Thunderbolts Preview Reviews

Thunderbolts Mountain


  • This card seems very easy to abuse.
  • Already seems to make the Tbolt team better.
  • The article really summed up the pros so I’ll just link to it. Here.


  • Have a blast?
  • It’s a rare and you’ll want 4 of it. So unless ya got the money to either raid the signles online or buy a case you’re probably gonna have to trade for em. Which might be hard considering how cool this card is.

Bullseye, Closer to God.


  • Hes nicely statted.
  • His ability is quite amazing. It amounts to a free stun on every off init turn.
  • Hidden which is nice.
  • It combos well with the can’t die 4 drops. Talia and Dead Girl. Also its a cool thing to sub in after a 4 drop loses their cosmic counter. Could also work well in a spidey deck. Use 4 drop spidey to exhaust someone sub in bullseye play 7 drop spidey.
  • Tbolts mountain means he can stun on turn.


  • Pathethic Attempt, Wonder Woman, Omnipotentce
  • You are losing board presence. Yes the effect is amazing but it still counts.
  • A teamup is needed to make the ability splashable. I do like that its hard teamupstaped too so reg act doesn’t help.
  • Offcurve decks laugh at this card.


  1. 1
    Mechachu Says:

    you can’t sub out an exhausted character…

  2. 2
    scythecastle Says:

    I meant pay 7 atk to exhaust someone.

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