Preview Review :Skrullzzzzz Super Skrull World Champion

Yay new cards!!!!


  • Art is just wicked
  • Discard a card for invunerabilty means if hes to become stunned ever you just pitch and wham take no damage. Sweet stuff.
  • He gets a mix of old and new getting one of the oldest mechanics (Evasion) Which seems like it’ll most likely be his most unused ability outside of sealed/draft.
  • Energize since we know what that is now makes it so he can burn for 6, force 2 replaced resources or make them discard 2 cards. Or even better a mixture of all of those.
  • The activated ability makes him even better since you can activate him to do nearly anything.Scroll to bottom to see what I mean.
  • Not loyal


  • So many choices
  • Paibok still seems better in most traditional skrull decks.
  • All those affiliations and nothing for him to specifically do with them yet*wont be a con once set is made im sure)

Oh and if you were wondering what abilities he did steal well lets show them all.

Okay not really but I can;t for the life of me remmeber a card that does exactly this I think theres a darkseid elite char that does this but can’t remme who.

and of course.

Allrighty keep with me for more preview reviews!



  1. 1
    VSAccess Says:

    Well, not quite as good as Batman’s. You don’t get to choose the resource.

  2. You know, the more and more I look at him, the more OUT OF love I fall with him.

    Yes, he is very versatile, but versatile at what? How many of those abilities are actually ones of high usefullness?

    There are very few times I would want to evade my 5 drop ceterus-parabus, lest I be setting up some sort of combo such as venom burn. I have no idea what energize does yet.

    Invulnerability? Ok, I’ll give him that, that is useful.

    … but let’s look at the rest.

    Make them discard a card of their choice – future foes strategy? Burn them for 3 – not very powerful for a 5-drop activation. Make them replace a face-up resource of their choice … more likely to benefit them than anything else in most cases.

    Now in context of what he is, a skrull, his core useful abilities being non-agressive? No, he’s barely a skrull at all. And if you just to use him to get a billion team-affiliations to abuse with Ethan Edwards and Tarnax IV, TeenTitans/Outsider-Roy Harper with a Quantum bands + The Initiative does the job much better, and more importantly, much QUICKER.

    Is he still playable? Of course. Is his versatility still useful and of note? Sure … but I think he case #5028 of us getting to excited over seeing the new card.

    He’s not all that and a bag of chips. He’s no where near a bag of chips at all.

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