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Actual Sunlight Vita Aug 20, 2015

July 17, 2017

Warning: This review discusses serious themes of depression and suicide as found in Actual Sunlight. Reader discretion is advised. (If you are depressed, I do not recommend playing this game at all.)

Actual Sunlight is billed as an “Interactive Short Story” about a overweight man in his early thirties who is depressed. It was originally made with RPG maker and has since been released to the Steam and Vita marketplaces.

Interactive may not the correct word to use when talking about this game. The game is about 45 minutes long with no decisions to make or paths to choose. You must simply examine everything in each room you are in and read the thoughts of your main character which are presented mostly on a black screen for you to read The character, Evan Winter is a misanthropic, alcoholic man with suicidal thoughts.

I cannot recommend this experience. It is a self biographical story of a person with severe issues. It was not cathartic according to the writer, Will O’Neill, which he talks about in a interview with Polygon. I don’t think it would be very helpful for people with depression either for it appears to attempt to justify suicide. Which is ridiculous.

According to Evan Winter’s depressed mind people like him are lying to themselves if they carry any hope that there is a meaningful happy life for them that extends into their forties, fifties or seventies. This is simply untrue, life can change at any given moment, good or bad.  I hope people who are this severely depressed have people watching out for them and are able to get the help they need.

I will not go further into detail on my personal thoughts on the story of this game. As a game I do not recommend Actual Sunlight. It’s short, bleak, has no gameplay elements and is not worth the price-tag of $5.



Random Musics 7/19/2015

July 19, 2015

Small Update.

Working on my full review for Lost Dimension for the site Empty Life Bar.

But figured I’d pop up a shout out to one of my fave tracks of the moment. Carly Rae Jepsen has a new album coming out soon and this is my favourite song I’ve heard off it so far.

I write game reviews and previews now

July 3, 2015

Sorry for the lack of updates.

However just wanted to let everyone know that I now am a member of the staff of where I do gaming reviews previews and other game related stuff. Make sure to check me out there. 🙂

Heres a sample of what I’ve been up to.

New Music

June 3, 2015

Kind of song of the week kind of posting to say I’m still around just haven’t gotten around to posting much content lately. That being said one of my fave artists has a new album out this week so I figured I’d post of the video of it.

Wrestlemania, The place where new stars are made

March 31, 2015

Song of the week.

I didn’t say the song would be good every week.

Wrestling isn’t wrestling

One of my favourite youtube videos of late is this gem.

Story matters in wrestling. So I have decided for fun to attempt to see how every storyline culminated at the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania.

If you watch wrestling this will make a lot more sense than if you don’t. I will try and give descriptions of people I haven’t talked about on.

Well, it’s the pre show

Tag Team Turducken
New Day VS CesaroKidd VS Los Matadores VS Jey Uso

Before Wrestlemania: Unfortunately WWE never has cared much about it’s tag division. So there isn’t much here. I’ll try my best to set up the narrative to this match.

The Usos having a dominant year have hit a snag of late, They lost the belts to a newly formed tag team of Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Wrestlemania would be the perfect time to reclaim them but Jimmy Uso got injured and it is unknown if he can even wrestle at the event. They also suffered rare losses to other teams involved in this four way. Can they overcome their failures as of late and reclaim the belts.

Los Matadores is a tag team consisting of two bullfighters and a midget dressed up as their little bull El Torito. It’s a kind of racist gimmick. WWE has a problem with generalizing people from time to time. That aside they’ve won a couple of matches in the last few months and have earned their spot in this match.

The New Day is a faction that was created when three wrestlers who were friends who shared interests and happened to be black decided to try and make a group that brought forward their strengths and combined them. Xavier Woods intellect, Big E (who lost his last name to a angry russian) and the speed and high flying of Kofi Kingston.They were set to be a impressive faction breaking stereotypes and ….. WWE saddled them with a gospel/preacher gimmick that pretty much everyone hates. To the point where crowds are chanting they suck even though they are supposed to be the good guys. They are a extremely talented group and it annoys me to see them be treated like this.

