Welcome back Terraform Preview Review


  • Terraform!
  • The payoff is pretty great
  • gets 0 attack dudes out of danger and brings em back in with 2 attack.
  • combos well with squirrel girl
  • could combo well with squirrel girl tattooed man Play tattoed force squirrel girl bring out a shield agent. bounce em all replay them. Only spending 2 points on 4 burn, 3 characters that have 8 attack. (if IG is teamed up)
  • Also combos well with Royal Flush Gang. Heck with nearly anything Injustice Gang offcurve.
  • Zazzala is still legal in silver age for one more set.


  • It’s a shame that the glue to the S.H.I.E.L.D.Army strategy are mostly rare. Random punks is really becoming a crippled format.
  • The usual blowup stuff
  • bouncing 3 nonstunned guys can be costly you’re going to have to have pretty dedicated offcurve to do this.

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