine. Well first reenter Lorimar for a quick recruit.

Kirke-Lorimar pick recruit twice. Hes quite average and S ranged. Avoid unless you really wanna use a guy with a scythe. 3/10

Ok so to Warrior’s Village. You run in and get a immediate awkward lovers quattel.

A guy who looks like a idiot with a idiot name Zorak. Come and split them up then invites you stay at his house. You being the pushover accept.

Ok its a bit more complicated than that. Zorak mentions a person named Neclord. Viktor gets enraged. You get forced into coming to the Old dudes house to hear the story of Neclord. So Ben, Alex and Karl head into the house while you get to explore town. Item shop has flower seeds that you can give to the farmer you recently recruited(HA NO, actually the three flower seeds are for a future recruitment run.). Armor shop has a new Helm for Cleo and new armor for some people. The blacksmith has….

Moose- Talk to him with Maas Meese And Mose in your party. He can sharpen your weapons to near max. He’s worse than nearly all your other blacksmith’s in battle. 3/10.

Outside of the smithy is.

Marco-Unlike before I don’t think he has a set pattern by memory. His game is still easy but nowhere near as useful since Gaspar’s game outclasses the heck out of him.

Anyway before you head into the house teleport home. For those waiting for Quincy at Garan if you’ve been following this guide nows the time to get him. Blink home, Viki to Garan.

Quincy- Talk to her? at Garan with atleast 85 recruits. Boring Mediocre Sucks at magic. 4/10

This also means you only have to recruit 22 more people to have all 108. (Yes he still counts even though he is gone) When you fix up your party you can bring anyone for the three slots. I brought Flik:All around usefulness Kai: Unite Attack And Stallion: I want to be fast. Give Cleo back a fire rune if she does not already have one on her..Flik is kinda cool to bring since he has strange interactions with the village people since it’s his hometown. Sharpen to lv 15 with moose getting cash as needed from Gaspar. Sharpen with Moose and head off. Interesting note. Even though Stallion comes with a forced equipped Wing Boots he cannot equip wingboots on his other equipment slot since he’s male. Also grab the flower seeds (red blue yellow) out of your storage and let one of the three forced members hold onto them. You’ll be needing them soon.

Anyway rather than explain all of what Zorak says heres the short story. Neclords killing villages and stealing virgins to become his brides. Viktor does not like this since it happened to his village of Northwind(ow).He then gives you the entire history of Warrior’s Village. You decide to stay the night.

Hix shows off his mad woman talking up skills.

Cleo gives him a peptalk and then heads to bed. Alone.

Poor denizens of Northwind(ow) For Viktor can barely remember the name of his hometown. You awake for a rare sight in Vampire Mythology.

DAYWALKER! Anyway you now fight Neclord. Viktor gets his revenge and you are to be heading back to the castle now.

Dammit! Well after getting knocked back to reality you decide you must find the plot device to defeat the unhurtable Neclord. Its in the temple of Qlon (not to be confused with the character Qlon why the heck is Qlon a popular name anyway?) So off we go to there. World Map enemies have decent drops. The wolves do drop ressurection rune which is kinda rare since I don’t think you can buy em. The sorcerors drop Master Robe which heals the equipped a bit each turn and is one of the best armors in the game. You can buy them before the final dungeon though. There is a forest village like trick here . By heading south you can enter Neclord’s Castle. The enemies are a bit harder here but you get alot more experience than world map guys. I’d imagine if you fortune runes a lower leveled char and brought them here they’d grow quite a bit. Make sure you hit atleast lv 40 so you can grab another recruitment but otherwise theres no reason to be here. You’re going thave to return here soonish anyway. Still its a good 5 level jump for your current party and probably alot more if you wanted to fortune rune someone whos lower leveled.


You can reach lv 44 pretty easy. So just do that then blink home and warp to Teien.

Eikei-Docks of Teien Your Hero must be level 40+. He has a really cool rune that allows him to attack twice. Hes not the greatest fighter but might be your style. 7/10

Bllink home stay at castle inn then warp off back to Warriors/Neclord. Walk to the Temple Of Qlon.

Qlon has some recruits.

