Cyclops Madrox What else you need Preview Reviews

Firstly some explanations from Mr Seck himself on the brand new keyword.

Hey guys,

Just to let everyone know about the first new keyword – Energize!

Energize is a triggered power that triggers when the character with the power becomes a defender. The reminder text for the keyword is:

Energize (When “this” defends, ready it.).

The majority of Energize characters have an activated power, and this allows them to use it twice, or use it and attack (if your opponent chooses to attack it) and a few other tricks that will become apparent once you see the whole set!

Here is the link of the Facebook page –…me/12722434186

Hope you have fun and have a great weekend!

Good games,

So. Energize is NICE and gives a new twist to the already nasty activated ability.

But whos gonna get energy?

Well lets see the facebook previews.

Cyclops, Mutant Messiah


  • The character he exhausts can already be exhausted. (Something we know well enough from prof X) Which means if he exhausts to tap a 7 and a 8 attacks him he can burn the 8 for 8 if he doesn’t need to exhaust someone
  • To me my X-Men+This card is some sick stuff.
  • Sneak Attack+This card means you can attack wait for them to attack then mess them up.
  • Its a nice win that isn’t Jean Grey or can even be played with Jean Grey. Not to mention Mimic and Professor X with him means your opponent is not having a fun turn 8.


  • X-Factor does not have a symbol
  • He is a 8 drop and though he seems to make X-Stall become a solo team deck theres a chance you may make it short of him.

Concussive Force


  • Gah its like a better mystical paralysis of sorts
  • Carrying the torch/The Captain love this
  • 2 drop Cyclops could exhaust if needed
  • It can make it so you can reach the turns you need to win
  • This with energize seems like win
  • Wonder Woman can’t do nothing on this
  • Doesn’t target a character


  • At current time of review I can’t think of any. other than the regular its rare, pathethic attempt bla bla bla


  • With a double of him in the KO pile he’ll need to be stunned atleast twice
  • You could powerup him get stunned make the powerup become new jamie.
  • You could use alot of small multiple men and swarm em out when he gets stunned.


  • Kind of reminds me of tattooed man and if Madrox can be as good as the infestation deck I’ll be scared.

Lastly is the card that is more or less a last ditch effort of sorts


  • It can refill your hand and maybe keep you alive (ALOT of cards
  • On a turn your dudes get stunned (say they used Hulk 4 drop) you could kill your board and replenish your hand.
  • Could speed you to a win condition in a Golden Age Multiple Men deck


  • It destroys your board for some lifegain
  • Not 100% sure if destroying your board for your hand is the greatest idea.


  1. 1
    LiFeMaGe Says:

    Great reviews, Concussive Force really makes me want to play Cyclops or at the very least include him in an epic stall of some sort even though I really don’t like the character in the books (though he has been written better than in past years imo). Nice to have you back even if I don’t always agree with your opinion.

  2. Great review! I like how you pro’d/con’d each card, hope you start a new trend. But I have think you’re underestimating Re-Absorption’s usefulness. Drop out some 1 drops, on the 4,then on the 5 re-absorption after an attack and pop the 5 drop to replenish your board.
    Plus the 5 drop is a free to me my x-men, and it makes cerebro and other discard-costs more playable. I think its really good.

  3. 3
    chappy Says:

    The CONS for Concussive Force and Jamie Madrox are…

    Concussive Force: Doesn’t target characters, so the small ones can be exhausted.

    Jamie Madrox: Name is Jamie Madrox. Can only be power-uped with (currently) this same card.

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