I just wanted to thank everyone for checking out my blog over 3000 times during the month of April.

I write this so people can read it and it seems people are reading it.

What to expect in May:

  • More Hulk Off Matches
  • My first tourney report
  • Preview Reviews of every MUN card spoiled
  • A contest that might have the top prize of a sketch from a VS system artist. (figuring details now)
  • Suikoden 1 The Post to be finished and Suikoden 2 the post to be started.

What I’d like to see in May:

  • More comments. Sure people come to check out the cool stuff but I’d love to get some small discussions started here.
  • My own exclusive MUN preview. No promises but maybe they can grant me one. Who knows?
  • My point store orders to arrive.

Anyway Thanks again.


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