Check the bookshelves for old book volume 5 and talk to the blind dude. His name is Morgan he joins you.

Morgan-Worst of his type, unless you’re aching for the Falena party. (Lorelai+Morgan FTW!) You’re best off sticking him at home to be the useless Pahn clone he is. 4/10

Zen- Deliver Red Blue And Yellow Flower seeds (all found in shops across the globe). He comes to live at your castle. Unlike Blackman he can’t fight. Boring.

Anyway after grabbing those 2. Talk to baldie in the middle.

Fukien- Hes stuck with a ressurection rune which kinda limits his usefulness however hes still a strong mage. 7/10

He opens up a passageway into some caves that apparently hold the answer to beating Neclord.

I really should start mixing up my party members. Buit alas I’ve never found it to matter enough and I’d rather just use Kai to save time in random battles.

Anyway you enter this place and it should bring back memories of lake castle. Only without the fog. The enemies are kinda tough but manageable and they don’t drop anything useful. So you can let go all enemies if you’ve done the whole Neclord’s Castle thing.

The chest items here are pretty awesome though. Like Toran Castle earlier stuff can be kind of tricky to see how to get to but I’ll try and help out. Still you get a item with a def boost better than guard ring, flowing crystal which allows you to use the higher levels of water magic and two recruitment items.

Go south here to get a Window Crystal. (Hmm I wonder who that is for.)

Travel on and go south here and feel around. You’ll reach a door eventually.

Good to know.

The war scroll isn’t even hidden so you should just be able to go and grab it. Anyway once you have those just make sure you got the old book in the dungeon as well and keep going. This dungeon never closes so if you miss anything you can always return when you come back to get Crowley.

Anyway eventually you hit…..

It’s got something in common with Cleo. Neither of them like to be waken up.

Oh Boy.

Apparently he thrusts you into the past where you meet a cute little punk named Ted. You meet Ted’s grandpa who the game is too lazy to create a portait for.

Hmm. This brings 1 conclusion. TED IS A MORON. He knows of Windy’s name but then acts surprised when the courts magician who is named Windy is welll……WINDY. You’d think you’d remember the name of the lady who kills your family and has her goon destroy the village.

Neclord is here too. Past Neclord apparently worked for Windy. Which well means nearly nothing. Neclords plot is pretty distant from the main plot and I guess they added this to try and make Windy be tied to everything. I personally think this wasn’t needed. You also meet Yuber here. Who well loves chaos.

Ted’s grandpappy actually knows how to use the soul eater. Something Ted in 300 years never got a grasp of. Hands off the rune to Ted and then does exactly what Ted did earlier in the game to stall Windy.

Yuber is all set to kill you but Neclord tells him Windy needs him so rather than spend the 30 seconds to kill you he warps away. Apparently he’s not entirely human.

Anyway before we leave. LETS STEAL FROM THE PAST/DEAD!

One charred house holds this while the end of the path where you meet Yuber holds a Boar Crystal. Which noone can equip except Morgan. Morgan if used would probably be better off with a different rune but whatever. When you’re done head to the well. You get a choice to take Ted with you. But he doesn’t come regardless.

You’re back in Qlon.

Viktor gets the smart talking vampire stalking sword. It’s conventiently as sharp as Viktor’s old weapon. Guess we can go take out Neclord now. You might have picked up a escape talisman walking through the dungeon. You might as well use it to go back to the map. You need to go to Warrior’s village to tell Zorak the good news.

Anyway first head to Qlon with the war scroll in hand.

Hugo-Give him the war scroll found in the caves of Qlon. Human Bookshelf give all those old books to him and you can then read them. NPC.

Head to Warriors Village where Zorak greets you letting you know he will meet you there.

Before running over to the lair of the Neck Lord Neclord. Head to the item shop to meet Window.

“Gays check their fingernails like this!”- Stan Smith

Window- Warrior’s Village Inn give him the Window Crystal from Qlon Caves. Uh he can change how the text window/menus look if you give him Window Settings. Hes fairly worthless. NPC.

Anyway you reach the castle and Neclord allows only your 6 party members in. Well actually only 5.

