Finishing off the X-Factor preview reviews

Sorry for the extended absence but I was busy with Thanksgiving then I worked all day yesterday for the Canadian election. Since that is over I’m back now.
Also note I now do 5(or more) preview reviews at a time so I don’t clog up the syndicate with short posts.

I will say though its hard to do a analysis on these cards because they all seem so good.

So here we go!

Cyclops, Astonishing X-Man


  • He allows more uses of activated powers especially nice ones that are on energize characters.
  • He can allow a character to attack twice if they do not get stunned on the first attack.
  • He himself has big beefy stats so he can fight too


  • Toooooo many good 6 drops. It’s going to be tough to make the decision for a X-Men deck now. Or even X-Factor who got 3 sick 6 drops in one week.

Jean Grey, Jean Grey Summers


  • Overall a great 7 drop who seems very versatile in play strategy
  • Coast City just gives her scary options
  • Golden Age Sarge Steel +Her is the lulz


  • She is still a 7 drop and seemingly a win more 7 drop. Professor X may remain the best choice for a 7 even if it is a X factor deck.

Fearless Leader:


  • With cards like the 5 drop X-Men cyclops from MVL you could attack a extra time with him to beef up a upcurve attack. Its not like in X-Men that you don’t keep your curve. My 5 drop clops goes into your 5. Ok stun. Ready him and he and my 4 will go into your 6.
  • Activated effects. Also there is a problem with The captain naming punisher then cyclops and dropping 4 of these to get sniper counters.


  • This may be one of the cards to cut in those decks that have just 1 too many sets of plottwists. Its a card that you have to build a deck with not just toss in any random X-Deck so that might hurt its playability.

First Class


  • The card is strong and will surely be used in many X-Factor and even X-men decks for the times to come.
  • Great for defensive decks
  • Great for energize


  • I was hoping X-factor would have to rely on the X-men team affiliation for recovery effects and certainly not get one as good as this.

One Man Army


  • This card seems to be part of the structure of the multiple man abuse deck
  • If you pitch a 2 drop multipleman you can recover all 1 drops. Seems good.


  • Keyword is abuse decks I don’t like decks that can’t die. I still enjoy combat being a high part of this game and the accomplishment of destroying a swarm decks board especially in a non flametrap silver golden is exciting. Now even if you do get that turn where you do it. They can all come flooding back.

Beginning of Exiles Preview reviews tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.


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