So you want to play Marauders?

I know I do. I want all the cool Gambit tricks and the insane Mystique stealing and the deception of Mr. Sinister.

But then you gotta go into the think-tank. How much is this gonna cost me? I mean the team tutors got ridiculous during the Marvel Universe set. Avengers Reassembled goes on a good day for 20$ most of the time more, Warbound to the End not as much but still tough. Especially for a legend team, sure you could just use Mobilize or Call in a Favor but they end up not being as good as a team tutor. Team tutors for the most part have a benefit.

Plus you can’t get a 2 drop with those, if you miss your 2 you can’t get a 3 drop with Mobilize. There’s nothing more disappointing than missing the next turn. Back when I played Avengers when I was missing a drop I’d exhaust every replacement just to make sure the curve was present. Fatal Five had a tutor very close to this but it didn’t work. Getting breakthrough does not happen nearly every turn of the game. To get what you want and be evil you got to end up hurting someone poor Billy buddy learned that the hard way.

With some minimal planning ahead you can assure you hit your curve, your extra Mystique power-up for anyone.With all the shifting messing around its good to have some old fashioned planning. You’ll stun someone on either initiative, especially denying them of their deck with some of the awesome stuff we’ve seen so far.Oh and for those who whine that you want to have the character on the turn where you want to play him well…today you’ll see a card that can do that(not here go check with Kamiza). Heck you could even use this in your row to fetch a drop to use with the 6 drop gambit to get 2 stuns in the build phase. 2 STUNS IN THE BUILD PHASE.

Its such a relief to see the uncommon tutor a thing that made sets like X-Men a favourite make a return. All the best tutors don’t force a discard. I’m gonna want 4 of these and it won’t end up costing me 40 bucks. Thats sweet. This card is good stunning people is good and Marauders are awesome. I can’t wait to start stealing and being Sinister. Lets be bad guys.

Oh and if you somehow don’t stun, Master Thief their Mobilize and go to town.



  1. 1
    OSM Says:

    “Oh and if you somehow don’t stun, Master Thief their Mobilize and go to town” lol! yeah having a backup plan is nice.

  2. 2
    LiFeMaGe Says:

    Great card, great preview. Keep up the good work (more frequent articles would be nice…)

  3. 3

    “Let’s be bad guys.”

    I feel like Jayne would have totally played a Sinister deck!

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