Hix- Hes boring.Middle road fighter who doesn’t come close to comparing to Milich, Flik, Grenseal, Alec. So just leave him at home now that you can.5/10

Hix Joins you at this point to get some revenge/fill a party slot with a character that hardly helps at this point. I sent Stallion home but then I exited the castle to go prepare Hix for the fight of his life.

This dungeon will be hard. You may want to throw the flowing rune on Cleo so she can heal you guys up while you go through. Hit the item shop to give everyone 3 sacrificial buddhas. Also grab Hix a holy crystal if you ahte moving slow in dungeons and a Killer rune if you don’t care. I actually kicked Kai out of my party for Luc at this point just so I’d have some magical strength. That choice is up to you. Though Lucs rune also has some healing capabilities so it’ll help ya keep healed through the hellish dungeon.

I also did a give people stuff run and delivered 2 window settings to Window, 1 Sound setting to Melodye (both are located in The Narcissicism Garden which is a branch off the first floot. Then I brought 5 paints to Ivanov and old books 12368 to Hugo.

Old book 6 has some important information.

Hm a dude who shows up in Rikon’s inn randomly. Guess we should warp there and check the inn now and then.

With 5 paints the mural is half done and it looks like its gonna be awesome.

Anyway after all that check Rikon’s inn. If Clive is there cool if not whatever. Make sure you sleep at the inn to heal up so your magic replenishes. Then head to the castle of Neclord. I actually went to the castle and leveled luc/hix then returned healed and then headed back but whatever.

You’ll eventually reach some paintings. Look at them in this order.

1 Neclord 2 3 4

look at them 3 2 4 1. Using the 1234 for reference on where they are. Once you do a secret door opens. Whee. Theres some Green Paitn that your hero should hold onto and some new boots for him as well. If you seem to be having troubles with the random encounters.Deadly Fingertipping Hell Unicorns always did the trick for me. Hell on big groups is good too. Since both abilities are useless on Neclord anyway.

Anyway always go to rooms before stairs and once you reach a floor with a magic rune piece and a cape of darkness make sure you allocate your Buddhas as you like and heal up because.

Welcome to probably the only hard battle of Suikoden other than maybe the final boss.

First turn everyone but Viktor should defend. Viktor hits Neclord and WHAMMY hes no longer immune to everything ever.

Turn 2 the battle begins. Flik should use his best offensive magic. Same with Luc. Everyone else attack. If you are wanting to do a cool vombo on Neclord have Luc use storm and Cleo use the LV 4 flowing magic. It will do a combo which does about 400 to Neclord and heals your party. Pretty awesome? Anyway after 6 turns of me nonstop attacking (well Cleo was spamming out her heal all spells every turn)

Well that was easy enough. Neclord is gone for good. (If by good meaning gone without a ridiculous plot device to bring him back at some point. then yeah for good.) Hix and Tengaar join your army while Zorak stays at home to well do nothing. Guess he has more stories to tell or something. If you have something important with Viktor hand it over to someone else since he’s off on vacation for a bit and head for the exit. I didn’t have a escape talisman so it was actually quite a trek for me.

Viktor heads to Hulk castle Milich lends him his dragon to go to North Wind(ow). (Okay he doesn’t but since I have no explanation to why Milich’s dragon is never mentioned again it seems like a good idea as any,)

Tengaar- Shes an awesome mage who comes with high casting levels.She’s not the best mage in the game but you can’t go wrong with her. 9/10

The loving couples recruitment actually makes your castle bigger. You get a flag too. This means theres some recruiting to be done.

First head to Kalekka to meet a very splendid fellow named Leon who asks you to tell Mathiu how big and impressive your army has grown. You can’t actually do that yet due to plot advancement.

Then its off to the caves of Qlon to pickup Crowley. Well drop by Rikon first to see if Clive’s decided to show his face. He was there for me.

Clive- Randomly appears at the Rikon inn may require final castle upgrade to appear. I’m not sure. For being a pain in the ass to get he’s not really worth it. Hes a fine backrow fighter but his magic isn’t good enough to justify putting him into your party. He does look cool and packs a cool gun but is that really enough? His stats are decent enough for you to use him as a Holy rune mule. 5/10

So to Qlon!

