Marauders Preview Reviews

Allrighty problems been lately that all the cards have been too good for me to even preview review due to lack of cons. So I’m gonna skip Exiles and X Force for now and come back to them later.

Tomorrows when the real meat will be posted as there will be a juicy MEV spoiler that will be sure to help you out with your Marauder deck.But what do you get for Marauders.

Well lets see what you do get.

If you wanna see all these cards well with the exception of the final 3 secret cards go check out the preview thread.

What I said secret cards? Well those you’ll find tomorrow.Also I gotta go out so I won’t be doing full pros and cons today just thoughts on each card.

Gambit, Le Diable Blank

I’m personally not too hot on this guy. I mean hes there for stuff like Master Thief and Kamiza’s card but in the most part his ability will most likely only hit a off curve deck but it can usually hit a 2 drop in a regular game and thats pretty good.

Random, Alex

Beefy, If they get a neutralized effect you could see him becoming epic. I cannot confirm that they do have such a card but I’m hoping they do. Otherwise hes a nice 4 drop that won’t be doing too much on a Aggro team.

Identity Theft

Golly this card is nuts. Thieving any drop for your 1 drop seems like a unfair advantage almost. Heck in some decks you could forego playing a 2 drop and run mr sinister *shift* and mystique so you could ensure a 1 drop mystique for this amazing card.

Mr. Sinister, Robert Windsor

Go check out x gene decoded and realise how useful a 1 drop sinister will be. That card made me go nuts when I saw it. And this lil dude makes it even better. Not to mention hes just a good card regardless.

Gambit, Traitor

I don’t know why people are complaining about this card I mean even without seeing Cajun Charm he basically says if your hand is empty use messiah complex and stun whoever the heck you want. Thats sweet. Tomorrow he will be sweeeeter.Just start refreshing Kamiza after midnight.

Sabretooth, Wounded Animal

He is HUGE. 11/7 with nearly no drawback. The drawback is nothing since he can always attack up after your 5 stuns down.

Cajun Charm

6 drop Gambit+This = nuts. Yay.

Mr. Sinister, Molecular Manipulator


Master Thief

One of the best cards in the game period. So freaking amazing.

Mystique, Raven

A staple for tons of decks for a while to come. Fight or Die!, Heroes of Two Worlds,Assorted Aliases and Of course LOST CITY. Make this card be beyond cool.

X-Gene Decoded

This card is too amazing for words. I mean it can nearly completly drain your opponents deck of everything blue. And if thats not amazing you I don’t know what will.

Now for me to be a tease.

Tomorrows Cards

Kamiza will be previewing a amazing rare for a awesome character that will help puzzle pieces fall into place.

VsNotDead will be previewing the last marauder to be shown of the week and wow it’s damn cool.

And of course (that’s me!)

Will be spoiling the glue to fit this delicious threesome together.

So go see all 3 cards tomorrow. (Especially mine) And make sure you read and enjoy the articles. Theres alot more than just going to the preview thread to see the pretty images.Also Read/Rant SHOULD have a preview of the team up tomorrow too. I hope.


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