So….. Yeah I’ve been gone a while.

I’m really happy I didn’t go to MEGA suckiness in NYC. Though way to go on the amazing turnout.

Theres still good amounts of vs players. Not sure why UDE is trying so damn hard to make us feel like a dead card game.

Thats all I’m gonna  say on that today. Also on Stu Barnes losing his art teacher job he seems like he’d be one of the coolest teachers on the planet. I know I rib on him now and then for hsi stalwart defending of positive unicornyness.

Hulk deck status : 1/20 rares complete and utter sadness failure


3X Hulk Smash
4x Trouble With Dinosaur
4x Warbound to the end
4x Hulk Green Scar
4x Righteous Anger

Let me know what you are looking for them and I will see what I can do.


Also my near complete foil set is about to hti E-bay I be needing money for worlds.

So if anyone wanna make a offer before they go up on ebay. Lemme know.

If this sells well it will cement my worlds trip and if I go to worlds it means I will be updating with lots of awesome worlds info and pictures so help me out and get yourself some shinies.


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