Crowley-Get final castle upgrade then talk to him in caves of Qlon in his hidden area. Hes a magical powerhouse. He comes with a Cyclone rune which is removeable. (I like giving it to Luc myself) Give him a high level rune and watch him destroy your competition. 10/10

If your memory serves you correctly the old book also mentions a man in search of Yuber named Persmerga. Who was the last person you saw talking to Yuber? Neclord. Where is Neclord? Dead. Um where if Neclord’s castle? Hmm Lets go there.

Once you reach the piano room. search the bottom near the centre of the stained glass to get.

Awesome then go talk to the man by the piano.

Persmerga-Get final castle upgrade then return to Neclords castle piano room. Apparently if you put a clone rune on him he can keep it for a future game. Hes a Physical powerhouse who is actually better than Humphrey at tanking and is just amazing. Plus he looks awesome. 10/10

Once ya got Persmerge head back to the castle. Thats all you can get for now. Head to the third floor to drop off the shiny new green paint to Ivanov. He’s still not done but is reallly close now. Head to the fourth floor to continue on with the plot. Humphrey talks alot in this scene now and says we should go to the Dragon’s Den which is near Antei.

The forced recruits here are Flik and Humphrey. However you should use one other character to save a bit of time. Bring the lameness that is Luikan along. I also brought Kai because of the unite and Stallion because I already had his weapon upgraded and I wanted to move fast.

When you go to talk to Mathiu to change your party up if you did have Leon give you that message. Mathiu has a message to give right back to Leon.

So lets head back to Kalekka (or to Kirov and walk north to Kalekka, your call really I found the Kirov route to save a little time.

Leon- get final castle upgrade (flag) talk to him in Kalekka, talk to Mathiu in his room, talk to Leon again. NPC. He rounds out the strategist war unit but I haven’t found him to do anything since I don’t think it boosts charge strength any more than just apple and mathiu. I may be wrong.

After you nab Leon. Head to the den west of Antei. Anyway you get there and well they won’t let you in. They apparently wouldn’t even let the emperor himself in. I wonder whats wrong? Flik suggests you go to Antei. You meet up with some crazy whos skipping out a bar tab. He says hes an aristocrat, I said wow that’s quite an act. I lose 200 bucks (seriously how poor are the people in the suikoverse but w/e)

Anyway apparently he’s off to talk to Joshua(Leader of dragon knights et al) so we go off to follow him.

Wow. Guard actually does his job.

So does Vincent. And we’re in! Its another cave, no tricky areas just a straightforward path. The sunshine king drops window set 3 and even sometimes a cyclone rune so make sure you fight him. Its the onyl place you can get the 3rd window set too. The enemies here seem alot easier than Neclord’s Castle. Sunshine king being the hardest but theres nothing that a little deadly fingertips can’t deal with.

Eventually you will reach a dead end of sorts. Actually its more like a leap of faith. Regardless.

You are met with futch and some chick named Milia. Milia and Futch tell you to go meetup with Joshua now that you’re here you might as well. No decent map item drops sojust head straight in.

Some recruitments await.

Fuma- Red dude who hides in the first area of Dragon Knights’ Fortress. Boring Generic Ninja. Still pick him up for the final slot in your Ninja army unit. (which means you get 3 free turns more if your thieves don’t suck) 3/10

Kreutz-Talk to him in Dragon Knights’ Fortress with Humphrey in your party. Hes more or less a Humphrey clone which is good and bad. He’s not gonna hurt your party so if you want to use him cool. 8/10

After those 2 just go talk to Joshua. He sends you off to your castle to fetch Luikan so he can maybe help cure their poisoned dragons.

Wait….TADA! Luikan to the rescue. He just needs a paperclip a toothbrush and a rare herb found on a mountain with strong enemies and a rare flower found only in Barbarossa’s garden. Easy? Right Futch goes flower hunting while you go to the mountain. In a rare occurence your replacement character for Luikan actually is decent.Milia comes (for me) at lv 52 with more HP than Humphrey. She does need some sharpening but cool cool

Milia- M,powerful,nice stats. 8/10

Head back to the room where you talk to Joshua and check the bookcase for another old book and the chest for another window set.I blinked home to sharpen Milia and kick Stallion out of my party.Firstly I dropped off the window sets to Window (one of which I actually changed to cause it looked cool) and the book to Hugo. I picked someone from random, Eikei. Sharpened, Equipped both guys. I buddhaed up the party,Threw a holy rune on Milia and warped back to Dragon’s castle for a Dragon ride! YAY!

