Video Game Progress May 4th

Current Game Progress

NOT VS related.

Figured I’d make a post for my current video game progress.

Diddy Kong Racing DS-Beat game already, playing Adventure 2 mode for fun. 38 balloons collected.

Yoshis Island DS- Fourth World


Brawl- 30% through SSE beat classic with 7 characters unlocked ness, falcon, luigi and marth.

Tales Of Legendia-Crystal Forest. This game kind of bores me. Dunno if I’ll keep playing it.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Rings Of Fates- Just got  transported to the prison island.

Mystery Dungeon Shiren The Wanderer- Slowly getting the hang of things. Got a lv 14 mastersword and reached lv 20 myself at one point. This game is evil yet fun.

Games Recently bought-

Okami-Wii (maybe its on back order)
DDR Ultramix 4 (xbox)
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (ps2)

Hoping to buy:
Mario Kart (wii)
This post is mostly for myself and Mex.


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    stingx2 Says:

    Hoping you’ll see this I got a month free of gamefly, then i’m going to do the 2 game plan. marcus is going half onme, so he gets cone gamei get the other. makes a lot of games playable now like kotor and tales

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