Video Game Progress April 21st

Current Game Progress

NOT VS related.

Figured I’d make a post for my current video game progress.

Diddy Kong Racing DS-Beat game already, playing Adventure 2 mode for fun. 28 balloons collected.

Yoshis Island DS- Fourth World

Suikoden-Off to rescue from Bandits

Brawl- 30% through SSE beat classic with 5 characters unlocked ness, falcon, luigi and marth.

House Of The Dead 2&3-Tried Arcade mode got to about 2nd level in both and died horrendously, will try again.

Tales Of Legendia-Crystal Forest. This game kind of bores me. Dunno if I’ll keep playing it.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Rings Of Fates- Just got the fourth party member about to fight the next boss.

Games Recently bought-

Brawl -Wednesday

Metal Gear Collection- Today

Persona 3 FES- April 23

Grandia 2 PS2-Last Friday
This post is mostly for myself and Mex.



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