One of the books you just dropped off, Old Book No 5 found in the caves to the Dragon’s Den is the STORYBOOK OF LIES!

Anyway after a realllly long boring dragon flight. (No special animation like Black :()

We reach Seek Valley where instead of just flying until we find the Moonlight Weed Flik decides to walk the rest of the way…whatever.

Seeks a beautiful place. There’s even a nonfunctional smithy.

Nothing special for item drops. The Queen Ant drops a Silver Hat now and then. Other than that pretty boring. The enemies pack quite a punch but you have the Soul Eater at your use to wipe out any and all that get in your way. No idiots like Kanaan to tell on you either.

Eventually you hit a save point. That is blocked by a boss. Time to fight! After beating it up a bit it becomes this. Personally I find this boss to be damaging but doesn’t seem like hes very durable.

I took him out in 4 turns or so with attacking with everyone after Flik used his lv 3 lightning ability. Didn’t heal at all. Milia died but was immediately picked up by one of the buddhas. Thats about it.

You find a weed and luckily Windy is there to tell you it’s what you are looking for.

Spoilers Light though.

Wait. Windy is here. Rather than give heavy spoilers to this part I won’t. You get away and you gain lv 4 soul eater ability (which KICKS ASS)Windy once again proves her uselessness as a villain and runs off after you scare her with your new powers. You say goodbye to a old friend and move on.

One more insanely long dragon trip back and you go to the den. Now to find out if Futch could score some Black Dragon Orchid. (Well technically you don’t know he went to get it yet but whatever.)

See there he goes.

He gets master herboligist Barbarossa to help him out.

Off he goes back home.

Uh oh bitch is back lets jet.

Crap. Anyway Futch is okay. His dragon not so much. Milia, Futch join the Liberation Army while Joshua promises to help out with all future war battles. The dragons with all 3 parts of the remedy are now fine. Milich’s dragon?, still not mentioned.
Spoilers end here.

Joshua- NPC who doesn’t even come to your castle. Lazy.

Futch- He gets better. But not in this game. 6/10

You get a free fast ride home. When you come in Kasumi and Krin meet you at the elevator and some silent dude is up on the fourth dude who finally breaks silence to tell you his master and Viktor are captured in a jail cell at Moravia Castle, the home of Kasim Hasil.Another great general of Barbarossa.(a place where you cannot find Lester) But screw fighting Kasim now lets do some training in the lands of Milich like Mathiu tells us to do. You’re told to go rest.

But before you do that lets go get one more recruit. Talk to Sanchez and dump those useless characters like Flik, Humphrey, Kai and etc and bring along your best. Maas Meese Mose and Moose. Bring someone else who could help you. (I bought Stallion cause I was lazy but its up to you) Make sure your hero is healed so he can use his full arsenal of spells and head back to Seek Valley (DK fortress ride Thrash there)

Either by nuking with your spells or just plain running/bribing avoid all enemies so you don’t die and head to the smithy to grab THE ULTIMATE BLACKSMITH!

Mace- Eh. Hes a blacksmith and his weapon can’t go to max because he can’t max it himself. Of the Blacksmith people he’s the best. 5/10

Allrighty then. This should leave you with about 5 stars to get. 3/7 of them being automatic plot dudes. Allrighty head to your 4th floor room and go to sleep.

Save go talk to Mathiu and off we go to train.

Or well not train.



-Unkillables: Eh. I can’t actually say with 100% certainty that any troupe is unkillable. That being said.
-This battle is ridiculously easy you outnumber them 5-1. 1-2 turns tops.

Flawless Victory.

