Thunderbolts Preview Review 1

And another week goes by and they haven’t given me a preview. Ah well. Anyway  regardless of that the cards spoiled today are pretty cool. Check em out.

Radioactive Man Containment Suit


  • He gets bigger and bigger as the game goes on
  • His ability is pretty insane.
  • Combos well with strategic thinking (MEX)
  • Savage beatdown unplayable while he’s unstunned.


  • For the inevitable rush thunderbolts deck Venom seems like a much better choice.

Still hes a card that seems really good now as long as he gets some supports.

Speedball Penance Painmonger


  • he has a pretty amazing voltage like ability.
  • multiples can be brought in if comboed with ivy/dr light
  • will work really well with cards like tattooed man. (play tat bring in squirrel bring in a 1 drop sub out tat play another tat play more dudes)
  • His ability is non teamstamped and he is SHIELD DA which means he doesn’t even need to be teamed up with shield in a SHIELD/IG teamup deck
  • He can sub in for a 0 attack SHIELD army after they do the initial burn then burn for more. 1 resource pt for 5 burn on turn 1 is sweet.


  • He runs the chance of hurting you as well.
  • Modern voltage is starting to become scary. Sure theres no enemy but IG/Shield seems as viable as any.

Anyway great cards today and stick with me for the rest of the week while I preview review anything else that pops up.


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