Can the Defenders defend enough against the Fan Four?

Well we all know 1 thing.


Once again its The Deranged Bear in the pilot’s seat for Defenders and For Fantastic Four it is me. I win the dice roll taking odd inits.

Turn 1

TDB drops Wong, I drop absolutely nothing.
50 50

Turn 2

He drops Tania Belinksy to go nicely with his wong.  I drop Luke Cage and pitch a card for his effect. TDB backups Wong with Tania then sends Wong into Cage. We both stun I draw 2 cards.

Defenders 49 Fantastic Four 47

Turn 3:

Fantastic Four drops Invisible Woman into the hidden area.  Defenders have the better play though. He uses Wong to fetch Hellcat then plays her in the hidden area. He then uses Tania to backup herself.Hellcat on Tania as well.  I pitch for Cage.

Cage attacks Tania with a Devestating Blow and a power-up, We both stun. I draw 2. Invisible smashes face.

FF 45 MD 44

Turn 4:

TDB drops Richard Rider Nova on me. Uses his backup on Invisible Woman.
Tania is used on Hellcat to bring her to 9 attack. I drop  Mr.Fantastic using his ability to look at the top 3. I fetch a Clobbering Time and pass.

But wait!
He uses the order, Nova targetted Luke Cage as well now. Tania buffs Hellcat to a 13 atk now.

Hellcat swings into Mr. Fantastic, I Force Field Projection the blow but in response he One Man Rampages. Hellcat goes into Mr.Fantastic again. This time knocking him down. Start of recovery both Cage and Invisible Woman fall to the backup ability. I keep Fantastic.

FF 38 MD 41

Turn 5:

A Signal Flare is used to fetch Thing, Heavy Hitter. He B-Teams noting that if he could’ve fetched Strange he would’ve. Since he couldn’t Hulk Grumpy Green Goliath hits the table. His backups go like so.

Nova-> Thing
Tania -> Hulk +4 atk
Hellcat ->Nova +2+2

Thing into Nova he  Defenders Defend + Against All Odds odds I double Clobbering Time! he reinforces with Hulk.  Mr. Fantastic swings into Tania taking her out. Thing stuns in recovery.

FF 33 MD 34

Turn 6
Defenders  use Hellcat immediately to backup Hulk. Then drops another Hellcat and Tania.  Uses Tania to backup Hellcat.

I seemingly have missed my 6 drop so I use Mr. Fantastic. Luckily for me 6 drop Human Torch is in the top 3. I do a cheer of sorts and bring him into play.  Human Torch gets Nova’ed as soon as he comes in.

Hulk attacks thing

13/13 Hulk
Thing  Family of four 14/14
Hulk big leagues 17/13

Hulk Smash Thing!

Hellcat into Fanman I Powerup Hellcat Stuns.  Torch hits Nova before succumbing to Richard Rider’s ability. Nova is kept over Hulk/Hellcat and we go into 7.

FF 19 MD 16

Turn 7
The Fantastic Hulk comes into play. With all the amazing pitching Hulk becomes 22-21.

He also drops a 7 drop Hulk. In response he Nova’s my hulk, Tanias his Hulk before his board is forced to exhaust.  He then Banished To The Abyss on his Hulk and Ego Gems him as well.

Torch attacks Nova, Hulk reinforces becoming a 22/19 in the process. Fantastic Hulk then attacks Defender’s Hulk. He  uses Ego Gem after pitching to ready Hulk to make him a 23/21, Fantastic Hulk gets the power of the Family Of Four and declares It’s Clobbering Time reaching a grand total of 27/25 to Other Hulk’s 23/21.  Fantastic beats up Tania with a Savage Beatdown. And the dust settles.

FF 12 MD -8



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