6 Preview Reviews for the price of 1 (still free) X Factor

Now luckily it is not some terrible reality tv show I am talking about. Nope I’m talking about the X-Men refeature that isn’t a X-Men refeature.

We get our first peek at the intergalactic pirates, more multiple men hijinks and a 4 drop cyclops that gives June Moon a run for her money. So lets begin.

Cyclops, Man Of Action


  • Not loyal in any form at all which means you can splash him in any deck that plays a bunch of dudes and get a free stun of a 3 drop and have a 8/6 to boot.
  • With the exhaustion card from before he will have a nice use even if they no longer have a 3 or less character.
  • 8/6 is nice and beefy too.
  • It’s always nice to have another Radioactive Manswer.
  • This makes another new drop slot for cykes if I am not mistaken
  • The board never quite dies in X-Men with all the recovery stuff.So having 3 next to him other than maybe some awkward positioning isn’t too hard


  • It’s a ability that really should have some sort of loyalty tied to it. It may end up not being too overpowered but currently seems like it could be.
  • No Flavour Text

Man that was a nice card Letsee whats next on the plate.

Polaris, Back In The Fold


  • Fair strong activated ability that is coupled with energize
  • Really mucks up turn 6 on a curve initiative matchup (oh I exhaust your 5 and your 4 if you attack with your 6.)


  • Costs Cards
  • Might be less useful on turn 7

Polaris is nice and strong and useful and is from a new cool team. Theres just not much to say about her yet.

Next up is more Multiple Man silliness

Multiple Man, Army HYDRA


  • Can beef up 1 multiple man for a big swing or beef up one multiple man for a stun back.


  • It will be strange to see how this one fits in and plays well with the other multiple men available.

There will be a deck around this dude and deservingly so. Will it turn out to be greatness. Probably. Letsee what else Madrox gets.



  • It’s a nice trick to have especially after using 5 drop madrox and bringing out a board of these buggers.


  • Its hard to tell if this card will be used, Multiple Men seem like they have the ability to kill especially with Cable as a capper for them. A stall card such as this one may not even be needed. However if it is needed this will be quite good.

2 to go and they are both X-Men again. Yay!

Strong Guy, Guido Carosella


  • He’s going to end up being HUGE. From what we have seen of the team so far there are exhaustion effects left and right and on top of that energize makes them so sometimes they can use these exhaustion effects two times in a row.
  • He very well could be the end condition for the X factor couple him with some to me my X-Men
  • He makes a amazing splash in Marvel Defenders, JSA, Doom Patrol among other decks.


  • I can’t really think of many cons to this guy other than hes lacking flight and range so if a opponent wants to try and take him out first they stand a chance at being sucessful. Course this is X-Men so that may not even matter.

One final card and even though I did this in order spoiled you could say I saved the best for last.

They have had cards that can do this in the past but all of which have been stamped.

A 2 and 3 drop for JLA who both have to bounce to hand,A character that HAS to have a cosmic counter on it, A Hidden IG 3 drop who can only do it off initiative, Pitching a card and exhausting and Pitching 2 but being on a 4 drop. Theres more but I won’t spend the time listing them all. This dude is well ALOT better than all of those.

Iceman, Jack Frost


  • Hes just amazing, he can just tap to keep you locked.
  • Hes also especially nice coming off a 4 drop that can autostun a 3. Let’s stun your 3 then keep your 4 tapped. Even better coming off the cyclops exhaust 2 dudes card. Ok exhaust 2 people then your biggest one can’t ready oh and if you attack me another one of your dudes can’t ready.
  • To Me My X-Men
  • Not loyal so he can be tossed into a lot of decks


  • Pathethic Wonder Woman blablabla
  • He’s overpowered and not loyal
  • Gets less good the older the age gets

What a strange and exciting week so far. Come back during the weekend when I get to any other cards spoiled this week. Thanks for reading. Also for much more detail on the cards ya’ll should go read the articles they were posted in. Great reads all of them.

Strong Guy at Vs Blog

Ice Man at Vs Unleashed

Multiple Men Madness at Full Body Transplant

Polaris at The Kamiza

Cyclops at VSrealms

Seriously you probably read these already but still go check out any you haven’t for a good read.


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    LiFeMaGe Says:

    I agree with you re: the multiple man cards. I just don’t see him stalling and I don’t know if I like the new 1 drop though I will have to test him over the other in babies. Cable still seems the best route for Multiple Man. I really like the Polaris though as you mentioned Strong Guy might trump her soley because of To Me My X-Men (kinda makes me happy I have a playset + extras). Then again we haven’t seen a 5 but it’s probably safe to assume the 5 can also tap a character making it safe for Strong Guy to go nuts. I’m not sure if I like Cyclops as I’m not a big fan of 1 drops in curve unless they can tutor or card draw/filter as it takes away from other slots in an attempt to hit those 1s. I suppose I could always load up on 2s and skip my 3 or conversely load up on 1s and skip the 2s. I’d have to see the rest of the drops to make a more informed decision. Then again I’m obviously going to use this 4 drop simply for Concussive Blast. Lastly, Ice Man is the nutz, finally he has a cool effect (forgive the pun, I know it’s terrible)

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