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Marauders Preview Reviews

October 30, 2008

Allrighty problems been lately that all the cards have been too good for me to even preview review due to lack of cons. So I’m gonna skip Exiles and X Force for now and come back to them later.

Tomorrows when the real meat will be posted as there will be a juicy MEV spoiler that will be sure to help you out with your Marauder deck.But what do you get for Marauders.

Well lets see what you do get.

If you wanna see all these cards well with the exception of the final 3 secret cards go check out the preview thread.

What I said secret cards? Well those you’ll find tomorrow.Also I gotta go out so I won’t be doing full pros and cons today just thoughts on each card.

Gambit, Le Diable Blank

I’m personally not too hot on this guy. I mean hes there for stuff like Master Thief and Kamiza’s card but in the most part his ability will most likely only hit a off curve deck but it can usually hit a 2 drop in a regular game and thats pretty good.

Random, Alex

Beefy, If they get a neutralized effect you could see him becoming epic. I cannot confirm that they do have such a card but I’m hoping they do. Otherwise hes a nice 4 drop that won’t be doing too much on a Aggro team.

Identity Theft

Golly this card is nuts. Thieving any drop for your 1 drop seems like a unfair advantage almost. Heck in some decks you could forego playing a 2 drop and run mr sinister *shift* and mystique so you could ensure a 1 drop mystique for this amazing card.

Mr. Sinister, Robert Windsor

Go check out x gene decoded and realise how useful a 1 drop sinister will be. That card made me go nuts when I saw it. And this lil dude makes it even better. Not to mention hes just a good card regardless.

Gambit, Traitor

I don’t know why people are complaining about this card I mean even without seeing Cajun Charm he basically says if your hand is empty use messiah complex and stun whoever the heck you want. Thats sweet. Tomorrow he will be sweeeeter.Just start refreshing Kamiza after midnight.

Sabretooth, Wounded Animal

He is HUGE. 11/7 with nearly no drawback. The drawback is nothing since he can always attack up after your 5 stuns down.

Cajun Charm

6 drop Gambit+This = nuts. Yay.

Mr. Sinister, Molecular Manipulator


Master Thief

One of the best cards in the game period. So freaking amazing.

Mystique, Raven

A staple for tons of decks for a while to come. Fight or Die!, Heroes of Two Worlds,Assorted Aliases and Of course LOST CITY. Make this card be beyond cool.

X-Gene Decoded

This card is too amazing for words. I mean it can nearly completly drain your opponents deck of everything blue. And if thats not amazing you I don’t know what will.

Now for me to be a tease.

Tomorrows Cards

Kamiza will be previewing a amazing rare for a awesome character that will help puzzle pieces fall into place.

VsNotDead will be previewing the last marauder to be shown of the week and wow it’s damn cool.

And of course (that’s me!)

Will be spoiling the glue to fit this delicious threesome together.

So go see all 3 cards tomorrow. (Especially mine) And make sure you read and enjoy the articles. Theres alot more than just going to the preview thread to see the pretty images.Also Read/Rant SHOULD have a preview of the team up tomorrow too. I hope.


Finishing off the X-Factor preview reviews

October 15, 2008

Sorry for the extended absence but I was busy with Thanksgiving then I worked all day yesterday for the Canadian election. Since that is over I’m back now.
Also note I now do 5(or more) preview reviews at a time so I don’t clog up the syndicate with short posts.

I will say though its hard to do a analysis on these cards because they all seem so good.

So here we go!

Cyclops, Astonishing X-Man


  • He allows more uses of activated powers especially nice ones that are on energize characters.
  • He can allow a character to attack twice if they do not get stunned on the first attack.
  • He himself has big beefy stats so he can fight too


  • Toooooo many good 6 drops. It’s going to be tough to make the decision for a X-Men deck now. Or even X-Factor who got 3 sick 6 drops in one week.

