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Where have you gone??

May 16, 2008

That basically explains my week. Couldn’t even make it to Hobby League.

Crime Lords Preview Review Summary will be up probably tomorrow. I might be going to a marquee event tomorrow permitting on my stomach.

Just ugh. On the plus side I was able to beat a bunch of DS games. Gotta run! You’d rather not know where…..




Week In Preview Review : Illuminati

May 10, 2008

Rather than do daily entries for the Illuminati I thought I’d try something new and do a this week previews in review type of thing. I will probably go back to the old style next week.

Monday we got 3 cards to kick off the week and they were cool.

Iron Man, Protector of the Reality Gem


  • The effect is not init stamped which means by tappingdown 2 of your guys you can easily tap down their biggest swing for the turn.
  • He works well with the 2 drop Dr. Strange
  • Becomes drastically better if could be moved visible. (equipment nimrod et al)


  • I’m sure he will end up being decenyt but at the current moment I am not feeling him. Hes hidden which means even by stopping a attack you’re gonna get some face swingage.
  • Pathethic, Wonder Woman, Omnipotence, Cape and Cowl
  • Forced 2 exhaustions hurts as well. Makes sense but still.
  • A exhaustion effect on a character that will probably exhaust alot of other effects seems iffy to me.

This Tony is a real wait and see. He will be in the deck but hopefully won’t be their only 5 option from this set.

Secret Government


  • Wow.Unlike tony this card is great. I mean it could be used in decks that don’t even use any illuminati tricks. Like any legend decks with clash of worlds of these characters could be used as a tutor.
  • The optional exhaust is even more nifty. Choices are nice.


  • None

100 Ideas


  • Wow. This card basically says draw a selected card if you control Mr. Fantastic.
  • Theres trick to manipulate better stuff but nothing really interesting. If you mull you can get one of the cards you mulled back if you haven’t tutored this game.
  • Its a card that effectively makes your deck 56 cards.


  • Its limited to only Fan Man and might not make the deckspace cut in certain decks with him.

That was it for monday and all we knew at that time was we got a char with a cool ability and two freaking awesome plot twists.

Tuesday we got.

The Infinity Gauntlet:


  • Its not cost 10.
  • The effect is freaking amazing
  • Could drawlock someone.


  • It targets
  • It requires 6 exhausts. Which means you need to find a way to keep 6 gusy on the board to do it.
  • I don’t like this card because if it doesn’t work then its jank and if it does work then it’d be broken.

Wednesday we were gifted with:

The Elektra Situation:


  • Locks down annoying answers to illuminati tricks like cape and cowl and wonder woman. Completly screws over clash of worlds decks that don’t run HAB.
  • This card if used right will be great.


  • Costs 4 and requires 2 exhausts but seems worth it.

Thursday rolled along and we got.

Dr Strange Secret Avenger


  • Hidden, Low cost Illuminati can fuel most effects
  • The ability is just plain amazing. In both Marvel knights (who most of the time use equipment characters and plots at the very least) and avengers (who use plots and chars and maybe even locations)
  • Secret government doubles the amount of copies of him in the deck.


  • He’s gonna be a bitch to get 4 of.

Finally friday we got.


  • If this card goes off your opponent will be wanting to punch you in the face for the rest of the game.
  • Hidden 1s and 2s make this card quite easy to get off.
  • COMBOS WELL WITH ARKHAM BABY! Turn 1 hidden 1 drop someone from illum turn 2 strange turn 3 charaxes! lol. Kill every turn from 4 on. Quickkill their 2 with strange/knights stuff.
  • The effect of this card puts you in control of the game.


  • I personally think this card will cause negative play experiences
  • The turn where they nuke this before they play their drop after you played yours exhausted
  • Decks that can’t deal with this will be sad

So all in all we got a team which seems like it will be doing some HEAVY CONTROL. SHIELD seems like they can handle it,  I don’t particularily like what these cards signify because in the hands of a capable deckbuilder you could be locked down in quite a few ways from this deck.

Comment with your thoughts.

Video Game Progress May 4th

May 4, 2008

Current Game Progress

NOT VS related.

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Techiness? Preview Review.

May 2, 2008

Frog Of Thunder


  • It seems like a tech 1-2 of in a deck that can use such a thing.
  • It can remove counters, kill equipment and maybe even remove a annoyance (think removing cap boomerang for outsiders)
  • Can remove annoyances/tech drops.


  • Pathethic Wonderwoman Rarity
  • A dedicated game staller could use this to his advantage.

James Barnes, Winter Soldier

May 1, 2008

Was gonna just throw this guy into the TB mega preview review until I saw we did not get a TB card today.

I’m just gonna say it. Sure he somewhat fits in the theme of the bolts but it’s still pretty lame  that we couldn’t get a full week of TB reviews.

But we did get…….

James Barnes, Winter Soldier


  • His ability is a bomb.
  • He basically says no on curve drop for 6 or 7 for you.
  • Kinda useful vs offcurve


  • People might think of Stu Barnes while playing this card and flame someone for being negative rather than Ko someone.
  • He’s a rare thats only useful if you max out on another rare. Pro Reg Act.
  • Free characters make this guy’s ability be useless. (Oh it’s turn 6 well In play Lois for free then I play batman oh lois dies. Poor lois.)

This card just makes me hate reg act even more. But its a good card and if you can get him to work he will make your opponent play differently.