Lastly the champions are Cesaro (who sold his first name to win a battle royal last year at wrestlemania) and Tyson Kidd. Kidd is married to Natalya Neidhart. The Hart’s are a famous Canadian wrestling family and the general joke of this team is that Tyson doesn’t appreciate his wife while his wife is a bigger deal than he is. Also they both love chicken fries.

The story leading into mania for them is they just recently got the belts off the Usos and hope to show their dominance and skill by keeping their belts at mania.

Results: At the start of the match the injured Uso gets attacked immediately taking him out of the match. What follows is a impressive high energy match that ends with Tyson Kidd and Cesaro retaining the belts by stealing the pin from the remaining Uso. No real complaints here. Tyson and Cesaro needed to keep the belts for now and the match did a great job of giving a lot of people big impactful moments of action. Even all the competitors not in the match got to do something cool.

The Andre the Giant Memorial way to try to give the majority of the roster a paycheque for Wrestlemania
Originally set to be on the actual main show, this match was bumped to the preshow. I’m not going to give rundowns for every single competitor in this match due since there’s like 25 people in it but I’ll try and give the story leading into it and throw in a few names that were more prominent leading up to the show.

Curtis Axel- Earlier in the year he was attacked before entering the last big battle royal styled match. Since he never entered the ring he was technically never eliminated. He’s run with that and has declared a movement entitled Axelmania to right the wrongs that has occurred to him. The commentators treat him as a joke however it’s weird to say here but this is the most liked Curtis Axel has been with people in his entire run in the company so far. A win here could help him be perceived as a threat and not a joke.

Ryback,The Big Show, Kane, Mark Henry- Four large dominant power wrestlers in the WWE of varying ages and wrestling ability. A win here could help them a bit even though they’re known as powerful wrestlers none of them have had any big accomplishments as of late. Big Show and Kane are supposed to be the heavy hitters who work for the evil bosses of the company but as of late haven’t been able to work together. Mark Henry has just returned after a bit of a absence and Ryback is finally starting to get fan support.

Miz and Damien Sandow- If Johnny Cage was somehow even more of a asshole and became a pro wrestler we’d have The Miz. The Miz who decided that wrestling might injure his face so he hired a skilled cosplayer to pretend to be him in matches. Do the two men look alike at all? Nope. Unfortunately for Miz his stunt double is becoming more popular than him every day so Miz has spent the last couple of months attempting to keep his stunt double in his place so he can continue to use him to help him out. Miz believes that without him Damien Sandow (Now Mizdow) would end up fading into obscurity kind of like the last person to work for The Miz. Could one of them winning prove to the other which is the bigger star? Will Mizdow finally stand up for himself after being bullied by The Miz for so long.

Hideo Itami- A famous Japanese wrestler who inspired one of the biggest wrestlers in the past decade (CM Punk) has finally made it to WWE. Winning this would be a great first impression. Less so now that it’s on the pre show but still.

Cesaro- If he trades his last name to win this year, he will have no name left.

20 other superstars: There’s a lot of underappreciated talents here. Unfortunately none of them really have any story going into this match and therefore are highly unlikely to win it. That being said a win here would help any of them begin a new storyline.


The winner ended up being The Big Show. A lot of people don’t love that but I’ll get back to that in a minute.

Miz and Mizdow’s story came to a head in the match, first having The Miz’s former protege who hasn’t been seen in years be in the match to attempt to get some revenge on Miz. Later having Mizdow toss Miz out of the ring to finally stand up for himself and try to go it on his own.

Itami made a small impact but was tossed out fairly easily by Big Show who eclipsed him in size.

Axel showboated and got the entire ring to eliminate him immediately by just being a ass.

Cesaro Ryback and Kane all had strong showings but all came up short in the match.

Anyway, back to the match the end result was Mizdow and Big show going 1 on 1. Mizdow tries to rally everything to eliminate the giant but fails.

The Big Show wins. A lot of people will say that Big Show doesn’t need the win. Except he kind of does.

