James Barnes, Winter Soldier

Was gonna just throw this guy into the TB mega preview review until I saw we did not get a TB card today.

I’m just gonna say it. Sure he somewhat fits in the theme of the bolts but it’s still pretty lame  that we couldn’t get a full week of TB reviews.

But we did get…….

James Barnes, Winter Soldier


  • His ability is a bomb.
  • He basically says no on curve drop for 6 or 7 for you.
  • Kinda useful vs offcurve


  • People might think of Stu Barnes while playing this card and flame someone for being negative rather than Ko someone.
  • He’s a rare thats only useful if you max out on another rare. Pro Reg Act.
  • Free characters make this guy’s ability be useless. (Oh it’s turn 6 well In play Lois for free then I play batman oh lois dies. Poor lois.)

This card just makes me hate reg act even more. But its a good card and if you can get him to work he will make your opponent play differently.


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