Jean Grey, Jean Grey Summers


  • Overall a great 7 drop who seems very versatile in play strategy
  • Coast City just gives her scary options
  • Golden Age Sarge Steel +Her is the lulz


  • She is still a 7 drop and seemingly a win more 7 drop. Professor X may remain the best choice for a 7 even if it is a X factor deck.

Fearless Leader:


  • With cards like the 5 drop X-Men cyclops from MVL you could attack a extra time with him to beef up a upcurve attack. Its not like in X-Men that you don’t keep your curve. My 5 drop clops goes into your 5. Ok stun. Ready him and he and my 4 will go into your 6.
  • Activated effects. Also there is a problem with The captain naming punisher then cyclops and dropping 4 of these to get sniper counters.


  • This may be one of the cards to cut in those decks that have just 1 too many sets of plottwists. Its a card that you have to build a deck with not just toss in any random X-Deck so that might hurt its playability.

First Class


  • The card is strong and will surely be used in many X-Factor and even X-men decks for the times to come.
  • Great for defensive decks
  • Great for energize


  • I was hoping X-factor would have to rely on the X-men team affiliation for recovery effects and certainly not get one as good as this.

One Man Army


  • This card seems to be part of the structure of the multiple man abuse deck
  • If you pitch a 2 drop multipleman you can recover all 1 drops. Seems good.


  • Keyword is abuse decks I don’t like decks that can’t die. I still enjoy combat being a high part of this game and the accomplishment of destroying a swarm decks board especially in a non flametrap silver golden is exciting. Now even if you do get that turn where you do it. They can all come flooding back.

Beginning of Exiles Preview reviews tomorrow!

Thanks for reading.

6 Preview Reviews for the price of 1 (still free) X Factor

October 8, 2008

Now luckily it is not some terrible reality tv show I am talking about. Nope I’m talking about the X-Men refeature that isn’t a X-Men refeature.

We get our first peek at the intergalactic pirates, more multiple men hijinks and a 4 drop cyclops that gives June Moon a run for her money. So lets begin.

Cyclops, Man Of Action


  • Not loyal in any form at all which means you can splash him in any deck that plays a bunch of dudes and get a free stun of a 3 drop and have a 8/6 to boot.
  • With the exhaustion card from before he will have a nice use even if they no longer have a 3 or less character.
  • 8/6 is nice and beefy too.
  • It’s always nice to have another Radioactive Manswer.
  • This makes another new drop slot for cykes if I am not mistaken
  • The board never quite dies in X-Men with all the recovery stuff.So having 3 next to him other than maybe some awkward positioning isn’t too hard


  • It’s a ability that really should have some sort of loyalty tied to it. It may end up not being too overpowered but currently seems like it could be.
  • No Flavour Text

Man that was a nice card Letsee whats next on the plate.

Polaris, Back In The Fold


  • Fair strong activated ability that is coupled with energize
  • Really mucks up turn 6 on a curve initiative matchup (oh I exhaust your 5 and your 4 if you attack with your 6.)


  • Costs Cards
  • Might be less useful on turn 7

Polaris is nice and strong and useful and is from a new cool team. Theres just not much to say about her yet.

Next up is more Multiple Man silliness

Multiple Man, Army HYDRA


  • Can beef up 1 multiple man for a big swing or beef up one multiple man for a stun back.


  • It will be strange to see how this one fits in and plays well with the other multiple men available.

There will be a deck around this dude and deservingly so. Will it turn out to be greatness. Probably. Letsee what else Madrox gets.



  • It’s a nice trick to have especially after using 5 drop madrox and bringing out a board of these buggers.


  • Its hard to tell if this card will be used, Multiple Men seem like they have the ability to kill especially with Cable as a capper for them. A stall card such as this one may not even be needed. However if it is needed this will be quite good.

2 to go and they are both X-Men again. Yay!