Big Show is supposed to be this scary giant a useful tool for the big bad Authority to keep the roster in line. He comes off as more of a whiny jerk who can never get the job done. Him winning this adds another notch to his belt. This is a man who is looked at as a a threat in every Battle Royal/Royal Rumble but has never won a big one. Him winning this actually enforces that the giants are a threat in these type of matches. That if you don’t eliminate them when there’s enough people to do it together you may never eliminate them. Big Show was brought in as kind of a replacement for the late Andre The Giant so in that way it’s also kind of fitting that he won. It gives him power without him having to take a belt off someone or singlehandedly make someone look terrible in the ring. Do I like that the Big Show won? No

But the match isn’t that big of a deal. It didn’t help Cesaro last year by winning it and in the long run it’s not that big of a accomplishment. But to Big Show it is. Someone like Big Show shouldn’t win the rumble, or money in the bank. But he needs to be seen as someone who can win something like those matches. This does that.

Relaunch…Maybe, Idk.

February 19, 2015

I have decided I am going to start up the blog once more. It’s been a while since I’ve blogged so bear with me.

The blog will still have a occasional throwback VSsystem post (I have some old fave decks I always wanted to share with the internet) but will have new more current content be the main feature.

What will the blog now post about you say?

Video Games
It is 2015. Next Gen is here and it’s underwhelming. Expect occasional reviews and some rants.  I am into the Amiibo craze so expect Amiibo content from a Canadian’s perspective and thoughts on all the different retailers and what not.

Television and Movies
Since 2008 Marvel doesn’t have a card game presence anymore. That being said Marvel hit it big in 2008 with Iron Man and hasn’t looked back since. Releasing hit after hit movie and marginally successful TV show after TV show we live in a age where we’re getting movies made about Ant Man and The Guardians of the Galaxy. Expect reviews of upcoming Marvel films and tv.

I play Warcraft, I play card games. Of course I’m going to love Hearthstone. That being said I’m not a pro player but I’m going to attempt to become a better player and create decks that are creative and interesting.

I will be writing the occasional wrestling article on here as well.

There will now be a song of the week.

Anyway the first post will be up soon and will focus on Kickstarter, another site that did not exist in 2008.

Til then,

Hulk Smash!
Rusev Crush!


Worlds Report pt 2 soon. For now watch this.

July 19, 2008

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen since….Pushing Daisies.

It is surely LEGEN……..wait for it………DARY!

And its superhero related. Written By Joss Whedon(and his brothers) Starring Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day and Nathan Fillion.


June 16, 2008

The Avengers that do not exist:



Jack of Hearts



Silver Claw









Dane Whitman

Kyle Richmond





Living Lightning

The Sentry

Doctor Druid

Aaron Stack








Monica Rambeau

Two-Gun Kid


Moon Knight

U.S. Agent



Wendell Vaughn





Rick Jones

That right there is the actual Avengers team roster for Marvel Universe.


This post was brought to you by:AGENT BRAND.

A character that was teased to me to being in the set and then wasn’t.


yes they are saying boo.

That right there is the actual Avengers team roster for Marvel Universe.

*Note this post is mostly joking*

June 16, 2008

So….. Yeah I’ve been gone a while.

I’m really happy I didn’t go to MEGA suckiness in NYC. Though way to go on the amazing turnout.

Theres still good amounts of vs players. Not sure why UDE is trying so damn hard to make us feel like a dead card game.

Thats all I’m gonna  say on that today. Also on Stu Barnes losing his art teacher job he seems like he’d be one of the coolest teachers on the planet. I know I rib on him now and then for hsi stalwart defending of positive unicornyness.

Hulk deck status : 1/20 rares complete and utter sadness failure


3X Hulk Smash
4x Trouble With Dinosaur
4x Warbound to the end
4x Hulk Green Scar
4x Righteous Anger

Let me know what you are looking for them and I will see what I can do.


Also my near complete foil set is about to hti E-bay I be needing money for worlds.

So if anyone wanna make a offer before they go up on ebay. Lemme know.

If this sells well it will cement my worlds trip and if I go to worlds it means I will be updating with lots of awesome worlds info and pictures so help me out and get yourself some shinies.

Techiness? Preview Review.

May 2, 2008

Frog Of Thunder


  • It seems like a tech 1-2 of in a deck that can use such a thing.
  • It can remove counters, kill equipment and maybe even remove a annoyance (think removing cap boomerang for outsiders)
  • Can remove annoyances/tech drops.


  • Pathethic Wonderwoman Rarity
  • A dedicated game staller could use this to his advantage.