If you spare him he will join you. (Actually he lives either way)

Griffith- Well he joins too late to really be used and he’s not that good anyway. 4/10

You head home while Mathiu sends off Lepant and Humphrey to attack some fortresses. They cannot join you for the next dungeon. He sends you to Moravia Castle to do the rescue yourself. He decides to let you choose who else comes, as long as Kasumi and Krin come with. (Thanks game for giving us two awful characters for a tough near endgame dungeon) I brought Cleo(healing), Fu Su Lu (Tank?) and Kai (unite).

You are then let out right outside the northern checkpoint. Go back in to grab some cool swag. (Old Book volume 7) The map enemies are kinda useful. Master Garb is dropped by the Earth Golem but I usually don’t go out of my way for equip drops.

Enter the castle, grab the pink paint by the door.I left the castle, warped home,Killer runed FuSuLu, Holy runed Krin,sharpened weapons, equipped all and warped back.

Oh yeah and if you go to the painter with the pink paint he should be done with the mural.

Pretty Sweet huh? You get a pair of binoculars a useless item that allows you to fidget with camera angles during battles. Drop the old book off while you’re at it. That should be all 8. Sweet. Only lame collectible remaining is some sound stuff now.

Ok so in Moravia (home of NOT LESTER) theres a random dude who will let you sleep/stay at the castle.The enemies are fairly hard but Hell/Unite Attack should do them in easily. The Elite Soldiers rarely drop Rage Rune.Which is kinda cool. Eventually you’ll reach the Jail cells.

Here Warren Joins you.And Viktor rejoins as well. (yay!)

Warren- Eh. Hes a M fighter who well si worse than Tai Ho. 4/10

You have to come back for someone whos obviously there too later. Anyway Mathiu’s plan comes to fruition when Kasim’s army is vanquished by the army of Jowston.

WTF is a Jowston? We will never ever go there? Not this game anyway.

Anyway surrounded and with no other options. Kasim who decidedly did not get a black rune joins you.

Kasim-Another tank like character.Good stuff. 8/10

immediately warp back to Moravia and go through the dungeon a second time to grab a mother earth rune and…

Vincent De Boule- Well he doesn’t fight in this game but he’s the 107th star. So pick him up and bring him home.

Theres still 2 more dudes to get.Warp back to the Northern Checkpoint to grab a seriously late knight and his sidekick.

Max-NPC. Go to the Northern Checkpoint after saving Viktor and Warren. Part of the best charge unit in the army.

Sancho-See Max

Blink home. Make sure you have 107 stars (Yes poor ****** counts anyone else who may have died won’t though.) Save then go to the meeting room.

You have a choice. Attack Kwaba where Ain Gide resides or attack Shazarazade (jesus christ who named that place?) Mathiu makes the choice for you and promises you 500 boats by the morning.

You get some sentimental bonus scenes of stars talking amongst themselves.Cool stuff. Viktor gives you a present. And you go to attack Sharzazaawhatever.

When you’re ready head to the docks.

Ice Boats? Pretty Crafty….

Battle of The Floating Fortress

  • Unkillable: Probably Hero’s unit but I have never lost anyone in this battle.
  • Use your three Ninjas once thats done use thieves you should win in about 5 moves.

You’re sent in to burn down Razzlefrazzlemonade.

Off we go to do that then. Viktor joins you. Humphrey and Flik and Luikan(like you wanted him anyway) won’t join you. You get to pick 4 people. Bring a healthy mix of fighters/mages. I brought Cleo,Alen,Grenseal and Milia. Then I warped home and brought them up to snuff Weapon/armorwise. Then warped back leveled them up healed at the inn then returned.

In Shazawhatever the enemies hit HARD. Hell

helps, Maybe I should have brought Kai. He

would’ve made battles alot easier.

Eventually you reach the Shell Monster

thingy. Well this thing is fairly strong

but I was able to free will it dead in 5

turns. Healed up with Cleo torched the

place and headed for the exit. The final

sound setting is dropped by the enemy

Siren. Try and get one before leaving. They

also drop flowing runes which is kinda

cool. Before you hit the exit HEAL AGAIN.

There may or may not be a second boss fight

at the entrance. I beat her in 3 turns but

I used both of my Judgement’s. If you used

Judgement against the last boss this will

probably take a bit longer. Cleo had 4 heal

fully all spells remaining at the end. Ah

well. Time to leave.