Strong Guy, Guido Carosella


  • He’s going to end up being HUGE. From what we have seen of the team so far there are exhaustion effects left and right and on top of that energize makes them so sometimes they can use these exhaustion effects two times in a row.
  • He very well could be the end condition for the X factor couple him with some to me my X-Men
  • He makes a amazing splash in Marvel Defenders, JSA, Doom Patrol among other decks.


  • I can’t really think of many cons to this guy other than hes lacking flight and range so if a opponent wants to try and take him out first they stand a chance at being sucessful. Course this is X-Men so that may not even matter.

One final card and even though I did this in order spoiled you could say I saved the best for last.

They have had cards that can do this in the past but all of which have been stamped.

A 2 and 3 drop for JLA who both have to bounce to hand,A character that HAS to have a cosmic counter on it, A Hidden IG 3 drop who can only do it off initiative, Pitching a card and exhausting and Pitching 2 but being on a 4 drop. Theres more but I won’t spend the time listing them all. This dude is well ALOT better than all of those.

Iceman, Jack Frost


  • Hes just amazing, he can just tap to keep you locked.
  • Hes also especially nice coming off a 4 drop that can autostun a 3. Let’s stun your 3 then keep your 4 tapped. Even better coming off the cyclops exhaust 2 dudes card. Ok exhaust 2 people then your biggest one can’t ready oh and if you attack me another one of your dudes can’t ready.
  • To Me My X-Men
  • Not loyal so he can be tossed into a lot of decks


  • Pathethic Wonder Woman blablabla
  • He’s overpowered and not loyal
  • Gets less good the older the age gets

What a strange and exciting week so far. Come back during the weekend when I get to any other cards spoiled this week. Thanks for reading. Also for much more detail on the cards ya’ll should go read the articles they were posted in. Great reads all of them.

Strong Guy at Vs Blog

Ice Man at Vs Unleashed

Multiple Men Madness at Full Body Transplant

Polaris at The Kamiza

Cyclops at VSrealms

Seriously you probably read these already but still go check out any you haven’t for a good read.

Cyclops Madrox What else you need Preview Reviews

October 4, 2008

Firstly some explanations from Mr Seck himself on the brand new keyword.

Hey guys,

Just to let everyone know about the first new keyword – Energize!

Energize is a triggered power that triggers when the character with the power becomes a defender. The reminder text for the keyword is:

Energize (When “this” defends, ready it.).

The majority of Energize characters have an activated power, and this allows them to use it twice, or use it and attack (if your opponent chooses to attack it) and a few other tricks that will become apparent once you see the whole set!

Here is the link of the Facebook page –…me/12722434186

Hope you have fun and have a great weekend!

Good games,

So. Energize is NICE and gives a new twist to the already nasty activated ability.

But whos gonna get energy?

Well lets see the facebook previews.

Cyclops, Mutant Messiah


  • The character he exhausts can already be exhausted. (Something we know well enough from prof X) Which means if he exhausts to tap a 7 and a 8 attacks him he can burn the 8 for 8 if he doesn’t need to exhaust someone
  • To me my X-Men+This card is some sick stuff.
  • Sneak Attack+This card means you can attack wait for them to attack then mess them up.
  • Its a nice win that isn’t Jean Grey or can even be played with Jean Grey. Not to mention Mimic and Professor X with him means your opponent is not having a fun turn 8.


  • X-Factor does not have a symbol
  • He is a 8 drop and though he seems to make X-Stall become a solo team deck theres a chance you may make it short of him.

Concussive Force


  • Gah its like a better mystical paralysis of sorts
  • Carrying the torch/The Captain love this
  • 2 drop Cyclops could exhaust if needed
  • It can make it so you can reach the turns you need to win
  • This with energize seems like win
  • Wonder Woman can’t do nothing on this
  • Doesn’t target a character


  • At current time of review I can’t think of any. other than the regular its rare, pathethic attempt bla bla bla


  • With a double of him in the KO pile he’ll need to be stunned atleast twice
  • You could powerup him get stunned make the powerup become new jamie.
  • You could use alot of small multiple men and swarm em out when he gets stunned.


