Eyepatches FTW!

To startoff my S.H.I.E.L.D. celebration it’s only fitting I make a post about patches.

Who are my favourite Patches? FIND OUT NOW!

5. Haar (Fire Emblem Path Of Radiance/Radiant Dawn) Geddoe (Suikoden 3)

Both are awesome characters that can wipe out whatever they face. Haar in one battle took out an entire army battalion by his lonesome. Geddoe led a troupe of mercenaries, saved too many lives to count and even was in the entourage of the Flame champion.

4. Mikhail Bakunin AkA Patchy

This man would not die. He is a monster. He survived explosions, a harpoon through the chest and the awesomeness of Sayid. He totally gets a spot on the list for all this.


3. Alexander “Xander” Harris

Sure he didn’t get the patch till the very end of Buffy. But it made him more badass all the same. Xanders all you want in a friend. Loyal, smart and though he can;t kick much ass he’ll always make you laugh. That makes him awesome and therefore autoqualifies him for this list.


2. Nick Fury

He made eyepatches be awesome and he kicks all sorts of ass. VCan;t wait to see when he will return to own some skrulls. He’s been severely misrepresentated in VS but that won’t be for long. He is just all sorts of awesome.


Heres a link to her newly updated Catster profile made by my sister. http://www.catster.com/cats/467221/in/stroll/

12 Years old and still kicking ass.

She is all sorts of awesome!

Thanks for reading and get ready for more S.H.I.E.L.D. CONTENT!



  1. 1
    MXM194 Says:

    Are you the boot guy from Parking Wars? ‘Cause he has an almost identical cat named “Patches.” Weird. But cool.

  2. 2
    scythecastle Says:

    I’m gonna say no. What is parking wars?

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