Idiot…Well it was obvious to anyone who

realised he wasn’t a star of destiny.

I doubt that. I don’t see a bunch of people


TO THAT OLD DUDE.I think the morale would

go up knowing the spy was caught.

Once you get back to the castle go to the

basement. Theres someone waiting for a


End Spoilers for now

Sonja-Ask her to join you twice. She does

and that should be all 108.




FOR THEIR NAME IN THIS. You can talk to

Sanchez to change party members. Save as

well cause the final army battle is


Mathiu says its time to attack Gregminster.

It’s around this time that Leeknaat comes

to you.

OMG HES BACK! He still sucks. So he stays

at home for the final dungeon. I bet if he

forced his way into your party half of

ya’ll would miss a star just so he wouldn’t

have to come with you?

End Spoiler

More sentimental night scenes. Then go talk

to Mathiu to commence the attack. Crap

thats alot of dudes. Leeknaat decides to

even the playing field. But shes not

powerful enough. We need another true rune


Thats better.

The Last Battle

Well from this point on it doesn’t exactly

matter if anyone dies in war. However I

truly doubt anyone will and you’d reset

anyway if anyone did. Anyone who dies will

not be dead in Suikoden 2 other than Gremio

if you didn’t revive him.

Use your ninja’s then your thieves whatever

this battle isn’t hard. There is alot of

enemy troops though. After my three ninja’s

did their job the imperials were down to

4374. So yeah. Easy stuff. One thief. 374.


It’s time to fight YUBER! Wait… no he ran

away. nevermind. Apparently the dwarves,

warriors village and the ninjas of Rokkaku

come and help. Whatever. It’s time to

charge the capital. Pick a team. Well half

a team Viktor and Flik force their way into

the final party. I brought Cleo Alen and

Grenseal for now but I will change it up

very soon.

You have a visitor. Beat him up.

4 pretty boy unites later.

Ok. Guess it’s time to go prepare a final

party. First check out the Armor shop in

Gregminster for the final armor upgrades

that aren’t rare enemy drops. You don’t

have to buy anything yet but just do it so

it’ll register in your castle’s shop.Then

blink on home.

Drop off the sound settings you have to

Melodye. I kept default cause the rest

annoy the heck out of me.

Ok so who to bring. Thats a toughie for me.

I used

8843/10601 for advice.

I decided on bringing Futch, Milia and

Cleo. No real reason. Futch Milia for their

unite and Cleo for healing.

For carryover purposes.I would atleast

reccommend giving Humphrey the Windspun

Armor near the entrance of the final

dungeon. It will stay on him for suiko 2.

Also you get minimal level and weapon

upgrades for the ones that carry over. All

other equipment don’t carry and some runes

have a very minimal chance of carrying

(like lv 1 runes or something I dunno

didn’t matter to me) The max level you can

reach is about 60. You can go higher but

you need ALOT of battles to level up after

that. I had Futch at 64 by having him and

the Hero solo a group of baddies. Viktor

and Flik unconscious and Futch Fortuned up

at like lv 50. But it isn’t really worth


Final dungeon is pretty straightforward.

Enemies hit hard but give alot of


There is a point of no return of sorts.

I’ll let you know when. Thats the point.

Theres the final save point.



Technically if all you wanted was save data

once you save there you’re done the game.

But I think ya’ll wanna beat the game too

while yer here. So lets go.

Final Boss
Sovreign Dragon
This thing is scary but manageable.

Beat it from left to right. and whammy

you’re DONE THE GAME. Took me about 10 or

so turns. I was using a bad selection of

chars though.


Windy proves herself useless once more and

jumps off the balcony (allrighty she is

thrown off with Barbarossa but w/e) never

fighting you once.


Time to escape. Flik and Viktor help you out. Mathiu falls to injuries. Poor soul.

When you finish watch the splendid ending and watch epilogues of all the characters

you recruited.

Seeya for suiko 2!

Pictures to be added on a later date for the last bits. Also editing of the last section needs to be doen as well.


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    Mex Says:

    wow I feel like i missed a ton

    -Clone crystal is for what? better yet where is that town?
    -Where is the free rune guy?
    -I completely missed pahns diary lol

    10/10 so far

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