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DCU Preview Superman Earth 22

July 24, 2008

Well I’m just gonna start by saying I HATE this card.

Completly totally loathe.Why?

Cause I can’t use him in every future Superman deck that I would create.

Joking aside,  the card today is pretty awesome.

I haven’t seen much of the new JSA so I don’t exactly know how they work. But this seems like a amzing 6 drop in a JSA Avengers teamup. Hes a reservist which is nice and well I’ll get to that after the reveal.

Oh here he is….

Damn! Think how nasty he’d be in a JLA/JSA teamup deck. Put a char on top with worlds mightiest. Rally for the free card bouncing a attack no matter what. Think of him in a World’s Finest deck… Brains and Brawn would mean you’d have to get through the man of steel atleast 3 times. Indestructible he is. (did I mention Indestructibe would be AMAZING WITH HIM!)

Hes big hes here and he’s gonna be a bitch to knock down. Hope you enjoyed todays preview.

I will admit I haven;t read this storyline so I can’t talk much about this incarnation of supes. So rather than copy down a bunch of stuff from wikipedia. Heres a direct link to it.

Thanks for reading!


Worlds Report pt 2 soon. For now watch this.

July 19, 2008

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen since….Pushing Daisies.

It is surely LEGEN……..wait for it………DARY!

And its superhero related. Written By Joss Whedon(and his brothers) Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion.

Worlds? Oh yeah I was there. Flipped Cars Flipped Cards and Steaks and Shakes Worlds Report Part 1

July 10, 2008

GAH! So how did this all happen? Well lets go to the beginning.

My sister thought it would be a great idea to take the GPS on bike rides. When doing so she can’t obviously take her bike onto the highway so she turned on Avoid Highways.So when I borrowed the GPS to help the people I was travelling with get to worlds well nobody told me to reset the settings.

So at around 4 AM on the wednesday the guys from Ottawa (Ryan *Walter Kovacs as most as you know him* and Matt) come and grab me. It was my idea to drive overnight so we could reach the Golden Age tourney thursday and avoid the midday US traffic. So since we all knew how to get to the border we didn’t turn on the GPS until we crossed the border. That was when things started going downhill.

Signs that the GPS MAY be giving you the bad directions:

  1. Within seconds of turning on it tells you to IMMEDIATELY exit the highway
  2. After a 30 minute detour through a town that had one store(can’t remme the name) thats more common than Tim Hortons is here we finally get back onto a highway of which it tells us to get off the highway go through a rest stop and then get back onto the highway.
  3. when it gets so confused it starts sending you to closed roads
  4. And offroad.
  5. Oh and there was also a person with a sack on his head walking a dog. Right when I was talking about the chainsaw dude from resident evil 4. This was about 5 mins before we crashed.

It was at that point we decided to ignore the GPS and head straight to the highway.But the weather and bad roads decided that was not the case. We swurved and well see picture above. We came to (not knocked out but disoriented nevertheless). Ryan felt a strange sensation on his head thinking it might have been glass from the windshield that he more or less is on top of. He sniffs but instead of the smell of blood he smells all dressed. The glass is untouched. We all slowly unbuckle ourseatbelts and kind of crawl out of the car .(after Ryan put the car in park so we could unlock the doors) Nobody was hurt and nothing other than the car and ruffles were ruined.

People come out to see if we were okay and tell us that more than 12 people flipped on these roads in the past year. Also they told us that we are 1/10 of a mile away from the highway route. The car is towed slowly after. (And I mean slowly took about a hour for anything to happen) We get driven to Frank and Son’s in West Henrietta PA and try to figure out what to do next.

We attempt to call a taxi of some sort to get us to a car rental place (cause car rental places wouldn’t come to us) I was actually half planning on going home at that point. But to no avail it seemed as if we would have to stay the night and miss worlds in rural Pennsylvania.


Ancient Weakness DCU Preview

July 10, 2008

Now in the past in VS system Sinestro himself has been a mixed bag.

Past versions did everything.

The first one is probably the most memorable one. The Green Lantern of Korugar, this was the one who worked with the good guys. I have always been a huge Glock fan, (even though I was partly responsible for Dr. Light getting banned)and Sinestro is the icing on the cake for the deck. On off initiative turns he makes it so your opponent either has to attack him first (which they may not be able to) or risk losing their board by attacking the smaller green lanterns surrounding him. There were even some decks that used fun ideas like moving him around with Mean Green Machine or recovering the person in front with I’m back Poozers. And on initiative he has 6 willpower so he can use all the cool tricks lanterns have. 6 willpower, thats alot of willpower to pay with hmmm.

But what can that willpower bring you.Keep with me.

Next we had a 6 willpower 7 drop from the Emerald Enemies who doesn’t share much synergy with todays card so I will skip him.

Next appearance was on Anti-Matter where he has a 5 willpower that can exhaust to move people hidden. Good but nothing groundbreaking.

Sadly for Synergy the next Emerald Enemies Sinestro well, he has 1 willpower. But he also costs 3 resource points for a 9/8 on turn 6. Thats well pretty amazing nowadays especially since you could clash of worlds and have 2 9/8s on 6.

His second to last appearance up to now was for the villians united where if you knocked him down you said goodbye to plot twists. This had 3 willpower.

And his last and for sure currently his most popularily used version is the brand new 4 drop from DC Legends. Who would only be in a sinestro legend deck if one was only running 11 Sinestro cards and wanted filler.

So why do I keep mentioning willpower? What could be so great that willpower would make Sinestro insane? Well look no further.

Ancient Weakness (4)
Play Only during your attack step. To play pay X willpower this turn from a Sinestro you control. Stun target character with cost X.

Wow. Even without seeing a Sinestro yet you can tell that this card is pretty amazing. The two Sinestro that work well with it aren’t even Emerald Enemies but who cares when it isn’t teamstamped. Think about dropping the 6 drop Anti-Matter Sinestro paying all your willpower to stun their 5 then exhausting him to move their 6 hidden and then smashing their face direct for tons.And with the Green Lantern Sinestro you can stun their 6 drop then laugh as they try to even get to Sinestro.

Oh yeah and if you haven’t heard yet there will be atleast 6 new Sinestro that will have the capacity to use this new toy. Wow.

Lastly theres willpower boosters like the rings and power surge and even giving the Sinestro name to someone else using Carrying The Torch. All of these will create wicked situations that equal free stuns. In your face Annihilus!

So yeah when DC Legends hits get ready to be stunning your opponents for FREE! Great stuff!