Ancient Weakness DCU Preview

Now in the past in VS system Sinestro himself has been a mixed bag.

Past versions did everything.

The first one is probably the most memorable one. The Green Lantern of Korugar, this was the one who worked with the good guys. I have always been a huge Glock fan, (even though I was partly responsible for Dr. Light getting banned)and Sinestro is the icing on the cake for the deck. On off initiative turns he makes it so your opponent either has to attack him first (which they may not be able to) or risk losing their board by attacking the smaller green lanterns surrounding him. There were even some decks that used fun ideas like moving him around with Mean Green Machine or recovering the person in front with I’m back Poozers. And on initiative he has 6 willpower so he can use all the cool tricks lanterns have. 6 willpower, thats alot of willpower to pay with hmmm.

But what can that willpower bring you.Keep with me.

Next we had a 6 willpower 7 drop from the Emerald Enemies who doesn’t share much synergy with todays card so I will skip him.

Next appearance was on Anti-Matter where he has a 5 willpower that can exhaust to move people hidden. Good but nothing groundbreaking.

Sadly for Synergy the next Emerald Enemies Sinestro well, he has 1 willpower. But he also costs 3 resource points for a 9/8 on turn 6. Thats well pretty amazing nowadays especially since you could clash of worlds and have 2 9/8s on 6.

His second to last appearance up to now was for the villians united where if you knocked him down you said goodbye to plot twists. This had 3 willpower.

And his last and for sure currently his most popularily used version is the brand new 4 drop from DC Legends. Who would only be in a sinestro legend deck if one was only running 11 Sinestro cards and wanted filler.

So why do I keep mentioning willpower? What could be so great that willpower would make Sinestro insane? Well look no further.

Ancient Weakness (4)
Play Only during your attack step. To play pay X willpower this turn from a Sinestro you control. Stun target character with cost X.

Wow. Even without seeing a Sinestro yet you can tell that this card is pretty amazing. The two Sinestro that work well with it aren’t even Emerald Enemies but who cares when it isn’t teamstamped. Think about dropping the 6 drop Anti-Matter Sinestro paying all your willpower to stun their 5 then exhausting him to move their 6 hidden and then smashing their face direct for tons.And with the Green Lantern Sinestro you can stun their 6 drop then laugh as they try to even get to Sinestro.

Oh yeah and if you haven’t heard yet there will be atleast 6 new Sinestro that will have the capacity to use this new toy. Wow.

Lastly theres willpower boosters like the rings and power surge and even giving the Sinestro name to someone else using Carrying The Torch. All of these will create wicked situations that equal free stuns. In your face Annihilus!

So yeah when DC Legends hits get ready to be stunning your opponents for FREE! Great stuff!



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    dietseto Says:

    Carrying the Torch on Ch’p. Stun your 5?

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