Iron Man, Mighty Avenger


  • Thats one freaking crazy leader ability. Coast City/Kandor FTW!
  • A backrow protector is a rarity of sorts.
  • On offensive turns it means your board will not be going anywhere.


  • Other than the rarity issue. Which seems to be a ongoing theme. I can’t think of many cons of this card.

Nick Fury, Director Of Shield


  • Dr. Fury, of sorts. If teamed could bring in some cool stuff. Pro Reg act+teamup for 2x the punishers.
  • Hes a great card even while not knowing what they have coming,
  • Free Characters rock
  • I don’t see this card being not good. He combos well.


  • He is hidden plus he has to exhaust to gain some board presence.
  • If the SHIELD army chars suck he will become considerably less good.

Stark’s Armory


  • Little do people know but the thing that makes me geek in vs is counter decks. (sadly I don’t have the cash/cards for doom patrol) but cards like new identiry and josten and blackbriar make me go squee!
  • Though its unlikely if theres any other tech counters this becomes even better.


  • Space issues. Given the sheer awesomeness of this set. There may not be room for this card to even be a 4x in the deck.

3 Great cards today. Probably Iron Man is the best. But all 3 cards are quite crazy good.


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