  • Kind of reminds me of tattooed man and if Madrox can be as good as the infestation deck I’ll be scared.

Lastly is the card that is more or less a last ditch effort of sorts


  • It can refill your hand and maybe keep you alive (ALOT of cards
  • On a turn your dudes get stunned (say they used Hulk 4 drop) you could kill your board and replenish your hand.
  • Could speed you to a win condition in a Golden Age Multiple Men deck


  • It destroys your board for some lifegain
  • Not 100% sure if destroying your board for your hand is the greatest idea.

Scythe Castle Will be getting a MEV preview of its own!

October 3, 2008

Yay Celebratory post!

No clue yet what card I will be showing you guys but it probably won’t be this.

(Shown originally here)

This totally means a KATIE POWER LEGEND DECK!*

*And by that I mean Nightcrawler legend lol.

Preview Review :Skrullzzzzz Super Skrull World Champion

October 1, 2008

Yay new cards!!!!


  • Art is just wicked
  • Discard a card for invunerabilty means if hes to become stunned ever you just pitch and wham take no damage. Sweet stuff.
  • He gets a mix of old and new getting one of the oldest mechanics (Evasion) Which seems like it’ll most likely be his most unused ability outside of sealed/draft.
  • Energize since we know what that is now makes it so he can burn for 6, force 2 replaced resources or make them discard 2 cards. Or even better a mixture of all of those.
  • The activated ability makes him even better since you can activate him to do nearly anything.Scroll to bottom to see what I mean.
  • Not loyal


  • So many choices
  • Paibok still seems better in most traditional skrull decks.
  • All those affiliations and nothing for him to specifically do with them yet*wont be a con once set is made im sure)

Oh and if you were wondering what abilities he did steal well lets show them all.

Okay not really but I can;t for the life of me remmeber a card that does exactly this I think theres a darkseid elite char that does this but can’t remme who.

and of course.

Allrighty keep with me for more preview reviews!

Just like Agent Brand….I’m Not dead

October 1, 2008

I took a small sabattical from the online portion of VS system. (Mainly this blog and all of VSrealms) Not because I was sick of the game (Quite the contrary my Hulk Deck *thanks to everyone who helped me build it* smashed the last 2 city champs I was in getting a respectable 1st in one and 2nd in the other)

I just had some computer issues (Still not completly worked out however I am online again), Some X-Box issues (if you call a mild addiction to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Civilization Revolution and The Force Unleashed a issue) and some personal issues (Which are well personal….duh)

Anyway since Marvel Evolution Previews start this week I just wanted to give a shoutout to everyone and let them know that I will be covering this set with preview reviews to the best of my ability and may pepper in random content now and then including articles and maybe even guest articles. No promises on mass content but I’ll try.

So keep an eye out for me and get ready for the reopening of Scythe Castle. Also if anyone wants to add me on XBOX my Gamertag is Locke Scythe.



Week In Preview Review : Illuminati

May 10, 2008

Rather than do daily entries for the Illuminati I thought I’d try something new and do a this week previews in review type of thing. I will probably go back to the old style next week.

Monday we got 3 cards to kick off the week and they were cool.

Iron Man, Protector of the Reality Gem


  • The effect is not init stamped which means by tappingdown 2 of your guys you can easily tap down their biggest swing for the turn.
  • He works well with the 2 drop Dr. Strange
  • Becomes drastically better if could be moved visible. (equipment nimrod et al)


  • I’m sure he will end up being decenyt but at the current moment I am not feeling him. Hes hidden which means even by stopping a attack you’re gonna get some face swingage.
  • Pathethic, Wonder Woman, Omnipotence, Cape and Cowl
  • Forced 2 exhaustions hurts as well. Makes sense but still.
  • A exhaustion effect on a character that will probably exhaust alot of other effects seems iffy to me.

This Tony is a real wait and see. He will be in the deck but hopefully won’t be their only 5 option from this set.

