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Brogue Kickstarter!

February 19, 2015

I am not going to do a kickstarter for my blog… don’t worry.

The next few posts will be about Kickstarters I myself have pledged to and their current status.


Everyone’s favourite’s the FAILED KICKSTARTERS!

Citizens of Earth!

Goal: 36875/100000

Description from Devs:A modern RPG that places you in the shoes of the Vice President of the World and all of the heroes are regular people!

My would be pledge: 30$ (I wanted the digital Artbook)

Price on storefronts when released: 15$ (2 week launch discount)

A quirky game that just didn’t seem to connect with people’s money for Kickstarter, maybe it was a bad time, who knows. Atlus however stepped in with the save picking up the project and it ended up getting released on PS4,Vita, Wii U, 3DS and Steam.

Quicky Review:
The game is a lot of fun. However it probably needed a little more polish before release, there have been reports of bugs and the music though not terrible is very repetitive and in my opinion hurts the end product. The cast in the game are amazing, each character has their own unique movesets. The voice acting really adds to the game adding humour and more life to the great animations.
It’s a fun game and though there are issues I’d recommend people go out and try it.


Relaunch…Maybe, Idk.

February 19, 2015

I have decided I am going to start up the blog once more. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged so bear with me.

The blog will still have a occasional throwback VSsystem post (I have some old fave decks I always wanted to share with the internet) but will have new more current content be the main feature.

What will the blog now post about you say?

Video Games
It is 2015. Next Gen is here and it’s underwhelming. Expect occasional reviews and some rants.  I am into the Amiibo craze so expect Amiibo content from a Canadian’s perspective and thoughts on all the different retailers and what not.

Television and Movies
Since 2008 Marvel doesn’t have a card game presence anymore. That being said Marvel hit it big in 2008 with Iron Man and hasn’t looked back since. Releasing hit after hit movie and marginally successful TV show after TV show we live in a age where we’re getting movies made about Ant Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Expect reviews of upcoming Marvel films and tv.

I play Warcraft, I play card games. Of course I’m going to love Hearthstone. That being said I’m not a pro player but I’m going to attempt to become a better player and create decks that are creative and interesting.

I will be writing the occasional wrestling article on here as well.

There will now be a song of the week.

Anyway the first post will be up soon and will focus on Kickstarter, another site that did not exist in 2008.

Til then,

Hulk Smash!
Rusev Crush!