DCU Preview Superman Earth 22

Well I’m just gonna start by saying I HATE this card.

Completly totally loathe.Why?

Cause I can’t use him in every future Superman deck that I would create.

Joking aside,  the card today is pretty awesome.

I haven’t seen much of the new JSA so I don’t exactly know how they work. But this seems like a amzing 6 drop in a JSA Avengers teamup. Hes a reservist which is nice and well I’ll get to that after the reveal.

Oh here he is….

Damn! Think how nasty he’d be in a JLA/JSA teamup deck. Put a char on top with worlds mightiest. Rally for the free card bouncing a attack no matter what. Think of him in a World’s Finest deck… Brains and Brawn would mean you’d have to get through the man of steel atleast 3 times. Indestructible he is. (did I mention Indestructibe would be AMAZING WITH HIM!)

Hes big hes here and he’s gonna be a bitch to knock down. Hope you enjoyed todays preview.

I will admit I haven;t read this storyline so I can’t talk much about this incarnation of supes. So rather than copy down a bunch of stuff from wikipedia. Heres a direct link to it. http://en.dcdatabaseproject.com/Superman_%28Earth-22%29

Thanks for reading!



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    LiFeMaGe Says:

    By ‘World’s Mightiest’ I presume you mean Mightiest Heroes?

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