Secret Government


  • Wow.Unlike tony this card is great. I mean it could be used in decks that don’t even use any illuminati tricks. Like any legend decks with clash of worlds of these characters could be used as a tutor.
  • The optional exhaust is even more nifty. Choices are nice.


  • None

100 Ideas


  • Wow. This card basically says draw a selected card if you control Mr. Fantastic.
  • Theres trick to manipulate better stuff but nothing really interesting. If you mull you can get one of the cards you mulled back if you haven’t tutored this game.
  • Its a card that effectively makes your deck 56 cards.


  • Its limited to only Fan Man and might not make the deckspace cut in certain decks with him.

That was it for monday and all we knew at that time was we got a char with a cool ability and two freaking awesome plot twists.

Tuesday we got.

The Infinity Gauntlet:


  • Its not cost 10.
  • The effect is freaking amazing
  • Could drawlock someone.


  • It targets
  • It requires 6 exhausts. Which means you need to find a way to keep 6 gusy on the board to do it.
  • I don’t like this card because if it doesn’t work then its jank and if it does work then it’d be broken.

Wednesday we were gifted with:

The Elektra Situation:


  • Locks down annoying answers to illuminati tricks like cape and cowl and wonder woman. Completly screws over clash of worlds decks that don’t run HAB.
  • This card if used right will be great.


  • Costs 4 and requires 2 exhausts but seems worth it.

Thursday rolled along and we got.

Dr Strange Secret Avenger


  • Hidden, Low cost Illuminati can fuel most effects
  • The ability is just plain amazing. In both Marvel knights (who most of the time use equipment characters and plots at the very least) and avengers (who use plots and chars and maybe even locations)
  • Secret government doubles the amount of copies of him in the deck.


  • He’s gonna be a bitch to get 4 of.

Finally friday we got.


  • If this card goes off your opponent will be wanting to punch you in the face for the rest of the game.
  • Hidden 1s and 2s make this card quite easy to get off.
  • COMBOS WELL WITH ARKHAM BABY! Turn 1 hidden 1 drop someone from illum turn 2 strange turn 3 charaxes! lol. Kill every turn from 4 on. Quickkill their 2 with strange/knights stuff.
  • The effect of this card puts you in control of the game.


  • I personally think this card will cause negative play experiences
  • The turn where they nuke this before they play their drop after you played yours exhausted
  • Decks that can’t deal with this will be sad

So all in all we got a team which seems like it will be doing some HEAVY CONTROL. SHIELD seems like they can handle it,  I don’t particularily like what these cards signify because in the hands of a capable deckbuilder you could be locked down in quite a few ways from this deck.

Comment with your thoughts.

Techiness? Preview Review.

May 2, 2008

Frog Of Thunder


  • It seems like a tech 1-2 of in a deck that can use such a thing.
  • It can remove counters, kill equipment and maybe even remove a annoyance (think removing cap boomerang for outsiders)
  • Can remove annoyances/tech drops.


  • Pathethic Wonderwoman Rarity
  • A dedicated game staller could use this to his advantage.

James Barnes, Winter Soldier

May 1, 2008

Was gonna just throw this guy into the TB mega preview review until I saw we did not get a TB card today.

I’m just gonna say it. Sure he somewhat fits in the theme of the bolts but it’s still pretty lame  that we couldn’t get a full week of TB reviews.

But we did get…….

James Barnes, Winter Soldier


  • His ability is a bomb.
  • He basically says no on curve drop for 6 or 7 for you.
  • Kinda useful vs offcurve


  • People might think of Stu Barnes while playing this card and flame someone for being negative rather than Ko someone.
  • He’s a rare thats only useful if you max out on another rare. Pro Reg Act.
  • Free characters make this guy’s ability be useless. (Oh it’s turn 6 well In play Lois for free then I play batman oh lois dies. Poor lois.)

This card just makes me hate reg act even more. But its a good card and if you can get him to work he will make your opponent play differently.